Trying a Trend – the Leather (look) Skirt


One of the biggest trends this season is leather, whether it be the real thing, or leather-look. The weather is cooling down, and finally allowing us to take boots, scarves and cosy jackets from our wardrobes. I love dressing in Winter – I find it so much easier to look polished than I do in Summer. Given that I only own leather shoes, boots and handbags, and don’t think I’m cut out for leather pants, I thought I would be giving this trend a miss. Then I remembered a skirt from Blue Illusion hanging in my wardrobe that my husband’s aunty bought me last year. It is a stretchy pencil skirt with two leather-look panels, one on the front left hand side, and one on the right back. It’s ridiculous comfy, and perfect for trying out the trend! 

I decided to style the skirt with a plain black singlet and emerald green cardigan, both from Sussan. Lately, I have been experimenting with belts, so decided to buckle one over the cardigan to break the outfit up a little. The belt came from Target, on a dress that I bought during Summer. The biggest issue that I had today was choosing shoes. As I was going to work, I had to make sure I was wearing sensible shoes, and picked a favourite pair of Diana Ferrari flats. If it had been cooler, knee-high boots and stockings would have been my first choice. I also have a pair of booties that I would love to try with this outfit, but stiletto heels are a no-no in my job!

ImageIt was a fun experience trying a new trend, and wearing something I’ve been too nervous to try as I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. If I wanted to dress the outfit up I would pair it with a new black top purchased recently from Portmans and the blazer I showed you last week. Worn with the stiletto booties, it would make a great outfit to wear to dinner.

I’m definitely enjoying playing with clothes and accessories a lot more, and can’t wait for my styling session this weekend to try some different looks. 

Do you have any new trends that you would like to try? Are you afraid of trying new things? How would you style a leather skirt, jacket or pants?

Shopping – The Holiday Edition


The beach is one of my favourite places. I love listening to the waves crash on the shore, and watching the swell come and go. The town where this photo was taken is one of my favourite places on Earth. I spent my summers there as a child and teenager, and I have so many fond memories. These school holidays I was lucky enough to spend a week there with my family. We spent our time playing on the beach, reading, fishing and wandering the shops. The town has lots of little clothing and home wares shops – perfect to while away an afternoon or two. My favourite has been in the town for few years now. It offers a relaxed vibe, with helpful staff and great music. Let’s go shopping!

I first discovered Bombo Clothing Co and Gallery when we had a weekend away in 2010. The two storey building is home to a vast range of clothing, shoes and accessories on the bottom floor, and a gallery space upstairs. I must admit that I have never ventured past the stairs (where the shoes and gorgeous boots are displayed) to check out the pieces in the gallery, but I intend to next time! I enjoyed my first visit so much that I couldn’t wait to go back, even though I had to wait three years. I definitely won’t leave it as long next time.

The store boasts over 30 brands, including Levi’s, Moss & Spy, Living Doll and Mollini. I was shopping with my Mum and Nana, and we all found things we liked. Don’t let that put you off – my Nana wears jeans and fantastic accessories and she’s almost 80. The range of clothes caters for a wide variety of tastes and ages, with a combination of modern and classic pieces.

I tried on quite a few things, including some navy skinny cargos which were unfortunately too short (again!). One of my favourite items that I had to buy was this Living Doll Perfect Storm knit. Luckily, it came home just in time as I got lots of wear out of it in subsequent days when we woke up to freezing wind and rain that fell sideways! It’s kitten-soft, and has nice long sleeves. 


Living Doll Knit 

As much as I wish, I don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on clothes, so the fact that Bombo Beach Clothing Co has a variety of price points across their store makes me a very happy shopper. So often, I walk into a shop to browse and I can’t afford the garments. It was refreshing to take an armful of affordable clothes to the change room.

