Here Comes the Bride… Six Years On

Six year ago this Sunday, I married my gorgeous husband. This era was pre-Pinterest, and if I was planning our wedding now I'm sure many aspects (including my gown) would be different. I only visited two bridal shops, and being the planner that I am, narrowed down the dresses I liked prior to my visits. It wasn't too hard – it was in the time of the strapless gown, and I wanted something with straps. The process of choosing my dress was very easy, with no stress. Just the way I like it! Looking back, I should probably have put some more thought into the most important dress I would ever wear.

We had a Scottish-themed 'do, as we both have Scottish heritage. The groom, groomsmen and fathers wore kilts (which looked fabulous), and the bridesmaids wore black so they would not clash with the tartan. Our flowers were fragrant roses in varying shades of pink and cream. We were transported to the church in a vintage Cadillac limousine, which broke down on the way up the hill to our reception! The silver lining of that little experience was hearing the bag piper as we approached the restaurant. The reception was held at a coastal lookout, and the haunting sound of the pipes echoed off the escarpment. The piper was arranged as a surprise to my now late grandparents, and I am so glad we had him. Standing with my family and listening to him is still one of my favourite memories. I couldn't tell you what we ate, all of the songs that we danced to, or everyone I spoke to, but I remember the special details that made the day ours.

Having celebrated two weddings recently, and now having our own anniversary, has made me think about our wedding and things I would do differently. It has been the perfect excuse to go fake dress window shopping! All images below have been sourced from Pinterest, so I am not sure of their origin. It seems I have a thing for lace…

I love the full ball gown of this dress – so elegant. It is a classic style, with just a little bit of sparkle in the right places.


The lace on this gown, and the detail on the skirt, are just beautiful. I love the train – that was one requirement for my dress, to fulfill my childhood fantasies.

While I love this dress, I fear I would be unable to fill out the 'behind' region. According to my husband and best friend I have no bum, so as much as I love this one, it would require more squats than my dodgy knees can handle!

The lace detail on this gown is just stunning. I love the simple shape, the detail on the decollatage, and the sleek belt.

I particularly liked the detail on the straps of this gown. It would pair itself well with a floaty veil (and a smile from the bride!).

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Thank you for indulging me in pretend wedding window shopping. Perhaps if I were to marry again (always to my husband!) I would just elope. A simple white dress on a Fijian beach sounds like a fine idea…

Would you choose to do things differently if you were to marry again? Would you choose a different gown? What did your wedding gown look like?




4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride… Six Years On

  1. Like you, I wanted straps just to be different from the strapless trend. If I was getting married tomorrow the dress would be SO different. I didn’t lash out enough on my dress – it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ dress and I should have gone silly on it!! Your wedding dress was gorgeous then and is still beautiful by the way 🙂

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