Accessories Unearthed – The Jewellery Edition



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‘I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond’. Mae West.

I love jewellery and other accessories. They have the potential to add so much to an outfit, and in recent years I have been experimenting with them more and more. A necklace here, a stack of bangles there, a cocktail ring, or some dangly earrings (watch these around the baby, though!). They don’t have to be expensive to make a statement. One of my most complimented pieces comes from Big W! In this post I will be discussing current trends, and some of my favourite places to purchase jewellery.

Costume jewellery is a fantastic way to inject current trends into your wardrobe without committing major dollars, or stepping too far out of your comfort zone. I have a lot of neutral colours in my wardrobe – blacks, whites, Breton stripes. Jewellery allows me to show a bit of personality, and dress myself up a bit. I like to mix costume rings, necklaces and bracelets up with some special, more expensive pieces that I own.

If you are looking for some new jewellery pieces to spice up your wardrobe, have a look at:

Swarovski – This is by far my favourite jewellery shop, and I think my husband groaned the day it opened in our local shopping centre. At least it makes birthday present shopping easier for him! They have a good balance of classic, quirky and on trend pieces and are comparably priced with other jewellery chain stores. The designs come in a range of metals, and different coloured genuine Swarovski crystals. 

Tiffany & Co – In my opinion, you can’t go past Tiffany & Co for classic jewellery. There is just something special about unwrapping a ribbon from a little blue box. 

Etsy – If you haven’t discovered the gem that is Etsy yet, hurry up and click the link to the left! Etsy is a handmade market right on your computer, available 24 hours a day. There is a large range of unique jewellery – the sky really is the limit. The majority of sellers are based in the northern hemisphere, and will post anywhere in the world. Lots of pieces can be customised to your tastes or needs.

Ice – Ice has been in the jewellery business since 1999, and only opened it’s online store recently. It has a large range of beautiful jewellery in a variety of on-trend gem stone colours. While I have yet to order from them, I don’t think my first purchase will be too far away. 

Lovisa – Lovisa launched it’s first retail store in 2010, and since then has opened 200 stores in six countries. Their mission is to provide on-trend jewellery at an affordable price point. Their stores are well organised, and you can always pick up a bargain on their sales racks. They currently have a beautiful range of Collette Dinnigan jewellery in store. 

Diva – I like to think of Diva as Lovisa’s younger sister, like Barbie and Skipper, if you will. It offers a wide choice of costume jewellery and has collaborated with designers like Alex Perry in the past. You will be guaranteed to find something for yourself, and your younger sister/cousin/niece etc. 

According to, the top jewellery trends of Autumn Winter 2013 are:

  • tribal
  • body armor
  • kooky
  • multiple rings
  • pearls
  • the ear cuff

This season, jewel tones like ruby, emerald, amethyst, and sapphire are incredibly popular colours, and are already being featured in jewellery pieces on the high street. I have put together a small mood board to showcase one piece from each trend, from the stores I outlined above. Happy shopping!



Tribal (Lovisa) ~ Kooky (Swarovski) ~ Body Armor (Diva) ~ Multiple Rings (Ice Online) ~ Ear Cuff (Etsy) ~ Pearls (Tiffany & Co)

Do you wear costume jewellery, or do you favour classic pieces? Where do you like to shop for your jewellery? Will you be following any of these trends this season?



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