If you can’t travel to visit the store, Bombo Beach Clothing Co have an easy to navigate website, where you can search by colour, brand and type of clothing and then buy online. They also have a great sale section! I am looking forward to visiting the store again soon, and I think I will have to take a drive when I am ready to make more purchases for my new wardrobe.  

You can visit Bombo Clothing Co and Gallery at 55 Collins Street, Kiama, New South Wales.  You can also find their website here. And if you work up a bit of an appetite while shopping, the Thai next door is delicious!

* This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to write this review, nor was I gifted with any products. I simply love this shop, and wanted to share it with you.

Style Unearthed – Icons

I have always loved perusing pictures of famous and influential women in magazines and books, looking at their outfits and hairstyles. I have never tried to replicate someone’s complete look, but I enjoy gaining ideas and inspiration (and looking at beautiful clothes) from them.

While searching for pictures for this post, I found the common thread that weaves it’s way through this list of women. They all favour a classic style of dressing. Sure, they have fun with fashion (Emma Watson especially), and they like to take risks, but they all exude style and class.

Coco Chanel


Image Source

The first woman that comes to mind when I think of style is Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. She definitely favoured a classic style of dress, and paired it with beautiful accessories like pearls and diamonds. Her influence can still be seen in the current collections that Karl Lagerfeld designs for the brand. When I think of Chanel as a brand, I think of classic and timeless clothing and accessories. I believe that the brand still epitomises Coco’s personal style today.

Kate Winslet


Image Source

I have always had a bit of a style crush on Kate Winslet since watching her star in Titanic in the beautiful ruby red beaded dress. She seems to have found a consistent style over the past few years, and looks stunning every time she sets foot on the red carpet. I think one of the things I love about Kate is that she seems ‘real’. She has curves, and she’s never been afraid to speak about her body and promote positive body image. One of my favourite movies is The Holiday, and the fact she plays such a lovely character just adds to her appeal, in my opinion.

 Michelle Obama


 Image Source

The current First Lady of the United States is definitely the most stylish since Jackie O. She was featured on the cover of US Vogue last month, and has truly cemented her place as a modern style icon. She makes a point of wearing pieces from American designers in order to support her local fashion industry. One attribute I like most about her, is the fact she promotes health and well being in young people. She has been particularly vocal about her exercise program, and had a push up competition with TV host Ellen DeGeneres last year. Definitely explains why she has awesome arms!

Cate Blanchett


Image Source

I had to feature this Australian beauty on my list. Cate Blanchett is flawless. I love that she has a chameleon element about her – she can change her appearance and her look, but she always manages to appear stylish. Often appearing down to earth when photographed out with her family, she makes some unconventional choices at times on the red carpet, but manages to pull it off. I loved this dress that she wore to the Vogue Australia anniversary party – the colour is beautiful.

Emma Watson


 Image Source

Hermione Granger has grown up. We have watched actress Emma Watson on the red carpet since she was a child promoting the Harry Potter films. She has now appeared on countless magazine covers, and has been the face of brand Burberry. Being young, she has been having fun experimenting with fashion and often wears ‘riskier’ looks that I wouldn’t dream of wearing, but I love looking at all the same. She and I had short hair at the same time, so she’s given me pictorial guidance while I’ve been growing mine out again. She wears clothes well, and I would love to see inside her wardrobe.

Kate Middleton


Image Source

Since becoming engaged (and then married) to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has caused website crashes and store stampedes as women the world over tried to replicate her outfits. The dress she wore when the couple announced their engagement sold out within minutes, and since, people have looked to her for new trends. While she favours classic styles, she isn’t afraid to have fun with prints and colours. Her wardrobe is very accessible, as she mixes high street finds with designer pieces. I have loved watching her influence in stores – beautiful coats, lady-like dresses and low-heeled shoes have become available again. Finding an outfit to wear to high tea is no longer a problem, if you dress like Kate! Magazines and websites are now waiting with bated breath as the royal baby bump is debuted. I’m sure the baby’s style will be a hot topic too.

