Well, that's Pinteresting…


‘These are a few of my favourite things.’ Maria, The Sound of Music.

Pinterest was launched in 2010 and many people sighed in happiness, then started pin, pin, pinning. It is a virtual pin or mood board, allowing users to bookmark all of their favourite things with a click of a mouse. First offered as an invitation only service, Pinterest is now available to all and you can create an account straight away, even linking to your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

I discovered this treasure trove of fashion, tips, tricks, home decor, quotes and recipes early last year and have fallen in love. It has been a very valuable tool in planning birthday parties, provided a myriad of lesson ideas for my classroom, and is now giving me (P)inspiration for my new wardrobe. 

Many funny blogs have spawned from the creation of the site, showcasing attempts at various projects that have failed in spectacular fashion. Other bloggers (primarily one of my favourite blogs Young House Love) have started Pinterest challenges, encouraging people to stop pinning and start doing. Watch this space next change of season – I might have the urge to join in.

Over the weekend I launched the Style Unearthed Pinterest account. You can find it here. Some of my boards are blank at present, but I’m sure they will be filled up in the days and weeks to come. I love seeing the outfits that people put together – it really helps my picture what I would like to wear and lets me see options I hadn’t thought of. I’ve vowed to be more daring in my wardrobe redesign, and this includes trying on things I normally would bypass to see what they look like, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

A few of my Pinterest tips include:

  • Break up your boards into manageable, easy to find categories so you do not need to go searching for a particular item.
  • Add the ‘Pin It’ button to the toolbar on your PC. This will allow you to pin items from any webpage. This is particularly useful when you’re browsing websites and fall in love with something. No more copying pictures and jumping back and forth.
  • Download the Pinterest app. It’s free from iTunes and the Google Play store. Endless hours of fun, right there on your smart phone! 
  • If you pin an item and want to add a price, pop it in the explanation field. This will then display as a banner over the corner of the pin.
  • Make sure you follow one or more boards of your favourite pinners. When you log in to your account, their latest pins will display on the front page ensuring you are kept up to date.
  • Lastly, enjoy, give credit where credit is due, and please follow Style Unearthed. Happy pinning!

Do you use Pinterest? What are your favourite things to pin? What has it helped you achieve?


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