Health Unearthed – My Weight Loss Journey


I have briefly touched on the reason for my wardrobe re-design – I have recently lost weight and have become a heck of a lot healthier in the process.

As a teenager I went through the good old puppy fat phase, then slimmed down again for my final year at school. The start of university saw the consumption of too many hot chips, chocolate bars and the types of beverages uni students are particularly partial to. Then I met my now husband and gained ‘happy weight’. I kept gaining kilos through bad food choices and sporadic exercise, and was officially at my heaviest when pregnant with my son. Prior to falling pregnant with my daughter I started Weight Watchers. I used the online program, and found it easy to follow and more importantly, stick to. It’s not safe for pregnant women to use, so I fell back into poor habits with 26 weeks of morning sickness and a craving for potato in all it’s lovely forms.

After the birth of my daughter I had a couple of strange migraines – my vision was disturbed and then followed by a headache. While investigating this issue, my doctor ran a full blood test. She called me in to tell me that my cholesterol was hideously high. For a vegetarian who doesn’t eat a lot of dairy, this was scary. I didn’t realise how high my risk for illnesses like heart disease and stroke were. As the mother of a then three year old and six week old baby, this was the kick in the butt I needed. I lost the first 10 kilograms myself through eating more wisely, and moving more. I was doing so well until June last year when I injured one of my knees and could no longer enjoy my long walks with the pram. I climbed back on the wagon once it had healed, but I needed a bit of extra help and motivation. 

That came in the form of the above photo, taken on Christmas Eve last year. I had been going to the gym, but had fallen off the wagon prior to the silly season. It’s the perfect time of year for a teacher to blame – reports, end of year events, gifts of chocolate, and staff nights out. In early January while editing photos, I spotted the little gem you see above and decided I needed to do something. Weight Watchers had worked for me before, so I Googled around until I found a two week free trial to be sure it was the right move for me again. I signed up then and there, weighing 76.2 kilograms. At 1.76 metres (or 5 foot 10 and a bit in the old scale) I was just inside my healthy weight range, but certainly didn’t feel like it. 

Tracking my food, eating correctly sized portions and going to the gym have resulted in me losing another 7.4 kilograms. I haven’t been super strict – I still eat chocolate, I still have the occasional glass of wine (I’m not a big drinker anyway), and I can still go out to dinner with friends. I started at a size 14, and I’m now a 10 to 12. Buying size 10 jeans felt amazing, and made slugging it out on level 19 on the elliptical trainer random program more than worth it. I averaged between 500 grams and 1 kilo lost per week, with some weeks less and others more. It was slow and steady, but this suited me. I have never been one for crash diets and deprivation – it just doesn’t work for me. 



One dress size down – a suit I wore for a job interview now way too big.

The best thing about losing this weight (nearly 20 kilos all up in 18 months!) is the benefit to my health. I had blood tests re-done a few weeks ago. My cholesterol is now in the low four’s, my kidney and liver functions are back to normal, all my other levels are normal. I can chase my kids at the park. I went down the enormous fun slide at the local show (my favourite ride as a kid). I am determined to live a healthy lifestyle for me, and as an example to my children. My son is excited because ‘you’re healthy now Mummy, and that means you’re going to be here with us for a long time’. While nothing is guaranteed, I have given myself a fighting chance. 

* This is not a sponsored post. I am not a medical professional and cannot give weight loss advice. This post simply outlines what has worked for me. Please consult your medical professional before embarking on a weight loss program.


14 thoughts on “Health Unearthed – My Weight Loss Journey

  1. What an inspirational story Sarah! You’ve come so far and done it all in a healthy (sustainable) way. Go you! xx

  2. Well done Sarah – health is everything! Just wanted to say that Weight Watchers do have pregnancy program that is healthy to do during pregnancy. I did it myself when pregnant with my second (when I actually had a metabolism that worked) and I was chatting to someone on Facebook recently who’s due to have a baby and she’s also lost weight while pregnant.

    • Thanks Nikki 🙂 That’s great to know that they support pregnant women too. I wish I had known that when I was pregnant with my son! Maybe it’s the online program that doesn’t support pregnancy because you’re left to your own devices? And you’re right – health is everything.

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey Sarah and thanks for being brave enough to post up the photos – i find them incredibly motivating and inspiring. You are right on the money when you say health is important. It is only when our health deteriorates that we realise how much we take it for granted

  4. Sarah you look amazing!! I have that same black and white striped dress and it is not a flattering look on me either 😦 I have offically finsihed breast feeding so it’s time to get serious about shedding some extra weight I’ve been carrying. You are an inspiration!!!

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