I’m sure this will be the first of many Style Unearthed: Icon lists – there are many more to mention, so stay tuned!

Do you have any style icons? How do you interpret their look in your wardrobe?

The Lady Who Lunches


Slick Crop Blazer – Portmans. Top (Summer 2012) – Diana Ferrari. Super Skinny Thermolite Jeans – Jeans West. Shoes – Target (no longer on their website, in black)

Today heralds the last day of the school holidays. These two weeks have been truly relaxed, and just what I needed. We’ve been away, spent time at the beach, had play dates with lovely neighbours, afternoon tea with great friends, and I’ve actually read books. I can’t tell you how nice that has been! My aunty is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so family got together for a lunch today to celebrate. Pasta, chatting, gifts and lots of cuddles for the small ones saw a lovely end to the break.

The weather in Sydney has been beautiful this week. Autumn is my favourite season, and it lends itself perfectly to my favourite transitional piece – the blazer. I recently bought my much coveted blazer from Portmans. I purchased it in black, though it is also available in red and electric blue. It is light weight, but warm and lined with a funky black and white print that looks great when the sleeves are folded back. It has had several outings already, and I know it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. I received the top from Diana Ferrari as a Christmas present, and it has been a great addition to my wardrobe. It looks great when tucked into a black pencil skirt for work, and can also be paired with jeans or shorts for a more casual look. The jeans are my current favourites from Jeans West (and the only ones that fit). I really need to purchase some long pants soon – it’s beginning to get chilly!

Recently, I have started experimenting with make up a little more. You can’t see any in this photo, as it was taken at the end of a long day! Priceline had a fantastic 40% off sale this week, so I picked up another tube of Natio BB Cream and some foundation to play with. I’ve also been wearing lipstick, which is a big change for me. The Maybelline range has some fantastic colours – if you’re not normally a lipstick wearer go and have a play around. I’m sure you will find something that you like!

I’m looking forward to a relaxed weekend – some cleaning, soccer watching, and movie going. Some school work will also be squeezed in before the return to reality on Monday, I expect. 

Tune in next week for some exciting news that I hope I can reveal…

What are you doing this weekend? What is your go-to lunch outfit? Do you have a favourite item you’re currently wearing to death in your wardrobe?

28 Shades of Grey


John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour

At about 18, I found my first grey hair. I was bottle blonde at the time, and mortified. Aren’t you supposed to start going grey in your 30’s when you were a parent? Well, I’m a parent and two years off 30, and the grey is well and truly here to stay. 

During the past two years, more and more grey hairs have infiltrated my scalp, and I can’t say I’m thrilled about this prospect. It’s no surprise that this colour has begun to take over – my Dad started greying in his late teens, and Mum stopped dying her hair in her late 40’s. She currently rocks the salt and pepper look, and like my Nana, they both look great. Unfortunately, unlike my husband, my grey hair doesn’t make me look distinguished. Just unkempt. 

The time at which you develop grey hair is thought to be hereditary, rather than as a result of your lifestyle. According to this article in the UK’s Daily Mail, the cells that produce the pigment of the hair are dead or dying, and as a result the strand of hair loses colour. Some believe that premature greying can be a result of stress, and while I think this may be true in some cases I can vouch for the fact that in our families our parents decided to share that delightful little gene! 

I have tried various methods to keep the grey at bay – plucking, all over colouring, highlighting and lowlighting. Lately I have been resorting to all over colour at home. I have been growing out a Rhianna-esque crop, and as a result my hair has required colouring around every four weeks. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch to monthly hairdresser appointments, as much as I wish it did! 

So, if you’re like me and going grey before you feel ready, what options do you have?

