A Change is as Good as a Holiday

Today I embark on the exciting (and nerve wracking) journey of being a self hosted blogger. This means that you will now be able to find me at www.styleunearthed.com, rather than this WordPress address. Please update your browsers and bookmarks once the website is live! 

It also means that this version of Style Unearthed will be offline for approximately 72 hours while the techies at my web host change everything over. I am crossing my fingers that I don’t lose anything! 

I am not sure whether I will be able to update this site once it has all changed over – if I can I will pop another post up to alert subscribers to the fact that it has changed. If I can’t do this, and you’d like to continue reading (please do!), please check www.styleunearthed.com on Sunday or Monday to visit us in our new home.

I look forward to unveiling a new look, some new website features, and some Style Unearthed news. Until then, cross your fingers that all my content transitions to the new site and think of me while I’m writing my reports (instead of distracting myself with blog posts!).

Thanks for reading,

Sarah 🙂


Health Unearthed – My Top Five (Virtually) Free Exercise Ideas


Image Source

Are you a runner? A boxer? A swimmer? A gym junkie? Not an exerciser at all? I’ve never been what you would call an enthusiastic exerciser. I’ve bounced around between a few different gyms, martial arts and various team sports over the years. When I wanted to get healthy after the birth of my second child I was on maternity leave and spare money was tight. I had to look for budget friendly exercise options, that were baby friendly and preferably in my local area. Whether you’re an experienced exerciser and want to try something new, or you’re looking to start exercising, I’m sharing five low cost (or free!) ideas to get you moving. 

1. These trainers were made for walking.

One of the easiest and best ways to get fit is to walk. For the cost of a pair of trainers (try the One Active range from Big W if you’re on a budget – walking shoes, x-trainers and runners for around $50), you can be pounding the pavement in no time. My town has a 6km walking track through the local Botanic Gardens which I love to use as it’s relatively flat and concreted which makes for easy pram pushing. Many towns offer a similar walking route, or you can explore your neighbourhood and walk around the streets near your house. The aim with any exercise is to get your heart pumping, and to work up a bit of a sweat. You should be puffing, but still able to have a bit of a conversation while you walk. A daily stroll could double as a catch up with a friend, whether they join you or keep you company on the phone. You can Google walking tracks in your capital city if you’re looking for a new track to try out. Here are Sydney’s offerings. If you have a dog it’s even more of a good excuse to get outside. They will thank you too!

2. Get moving 24/7

Gyms open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week have fast become a regular feature in many towns. They’re also usually a cheaper option when it comes to normally pricey gym memberships. I joined one last year, and definitely had reservations prior to my trial. Would I feel safe? Would they have good equipment? Who would I see if I needed help? My gym has staffed hours, and I try to visit in those times if possible, but with duress alarms and lanyards I feel very safe even when a staff member isn’t present. A swipe card permits me to enter at any time, so I am not restricted to training during certain hours which is a definite advantage. There is a good range of equipment to choose from, including cardio machines, weights and even virtual classes. A personal trainer is available on request for assessments or programs, and he’s often in the gym if I have a question. Some of the bigger chains even offer child minding and group exercise classes at certain locations. If you thought that a gym was out of your price range, definitely investigate your local 24 hour gym. You might be in for a pleasant surprise! 

3. Getting appy with it.

If you have a smartphone, you essentially have access to a personal trainer in your pocket. There a thousands of free exercise apps, from running to yoga and most things in between. Apps like Couch to 5 Kilometres have grown in popularity lately, and are designed to take you from a person who doesn’t exercise, to one who can run 5 kilometres in 30 minutes, in eight short weeks. You can create your own music playlists to enjoy while you run, and even choose a power song that can play to motivate you when the going gets tough. Many of my friends have had success with these programs, and one has even signed up to run her first half marathon in September!

