Beauty Unearthed – An Interview with Maybelline NY’s Nigel Stanislaus


Nigel Stanislaus

Nigel Stanislaus is a name that is synonymous with makeup. Since becoming Australia’s first Maybelline New York makeup artist in 2009, Nigel has become a trailblazer in his field. When the fashion elite descend on Sydney on Monday 8 April for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA), Nigel will showcase the upcoming makeup and beauty trends for the Spring Summer 2013/14 season. Collaborating with designers such as We Are Handsome, Stanislaus and his team will storm the runway with bold makeup in jewel tones of greens, violets and blues.

Nigel was born and raised in Singapore, educated in fashion and graphic design in New York and Melbourne, and currently splits his time between Sydney, Melbourne and the world at large. He has a unique approach to makeup, using technology and the latest makeup techniques to hone his skills and perfect his craft.

I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with a very busy Nigel, prior to MBFWA. We discussed the latest trends, tricks and tips, and makeup kit essentials.

You’ve had an amazing career thus far. What drove you to become a makeup artist, and then makeup director for Maybelline New York Australia?  

I enrolled in a fashion college to become a fashion designer. While there, I was on an internship in New York City back in 1997 and I was ushered backstage to NYC Fashion week which was then held in Bryant Park and loved the atmosphere. I told myself I would have to come back again. 

Fronting an international makeup brand was always a dream for me. I loved standing in front of people who would listen to me and advise them on what style they should have. Maybelline New York is the number one cosmetic brand in the world right now and it hails from New York, my favourite place. With those combinations, how could I say no?

You have said that you aim to guide and encourage women to achieve a more sophisticated makeup look with less confusion. How did this come to be your goal, and what things do you do to help women achieve it?

Women come to me and have this concept that they can only do certain makeup looks. Some of them wear their makeup the same way for four decades and that’s very telling of their age. I am here to let them know that they have options. I come in and re-introduce makeup to them. The principal of makeup has evolved so much and my role is to help guide them through it with lots of useful tips and a giggle or two along the way.

What are your top three makeup tips for busy women that can help us get out the door each day feeling fabulous? What do you consider to be makeup bag essentials?

Number  1 – Mascara.  Always apply mascara to bring definition to your eyes. You can wear your lashes so many ways. Experiment with them. Try to see what visual difference it makes to your eyes with one coat compared to three coats. My choice of multi-purpose mascara I use for everything? Maybelline NY GreatLash – LOTS OF LASHES mascara does it all for me.

Number 2 – Bronzer. It will definitely make you look happier and more present. I love Maybelline NY FitMe bronzer. It’s quite sheer and not too sparkly, so you won’t end up looking like a Twistie chip crossed with a mirror ball.

Number 3 – A bright lip colour. A lipstick is the only cosmetic that can take you from casual to red carpet in one swipe. With lipstick on, it does seem that you make an effort in your looks. I choose Maybelline NY ColorSensational in Coral Crush. It suits everybody and it’s a real show stopper.

What is the colour palette for Autumn and Winter 2013?

This year it is all about velvety skin and a wine lip. It’s classic, and so very international. Don’t forget some lashings of mascara too.

How should a woman select a foundation? Do you prefer liquid or matte, and how is it best applied?

I like liquid foundation. Maybelline NY FitMe foundation gives really good colour that lets skin look like skin. If you are at home, use your fingers. This way your body heat pre-heats the formula to help smooth blending.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia for Spring Summer 2013/14 begins in Sydney on 8 April. What new makeup trends can we expect to see on the runway?

This is the most exciting year yet! This year we see lots of colour. Jewel tones take centre stage on some shows. Key trends are Disco, Luxury, Jewel, Vamp and Androgynous. There is also a huge focus on the lips. We see vermillion shades, pinks and oranges shouting out from the runway right into our makeup bags.

You posted a picture on Instagram of you creating digital face charts for the looks you plan to use on models for Fashion Week. How has technology changed the way you do your job?

I am the only makeup artist I know in the world that does it this way. I am lucky as I am a hybrid cross from previous training as a Graphic Designer at Monash University 10 years ago. Illustration was my major and I feel very at ease with a drawing tablet and traditional drawing media. With everything online these days, you need to reinvent and evolve yourself into the future to stay abreast of what is happening. The last thing I hope not to be is an artist in denial of the world’s evolution.


Nigel uses technology to plan his makeup looks for Fashion Week

What do you think the future of the makeup industry looks like? Are there any exciting products or advancements that we should know about?

The future of makeup is all about making products last longer, feel better, and applied easier. Combining skincare that firms, smooths and protects so that women spend less time in front of the mirror and more time living their lives is a priority. We at Maybelline aim to take the looks from the catwalk right down to the sidewalks so that women at home can do it too.


Maybe she’s born with it…

* * *

Be sure to check out Maybelline New York Australia’s YouTube Channel. They will have up to the minute videos, uploaded right after the MBFWA runway shows, helping you replicate the looks of the season.

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to keep up to date with Nigel’s latest videos which I will be posting during MBFWA. The Maybelline New York Australia website also features many how-to clips to help you create fashionable makeup looks in the comfort of your bathroom.

You can find Nigel Stanislaus on Twitter, Instagram @nigelstanislaus, or at his website.

Thank you very much to Nigel for granting me this interview. This is not a sponsored post, and has simply come to fruition thanks to the power of social media and a makeup director who was happy to give his time to a brand new blogger. You can find Maybelline New York Australia’s website here, and their products in all good supermarkets and department stores nationally.


11 thoughts on “Beauty Unearthed – An Interview with Maybelline NY’s Nigel Stanislaus

  1. Well done Sarah! It was fantastic that Nigel afforded you that opportunity and the resulting post is great. Nigel won me when he said he liked to have a giggle with his clients along the way…make up scares me half to death so I could do with a giggle!!

  2. Awesome interview Sarah and how gracious was Nigel to grant the interview. I had never even thought to go to the Maybelline YouTube channel to watch videos for makeup tips. Might have to look out for coral crush lippy too!

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