At Home Colour – Colour Foam vs Traditional Dye

Colour foams (such as the one pictured above) have become available in the last couple of years, and are a welcome addition to the home colour market. They are easy to apply, and create a lot less mess. Some recipes have no or low amonia, which results in a much more pleasant smell. I found them easier to clean off my skin (which meant I didn’t end up with brown ears!). I have experimented with several brands, and I’m not sure if it was user error, but even leaving the colour on for a little longer than the recommended time did not cover my grey hair in a satisfactory manner.


Schwarzkopf Live Salon Mixing Colours

Prior to trying the colour foams, I coloured my hair with traditional dyes. I always found them to be very messy, and had a habit of staining my skin. Needing something stronger to cover the stubborn greys, I have recently returned to using a Schwarzkopf colour. The company have attempted to replicate the two toned colour that you can achieve at a salon. While this is a traditional dye and therefore trickier to apply, it does seem to boast better coverage. 

If you want to venture down the do it yourself path, have old towels handy, wear old clothes, and pop a bit of Vaseline on your skin if you’re afraid of staining. Clean up mess straight away – I find that warm water is more effective than cold. Baby wipes also work wonders on stains.

Professional Colour

At Christmas time, I treated myself to a colour at my hairdresser. She had been suggesting I experiment with highlights to blend the grey. She told me that I would then be able to colour my hair with a lighter shade at home in between professional treatments. This worked well, but had a few negative draw backs. My hair is natural a mid-brown colour, and isn’t so keen on going blonde, as much as I would love it to. It tends to go a little orange, which tints fix for a while. This time, my hair started falling out. A lot. It felt very coarse, and not as healthy as normal. Unfortunately, having your hair professional coloured is also expensive. While they do a wonderful job and as much as I love the result, I can’t afford to go with the frequency that is required. If I could I afford it, I wouldn’t colour my hair at home any more. 

If you are looking for a way to cover or blend grey hairs, definitely have a chat to a hair dresser and ask for some ideas. Mine is more than happy to give advice, and support what I can do at home in between appointments with her.

Do Nothing

This may not be an option for some people, but I think there will come a time when I have had enough of colouring my hair. When researching for this article, I came across the story of Sarah Harris, a writer for Vogue. She began to go grey (or silver, as she prefers to call it) at 16, and now at 31 has completely natural silver hair. And she looks pretty amazing! 


Sarah Harris

Sarah is very comfortable with her appearance, and likes making a statement with her hair. While I think Sarah looks absolutely fantastic, I don’t think I will be brave enough to experiment with my natural colour any time soon. 

After attempting to disguise my re-growth with numerous pony tails over the past week, I have made a date with my old friend Hazel Twist tomorrow…

Do you colour your hair? Do you have grey hair? At what age do you think you would stop colouring your hair, and return to your natural roots?


Health Unearthed – My Weight Loss Journey


I have briefly touched on the reason for my wardrobe re-design – I have recently lost weight and have become a heck of a lot healthier in the process.

As a teenager I went through the good old puppy fat phase, then slimmed down again for my final year at school. The start of university saw the consumption of too many hot chips, chocolate bars and the types of beverages uni students are particularly partial to. Then I met my now husband and gained ‘happy weight’. I kept gaining kilos through bad food choices and sporadic exercise, and was officially at my heaviest when pregnant with my son. Prior to falling pregnant with my daughter I started Weight Watchers. I used the online program, and found it easy to follow and more importantly, stick to. It’s not safe for pregnant women to use, so I fell back into poor habits with 26 weeks of morning sickness and a craving for potato in all it’s lovely forms.

After the birth of my daughter I had a couple of strange migraines – my vision was disturbed and then followed by a headache. While investigating this issue, my doctor ran a full blood test. She called me in to tell me that my cholesterol was hideously high. For a vegetarian who doesn’t eat a lot of dairy, this was scary. I didn’t realise how high my risk for illnesses like heart disease and stroke were. As the mother of a then three year old and six week old baby, this was the kick in the butt I needed. I lost the first 10 kilograms myself through eating more wisely, and moving more. I was doing so well until June last year when I injured one of my knees and could no longer enjoy my long walks with the pram. I climbed back on the wagon once it had healed, but I needed a bit of extra help and motivation. 

