Trying a Trend – the Leather (look) Skirt


One of the biggest trends this season is leather, whether it be the real thing, or leather-look. The weather is cooling down, and finally allowing us to take boots, scarves and cosy jackets from our wardrobes. I love dressing in Winter – I find it so much easier to look polished than I do in Summer. Given that I only own leather shoes, boots and handbags, and don’t think I’m cut out for leather pants, I thought I would be giving this trend a miss. Then I remembered a skirt from Blue Illusion hanging in my wardrobe that my husband’s aunty bought me last year. It is a stretchy pencil skirt with two leather-look panels, one on the front left hand side, and one on the right back. It’s ridiculous comfy, and perfect for trying out the trend! 

I decided to style the skirt with a plain black singlet and emerald green cardigan, both from Sussan. Lately, I have been experimenting with belts, so decided to buckle one over the cardigan to break the outfit up a little. The belt came from Target, on a dress that I bought during Summer. The biggest issue that I had today was choosing shoes. As I was going to work, I had to make sure I was wearing sensible shoes, and picked a favourite pair of Diana Ferrari flats. If it had been cooler, knee-high boots and stockings would have been my first choice. I also have a pair of booties that I would love to try with this outfit, but stiletto heels are a no-no in my job!

ImageIt was a fun experience trying a new trend, and wearing something I’ve been too nervous to try as I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. If I wanted to dress the outfit up I would pair it with a new black top purchased recently from Portmans and the blazer I showed you last week. Worn with the stiletto booties, it would make a great outfit to wear to dinner.

I’m definitely enjoying playing with clothes and accessories a lot more, and can’t wait for my styling session this weekend to try some different looks. 

Do you have any new trends that you would like to try? Are you afraid of trying new things? How would you style a leather skirt, jacket or pants?


4 thoughts on “Trying a Trend – the Leather (look) Skirt

  1. Looks great Sarah! Definitely a successful experiment.
    I just ordered some colourful leggings off the Internet. I’ve been terrified to try out THAT trend lol! Will let you know how it turns out… 😉

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