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I have long been a magazine junkie. It started as an eight year old with Disney Adventures, and continued into my teen years with Dolly, Chick, TV Hits and Girlfriend. I lived for pocket money day and publication dates when I would be able to make my latest purchase. I rejoiced in the fact that I worked in a supermarket for my first casual job – magazines galore! The feeling of opening a fresh new magazine and absorbing the stories still gives me a thrill. I treat them as my little indulgance and always have a stack sitting on the coffee table ready to be devoured.

Sadly, the magazine industry is in decline and many jobs have been lost in the process. Online media has been dominating the marketplace through the introduction of computers, and mainly tablets. Publication dates for newspapers are now discussed in minutes and hours rather than days and we have constant easy access to news. Air freighted magazines were previously costly and the issues months behind. Now, we can purchase US Vogue or UK Hello on our iPads and tablets for less than the local cover price. There are definite advantages to buying magazines online and in hard copy, and I really believe that we should still support the magazine industry. Otherwise, what would my vice be?

I always enjoy hearing about new magazines, and thought I would share a few of my favourites in case you feel like finding a new read or rediscovering an old one.

messenger COLLECTIVE

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messenger COLLECTIVE is a brand bi-monthly new magazine – the first issue is currently on the news stands. It is the brain child of Lisa Messenger, who aims to have every article written by someone she associates with, rather than being syndicated or bought from other magazines. It is intelligent, well researched, well written and above all, interesting. With many magazines I will skim until I find something of interest, but with messenger COLLECTIVE I have been absorbed. I really urge you to pickup a copy – you won't regret it!

Shop Til You Drop

Shop Til You Drop is one of my go-to reads before I buy new clothes. I find both their writing style and featured items very accessible. The items featured are a mixture of high street and designer, and each fashion story is followed by a selection of items to recreate the look with all items under $50. They do the hard work and research on current trends with a wide selection of pieces, so you don't have to.
Vogue Australia
Vogue Australia and US Vogue are thought to be the pinnacle of fashion. They create trends, introduce the latest designers and execute beautiful high end fashion shoots. While it may not be for everyone, I have enjoyed reading Vogue Australia in recent years and subscribed to US Vogue this month. Their essays cover a range of engaging topics, and they conduct well thought out interviews with a range of subjects.
InStyle Australia and their US counterpart are very enjoyable to read. They favour classic pieces, but help you work current trends into your existing wardrobe. I love their celebrity fashion specials, and focus on award ceremonies and weddings. Their photos are always simple and beautifully taken. They also love handbags, just like me.
While you would most likely be aware of the majority of the above magazines, hopefully you will be encouraged to pick up one you haven't read for a while, or have never purchased before next time you're at the supermarket or newsagents.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with InStyle and my couch…
Do you have a favourite magazine? Do you subscribe to any magazines? Do you prefer to read magazines on a tablet, or in hardcopy?




2 thoughts on “Entertainment Unearthed – The Magazine Edition

  1. My current fave mag would have to be Women’s Fitness. I got a subscription as part of my christmas present last year. I prefer to flip through a magazine and feel the pages, dog ear pages of interest etc. I was gutted when i read Madison’s June edition will be its last print run……however the inner greenie in me accepts the print version of mags is not always the best. Bonus of online mags is you don’t have to worry about storing them after you’ve read them 😉

    • I love this one too! Lots of great fitness tips and new workout ideas. I love being able to enlarge pages when reading magazines on the iPad, and not having to store them is a big advantage. Not being able to tear about pages or mark things you like is not great though.

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