Beauty Unearthed – The Ad Campaign

I find it so interesting to see the way the women view themselves. As women, do we deliberately put ourselves down? Do we all see ourselves as less attractive than we are? I would be interested to know whether this group of women have had self esteem issues, and what they really think of themselves. Part of me wonders whether they are attempting to describe themselves in a clinical way, as they don’t know the person behind the curtain and what they’re doing with the information they’re giving out.

Do you have certain body features or parts that you like? I’ve always loved my eyes – they’re a nice shape and colour, and they’re sparkly – and I like my smile. Sure my eyes have some wrinkles around them, but they’re made by smiling and that’s fine with me. I like my long legs, even though they make it hard to find pants that fit. I like that after going to the gym and losing some weight my body has become stronger, and more importantly, healthier inside.

While the above might sound conceited – it’s true. There are lots of bits of my body that I’m not particularly fond of, but they’re there and they’re mine and I need to own that. I just try to focus on and play up the good features. We can have plastic surgery, go on yo-yo diets, but does it change how we feel about ourselves inside?

How do you promote positive self esteem? This particularly worries me in relation to my children and their peers. In this age of the Internet and photos flying around everywhere, people are putting themselves out there to be judged. Previously, it has only been celebrities who are commented on by others on a large-scale basis, but now with Instagram, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, images can be put into the public arena in the blink of an eye. I want my children to love themselves for who they are. I want them to appreciate their bodies for the job they do, not necessarily what they look like. If they’re sitting behind a curtain with an FBI sketch artist, I want them to able to tell him that they’ve got beautiful, straight light brown hair, or sparkling blue eyes. I would like women to tell me what they like about themselves without feeling conceited – own it. It’s yours.

Do you have a favourite body part or feature? How do you promote high self esteem? How would you describe yourself to an FBI sketch artist?


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