That came in the form of the above photo, taken on Christmas Eve last year. I had been going to the gym, but had fallen off the wagon prior to the silly season. It’s the perfect time of year for a teacher to blame – reports, end of year events, gifts of chocolate, and staff nights out. In early January while editing photos, I spotted the little gem you see above and decided I needed to do something. Weight Watchers had worked for me before, so I Googled around until I found a two week free trial to be sure it was the right move for me again. I signed up then and there, weighing 76.2 kilograms. At 1.76 metres (or 5 foot 10 and a bit in the old scale) I was just inside my healthy weight range, but certainly didn’t feel like it. 

Tracking my food, eating correctly sized portions and going to the gym have resulted in me losing another 7.4 kilograms. I haven’t been super strict – I still eat chocolate, I still have the occasional glass of wine (I’m not a big drinker anyway), and I can still go out to dinner with friends. I started at a size 14, and I’m now a 10 to 12. Buying size 10 jeans felt amazing, and made slugging it out on level 19 on the elliptical trainer random program more than worth it. I averaged between 500 grams and 1 kilo lost per week, with some weeks less and others more. It was slow and steady, but this suited me. I have never been one for crash diets and deprivation – it just doesn’t work for me. 



One dress size down – a suit I wore for a job interview now way too big.

The best thing about losing this weight (nearly 20 kilos all up in 18 months!) is the benefit to my health. I had blood tests re-done a few weeks ago. My cholesterol is now in the low four’s, my kidney and liver functions are back to normal, all my other levels are normal. I can chase my kids at the park. I went down the enormous fun slide at the local show (my favourite ride as a kid). I am determined to live a healthy lifestyle for me, and as an example to my children. My son is excited because ‘you’re healthy now Mummy, and that means you’re going to be here with us for a long time’. While nothing is guaranteed, I have given myself a fighting chance. 

* This is not a sponsored post. I am not a medical professional and cannot give weight loss advice. This post simply outlines what has worked for me. Please consult your medical professional before embarking on a weight loss program.

The Wardrobe Re-Design Part One – Tops

With lots of excitement, and some procrastination, the time has come to start planning my new wardrobe. I’ve had other things requiring my more immediate attention, so have been doing lots of window shopping and filing ideas for later. I decided that I needed to knuckle down and do some serious sartorial research. My old wardrobe was a mish-mash of items like didn’t really gel. This time, I am determined for find items that work together and can be worn with a variety of items for a variety of occasions. I do like keeping clothes that are specifically for work, but being a mum five days out of seven means that I would like my wardrobe to be comfortable as well as stylish.

As I was perusing websites for inspiration, I found I was choosing similar styles (wraps, tunics, collars). This has definitely given me an idea of what I like. I would prefer to buy pieces that will last for more than one season, that I will be able to add to and alter with accessories. They’re from high street shops, with the exception of the Long Tall Sally item, which can be ordered online. Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to try some on and see how they look in person. As I’ve said before, pinning items to your Pinterest page is a great way to keep track of your lust-have garments. It will link to the item, and you can even add the price in the description for easy access. 

Below are some of the tops that I found. They range from purely casual, to smart casual options that I could wear to work. Prior to this re-design, the majority of my tops have been on the casual and plain side. I’m excited to have the opportunity to mix things up a bit!


Basic Scoop Tee – Target

First up is a basic scoop neck, long sleeved tee from Target. These come in a huge range of colours, and are fantastic during Winter for layering. They’re cheap too, but good quality, so you can afford to buy a few of your favourite colours! While I said I was steering away from the basic, these are so handy to have, and can add a pop of colour to a casual outfit.