4. Weighing it up

If you haven’t discovered this gem of a website, please do yourself a favour and have a look. Weigh It Up first came to my attention at the beginning of last year when they launched a mass weight loss challenge across Australia. They put together meal plans, exercise routines and even free e-cookbooks to help you on your way to health. Their fitness section has many great tips to get moving, and even has videos to show you how to complete the exercises properly. It is a fantastic (predominantly) free service, with a supportive community of people on the track to a healthier lifestyle. 

5. Dive right in!

Water is relaxing and restorative. What better way to start exercising than to swim? Most council areas have a local pool, and for a small fee you can chase that black line to your heart’s content. Some pools also offer aquarobic classes, and I’ve even heard of Zumba in water recently! If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, you have access to somewhere free to swim all year round. You can even finish your work out with a walk on the beach. Swimming is a great option for people with mobility issues – it is so gentle on knees, ankles and backs.

It can be really hard to find motivation to exercise in Winter when it’s cold and dark, but hopefully the above ideas might give you an extra kick start. This will be the first post in the Health Unearthed series – I will share delicious healthy recipes and different exercise ideas with you over the coming months.

Next week, I will share some of my favourite exercise clothes to help you look good while you’re working up a sweat.

The Casual Saturday Outfit



Tunic and ponte leggings (Forever New) – Boots (Diana Ferrari

Saturday used to mean a sleep in, a lazy breakfast and paper perusing. In these parts, it now means crack of dawn swimming lessons, house work, and if we’re lucky, some socialising. Last week (after the swimming and a spot of shopping), we celebrated my Dad’s birthday with a family lunch.

I took advantage of the beautiful, warm Autumn weather and took my Forever New tunic and brand spanking new (bought that morning!) Diana Ferrari boots for a spin. I teamed the tunic with my ponte leggings. One of the things I love most about these is the thickness of the fabric. It feels like I’m wearing pants, rather than thin leggings, therefore compromising on my ‘no leggings as pants’ rule.

Prior to purchasing the ankle boots, I wore this outfit with knee high boots. I found that the ankle boots did the trick I’ve been reading about, appearing to lengthen my legs. The leggings and the line of the boots made them appear extra long, which I’m not complaining about! I think this would work best with a block colour, in my case black, as it draws the eye down without breaking the colour up.

The tunic has gold accents on the epaulettes and belt around the waist, so I accessorised the outfit with a gold bangle, and small gold huggie earrings. I don’t normally wear gold, and would normally mix metals with this outfit to accommodate accessories I already own.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite casual outfits. It’s comfortable, and I feel great in it. I believe that last point is the most important when it comes to choosing outfits. If you don’t feel comfortable and happy in it, what is the point of wearing it? You don’t want to spend the whole day tugging at a too-short skirt, or pulling up a singlet. One thing I love about my wardrobe re-design is now having a few go-to outfits I know I feel nice in. It’s a really great change from scrambling about trying to put something together. Having pieces that work together to make different outfits has been a big change for me – a positive change.

Do you have go-to outfits that you love? What is your current favourite? 

Favourites Unearthed

Favourites Unearthed will be a regular little series I have decided to put together each week, to share some of my favourite finds. Since beginning my blog I have been scouring magazines for inspiration, trying products to share with you, and doing lots of window shopping (a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!). If I wrote a blog post about every little thing, I would be writing all day, so this series will be the easiest way to bring these favourite things of mine, to you!


Diana Ferrari Loulou Boot

I picked these little babies up yesterday in Diana Ferrari’s 30% off sale (be quick – it finishes tonight!). I have been on the look out for some black ankle boots, and thought I would buy flat ones. These Loulou boots have a small, stacked heel, but they are incredibly comfortable. They’re made from 100% suede leather, and are lined with satin. They zip at the side, and feel nice and firm on my foot. They come in sizes 5 to 12. I’m normally a 9.5 in Diana Ferrari shoes, but the 10 fitted well and I can wear them with warm socks or thick stockings for Winter. Ankle boots are great, because when worn with leggings or skinny jeans they appear to lengthen your leg – instant growth spurt! Make sure that you spray suede shoes or boots with a water proofing spray prior to wearing them – it will make the water bead off, and protect the shoe. 


