The great wardrobe clean out of 2013



‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.’ Mark Twain.

After searching through my wardrobe for something that fitted and ending up with a perfect picture to accompany the definition of a ‘floordrobe’ in the dictionary, I decided I needed to clean out and purge.

It was a great feeling realising that trousers, shorts and jeans I had worn only six weeks ago were falling off me, but it meant that deciding what to wear each morning very difficult. After a few ‘big pants on smaller body’ photos for prosperity, I took a deep breath and proceeded to try on everything in my wardrobe. 

Pants, suits, jeans, tops and dresses that were too big, or that didn’t suit me ended up on the floor. I then sorted them into piles to sell, and to donate. Some things were still quite new and had only been worn a handful of times. I contemplated getting things altered, but figured it would probably be more expensive than buying new clothes. 

One of the things I found hard was ditching pieces that didn’t suit me. Being honest with myself if I didn’t really love something is a trait I’ve had to work on. As a result I’ve developed a new mantra that I will be taking with me when I go shopping for my new wardrobe – if I don’t love it, or it doesn’t fit properly, I will not buy it. 

Over the weekend I will be starting a Style Unearthed Pinterest account, where I can share outfits I love, clothes and accessories I am coveting, and other shiny things that will no doubt catch my attention. Hopefully this will help push me into the next phase of ‘new wardrobe for Sarah’.

Have you recently had a wardrobe overhaul? What did you do with your old clothes? Do you use Pinterest for style (p)inspiration?


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