Serena Tunic – Forever New

I’ve never experimented with tunic tops (other than maternity wear), and I’m looking forward to trying on this piece. It should pair nicely with leggings or opaque tights, and long boots. 


Knitted Wrap Top – Long Tall Sally

This would definitely be a top I could wear to work, or on the weekend. I love wrap tops – they’re a flattering cut on my body. Layer with a singlet for modesty, and wear with jeans or black pants.


Crepe Blouse – Dotti

Dotti have some really nice tops for Autumn and Winter. They have quite a wide range of t-shirts, knits and more tailored offerings. This blouse could be worn to work tucked into a pencil skirt, or out over a pair of pants. It comes in a wide range of colours.


Laney checked shirt – Forever New

Having Scottish heritage has resulted in me being a bit of a sucker for tartan. While I haven’t seen anything official on trends-to-watch lists, collared shirts with rolled up sleeves in tartan prints seem quite popular in high street stores. My favourite is the Laney from Forever New. I liked the colour, and could imagine wearing this on a trip to the park with some jeans and Converse. 


Sasha Shirt – Dotti

This second shirt from Dotti is one of my favourites. Again, it comes in a range of colours. I can imagine it could become a work wardrobe workhorse. I like the way it has been styled in the above picture, with the neck buttoned all the way and a statement necklace worn over the top. Something a little out of the ordinary, just as I am looking for.

I’m looking forward to trying on the tops I have shared, and hopefully some might even suit me. I will be sure to let you know!

in other news… This afternoon, I booked a session with a stylist. The best thing about this session is that it is free! Lots of local shopping centres offer this service – make sure you contact the service desk of your favourite, or have a look at their website. I will get an hour of her time, and I am hoping she will help me put together some stylish looks that suit my lifestyle. I will definitely blog about the experience, so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks.

Do you have a favourite style of shirt? Are you open to trying new things, or do you know what suits you and stick to it?

Here Comes the Bride… Six Years On

Six year ago this Sunday, I married my gorgeous husband. This era was pre-Pinterest, and if I was planning our wedding now I'm sure many aspects (including my gown) would be different. I only visited two bridal shops, and being the planner that I am, narrowed down the dresses I liked prior to my visits. It wasn't too hard – it was in the time of the strapless gown, and I wanted something with straps. The process of choosing my dress was very easy, with no stress. Just the way I like it! Looking back, I should probably have put some more thought into the most important dress I would ever wear.

We had a Scottish-themed 'do, as we both have Scottish heritage. The groom, groomsmen and fathers wore kilts (which looked fabulous), and the bridesmaids wore black so they would not clash with the tartan. Our flowers were fragrant roses in varying shades of pink and cream. We were transported to the church in a vintage Cadillac limousine, which broke down on the way up the hill to our reception! The silver lining of that little experience was hearing the bag piper as we approached the restaurant. The reception was held at a coastal lookout, and the haunting sound of the pipes echoed off the escarpment. The piper was arranged as a surprise to my now late grandparents, and I am so glad we had him. Standing with my family and listening to him is still one of my favourite memories. I couldn't tell you what we ate, all of the songs that we danced to, or everyone I spoke to, but I remember the special details that made the day ours.

Having celebrated two weddings recently, and now having our own anniversary, has made me think about our wedding and things I would do differently. It has been the perfect excuse to go fake dress window shopping! All images below have been sourced from Pinterest, so I am not sure of their origin. It seems I have a thing for lace…

I love the full ball gown of this dress – so elegant. It is a classic style, with just a little bit of sparkle in the right places.


The lace on this gown, and the detail on the skirt, are just beautiful. I love the train – that was one requirement for my dress, to fulfill my childhood fantasies.

While I love this dress, I fear I would be unable to fill out the 'behind' region. According to my husband and best friend I have no bum, so as much as I love this one, it would require more squats than my dodgy knees can handle!

The lace detail on this gown is just stunning. I love the simple shape, the detail on the decollatage, and the sleek belt.

