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AMC’s Mad Men is one of my favourite shows. To celebrate the season 6 premier on 7 April, I thought I would feature this well written and dynamic show as my first in a series of posts dedicated to style on the screen. It also meant that I was able to look at pictures of Jon Hamm/Don Draper while doing my ‘research’. Not a hard job to take…

Mad Men begins in the swinging 1960’s in New York City. It focuses on Don Draper, an advertising executive, his family, many mistresses, and co-workers. The fashion and decor are fabulous,  and have forged a resurgence of all things retro.

One of my favourite parts of the show are the fashion and accessories – shift dresses, cropped pants and gorgeous silk scarves (as you get to know me, you will realise I am a scarf nut!). Imagine my surprise and delight when I was flicking through the latest edition of US InStyle only to discover that Banana Republic have released a Mad Men inspired fashion line. To top it off (literally!), cosmetic powerhouse Estee Lauder have created a small range of cosmetics to tie in with the show.

The Banana Republic range is small, but made up of lovely 1960’s shift and wrap dresses, shell tops, ballet pumps, scarves, clutch bags, earrings and necklaces. I also love the cropped pants, in a gingham crop pattern. It features colours that are popular this season including jeweled green and electric blue. The best thing is that it comes in regular, tall and petite sizing, catering to the majority of body shapes. Hopefully if the range is popular they may choose to add to it down the track.

Estee Lauder have created a three-piece range that includes a blush, lipstick and nail polish. The blush comes in a beautiful case featuring a bright retro print. The packaging designers have shown attention to detail, with high quality casings that look like they are straight out of the show. I can just imagine Joan touching up her lipstick with ‘Pinkadelic’.

Mad Men Dresses - Page 001

Peggy Knit Shift $130 ~ Mod Shirt Dress $140 ~ Tipped Shift Dress $140

Mad Men Shirt & Pants - Page 002

Sleeveless Shell Top $49.50 ~ Hampton Fit Gingham Crop $98

Mad Men Accessories - Page 003

See-Thru Blush $50 ~ Peggy Ballet Heel $128 ~ Contrast Clutch $98 ~ Geo Scarf  $49.50 ~ Pinkadelic Lipstick $30

* All prices in US dollars

I definitely have my eye on the Geo Scarf in pink, and the Mod Shirt Dress. Banana Republic ship to Australia. The Mad Men cosmetics range does not appear to be available in Australia as yet, and the Estee Lauder website does not ship here directly. A package forwarder would be an option if you would like to channel the make up looks of Joan, Peggy or Betty.

What is you favourite show on television? Where do you draw your style inspiration from? What other shows would you like to see me include in the Style of the Screen series? Do you fancy Jon Hamm too?


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