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I have always loved perusing pictures of famous and influential women in magazines and books, looking at their outfits and hairstyles. I have never tried to replicate someone’s complete look, but I enjoy gaining ideas and inspiration (and looking at beautiful clothes) from them.

While searching for pictures for this post, I found the common thread that weaves it’s way through this list of women. They all favour a classic style of dressing. Sure, they have fun with fashion (Emma Watson especially), and they like to take risks, but they all exude style and class.

Coco Chanel


Image Source

The first woman that comes to mind when I think of style is Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. She definitely favoured a classic style of dress, and paired it with beautiful accessories like pearls and diamonds. Her influence can still be seen in the current collections that Karl Lagerfeld designs for the brand. When I think of Chanel as a brand, I think of classic and timeless clothing and accessories. I believe that the brand still epitomises Coco’s personal style today.

Kate Winslet


Image Source

I have always had a bit of a style crush on Kate Winslet since watching her star in Titanic in the beautiful ruby red beaded dress. She seems to have found a consistent style over the past few years, and looks stunning every time she sets foot on the red carpet. I think one of the things I love about Kate is that she seems ‘real’. She has curves, and she’s never been afraid to speak about her body and promote positive body image. One of my favourite movies is The Holiday, and the fact she plays such a lovely character just adds to her appeal, in my opinion.

 Michelle Obama


 Image Source

The current First Lady of the United States is definitely the most stylish since Jackie O. She was featured on the cover of US Vogue last month, and has truly cemented her place as a modern style icon. She makes a point of wearing pieces from American designers in order to support her local fashion industry. One attribute I like most about her, is the fact she promotes health and well being in young people. She has been particularly vocal about her exercise program, and had a push up competition with TV host Ellen DeGeneres last year. Definitely explains why she has awesome arms!

Cate Blanchett


Image Source

I had to feature this Australian beauty on my list. Cate Blanchett is flawless. I love that she has a chameleon element about her – she can change her appearance and her look, but she always manages to appear stylish. Often appearing down to earth when photographed out with her family, she makes some unconventional choices at times on the red carpet, but manages to pull it off. I loved this dress that she wore to the Vogue Australia anniversary party – the colour is beautiful.

Emma Watson


 Image Source

Hermione Granger has grown up. We have watched actress Emma Watson on the red carpet since she was a child promoting the Harry Potter films. She has now appeared on countless magazine covers, and has been the face of brand Burberry. Being young, she has been having fun experimenting with fashion and often wears ‘riskier’ looks that I wouldn’t dream of wearing, but I love looking at all the same. She and I had short hair at the same time, so she’s given me pictorial guidance while I’ve been growing mine out again. She wears clothes well, and I would love to see inside her wardrobe.

Kate Middleton


Image Source

Since becoming engaged (and then married) to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has caused website crashes and store stampedes as women the world over tried to replicate her outfits. The dress she wore when the couple announced their engagement sold out within minutes, and since, people have looked to her for new trends. While she favours classic styles, she isn’t afraid to have fun with prints and colours. Her wardrobe is very accessible, as she mixes high street finds with designer pieces. I have loved watching her influence in stores – beautiful coats, lady-like dresses and low-heeled shoes have become available again. Finding an outfit to wear to high tea is no longer a problem, if you dress like Kate! Magazines and websites are now waiting with bated breath as the royal baby bump is debuted. I’m sure the baby’s style will be a hot topic too.

I’m sure this will be the first of many Style Unearthed: Icon lists – there are many more to mention, so stay tuned!

Do you have any style icons? How do you interpret their look in your wardrobe?


9 thoughts on “Style Unearthed – Icons

  1. I also like to watch other women dress well… but I could never buy something that is not my style just because someone famous has put it on.

  2. My style icons tend to be pioneers and individuals. The Queen of Punk, Vivienne Westwood – self explanatory! Audrey Hepburn – we’re still wearing the LBD today thanks to her and Givenchy. Kate Moss – the ubiquitous ballet flat and skinny jean wasn’t a thing until she started wearing it regularly years ago. Coco Chanel – her famous jersey fabric was previously only worn as undergarments. Hello Madonna! I’d much rather sport Chanel’s version of undergarments than a cone bra though!

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