I particularly liked the detail on the straps of this gown. It would pair itself well with a floaty veil (and a smile from the bride!).

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Thank you for indulging me in pretend wedding window shopping. Perhaps if I were to marry again (always to my husband!) I would just elope. A simple white dress on a Fijian beach sounds like a fine idea…

Would you choose to do things differently if you were to marry again? Would you choose a different gown? What did your wedding gown look like?



Beauty Unearthed – The Ad Campaign

I find it so interesting to see the way the women view themselves. As women, do we deliberately put ourselves down? Do we all see ourselves as less attractive than we are? I would be interested to know whether this group of women have had self esteem issues, and what they really think of themselves. Part of me wonders whether they are attempting to describe themselves in a clinical way, as they don’t know the person behind the curtain and what they’re doing with the information they’re giving out.

Do you have certain body features or parts that you like? I’ve always loved my eyes – they’re a nice shape and colour, and they’re sparkly – and I like my smile. Sure my eyes have some wrinkles around them, but they’re made by smiling and that’s fine with me. I like my long legs, even though they make it hard to find pants that fit. I like that after going to the gym and losing some weight my body has become stronger, and more importantly, healthier inside.

While the above might sound conceited – it’s true. There are lots of bits of my body that I’m not particularly fond of, but they’re there and they’re mine and I need to own that. I just try to focus on and play up the good features. We can have plastic surgery, go on yo-yo diets, but does it change how we feel about ourselves inside?

How do you promote positive self esteem? This particularly worries me in relation to my children and their peers. In this age of the Internet and photos flying around everywhere, people are putting themselves out there to be judged. Previously, it has only been celebrities who are commented on by others on a large-scale basis, but now with Instagram, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, images can be put into the public arena in the blink of an eye. I want my children to love themselves for who they are. I want them to appreciate their bodies for the job they do, not necessarily what they look like. If they’re sitting behind a curtain with an FBI sketch artist, I want them to able to tell him that they’ve got beautiful, straight light brown hair, or sparkling blue eyes. I would like women to tell me what they like about themselves without feeling conceited – own it. It’s yours.

Do you have a favourite body part or feature? How do you promote high self esteem? How would you describe yourself to an FBI sketch artist?

Style Unearthed – The Holiday Outfit


Top – Sussan | Thermolite Jeans – JeansWest | Shoes – Target | 'Holiday Hair' by me

We are currently on holiday in a little coastal town. I spent all of my Summers from the age of 18 months to 17 years and have so many fond memories of growing up here. It is special to be able to bring my own children here. So far we've had fun playing at the beach, feeding ducks, chasing seagulls and introducing my son to fishing. There has also been a spot of shopping, with more planned. I am hoping to share some of my shopping discoveries this week, and maybe a shop tour or two.

The weather hasn't been so kind to us today, so we spent the day wandering the shops, playing board games and chatting. I am enjoying the cooler weather as I am able to try out a couple of new purchases I made recently.

After losing weight (I recently reached my Weight Watchers goal – woo hoo!), and needed to buy some new jeans. I was so excited when a size 12 didn't fit, and I had to buy a size 10! And they did up! I haven't been this size since I started uni 10 years ago, so I am rapt. I am in love with these jeans! They're brand new to JeansWest and they're made of a material called Thermolite that is designed to be cool in Summer and warm in Winter. The feature I loved most about them is that they're LONG! If you're looking for new jeans I urge you to go and have a look at these, because they're super comfy and fit really well. I bought the super skinny style, but they come in three other fits also. They have a higher rise, which I find great as I can wear them to work of with the children and I don't have to constantly pull them up. They were $100, which is more than I would normally pay for one pair of jeans, but I'm so glad I bit the bullet.

I hope all my readers are having a great week, and a relaxing holiday if you happen to be enjoying one at the moment.

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans? Where do you normally shop for jeans? What do you like to wear on holidays?