Style Unearthed on iVillage

This week, Style Unearthed is one of the featured blogs on iVillage iBlog Friday. It's exciting to be featured on a large site that can hopefully bring some more traffic to the blog.

I'm looking forward to reading some of the other featured blogs that I haven't seen before. It's always good to find some new reads leading into the weekend.

We've had a nasty bug take over the Style Unearthed house in the past two days, so will be back to normal blog programming as soon as everyone is feeling better. I've got some exciting posts planned to help you plan your wardrobe.

As for the weekend, I am looking forward to celebrating a wedding with beautiful friends tomorrow – it will be nice to get dressed up after three days in old maxi dresses and track pants!

What are you up to this weekend? so you have any favourite blogs I should read? Do you write a blog? Please link to it in the comments.




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