Natio Pure Mineral Foundation

I purchased this Natio Pure Mineral Foundation about a month ago in the Priceline 40% off sale. Foundation is something I only wear if I am going out, as BB Cream provides enough coverage for me on a day to day basis. After being sick for a few weeks, the opportunity to go out for dinner finally presented itself and I could finally try my new acquisition. When I interviewed Maybelline NY Makeup Director Nigel Stanislaus, he suggested smoothing foundation on with your fingers, as the heat helps it to blend into the skin. This was a great way to apply it, and it went on very easily. The foundation felt very light on my skin, and I didn’t experience that heavy feeling I have had in the past with some liquid foundations. It contains vitamins C and E, along with other natural ingredients like jojoba. It had a very light fragrance, and I am looking forward to using it again. It comes in six shades, and I chose the best one for me by rubbing it into the inside of my wrist. The colour that blended best, and looked the most natural, was the one for me.


Anti-Aging Booster Dilo Oil *

I am currently trialing some Pure Fiji facial solutions products, as part of my role as Pure Fiji Australia’s brand ambassador. I will be reviewing them in the coming weeks once I’ve given them a good test, but I wanted to post about this little gem early. Pure Fiji’s Dilo rescue has been featured on the blog before, but this product is much more intensive. It is cold pressed oil from the Dilo tree, and contains anti aging properties that promote skin cell regeneration. My skin is quite dry, and I have recently had a few very dry patches on my face. A pea-sized drop of the Anti-Aging Booster, applied before my night cream, has been working wonders. The beauty of Dilo oil is It’s soothing quality, so doesn’t sting when applied. I have always been a little skeptical of anti-aging products, but I think that my forehead actually seems smoother after using it for about 10 days. 


Instagram is a wonderful invention, isn’t it? I joined a couple of years ago, and enjoy sharing photos with my friends and family. Style Unearthed is now on Instagram! You can follow along to see extra pictures, products I’ve found, outfits I’m wearing and blog posts that have been uploaded. You can find me @styleunearthed. I follow lots of magazines, fashion brands and interesting people, and thought I would share a few of them with you in case you’re looking for some new people to follow:

  • Nikki, from Styling You for fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.
  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style for relaxed coastal living, and great style inspiration.
  • Dee from Mama Stylista – the most stylish mum I know!
  • Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes for family, fashion and frivolity.
  • Belinda from B Being Cool for life, food, family and travel.
  • Fi from My Mummy Daze for beautiful beach shots and family fun.
  • Long Tall Sally (@longtallsallyclothing) for style tips for us tall people! 
  • Renegade Collective magazine (@collectivehub) – my new favourite magazine full of inspiring articles.


Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate

Does this even need any explanation? It’s coming up to report time at my school, and chocolate is relied on heavily by more than a few of us (even more reason for me to heal faster and head back to the gym!). Our staff room has been full of fundraising chocolates now the Winter sports season has commenced, and I can normally be strong around them. However, a row or two of this current favourite for dessert has become a bit of weakness! I’m normally a plain chocolate girl, but it’s something about the jelly, marshmallows and nuts that’s got me hooked. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first edition of Favourites Unearthed – be sure to check back next week and see what’s made the list!


* Please note that I was gifted this product for review as part of my role as Pure Fiji Australia’s brand ambassador.


A Tidy Wardrobe Equals a Tidy Mind


Sourced from Wardrobe Ideas – Pinterest

The quote above is normally used when speaking about a work desk. In my case, that one has equaled a semi-tidy mind. My wardrobe on the other hand is giving me a bit of a headache. When we inspected our current house prior to purchase, we were excited to discover that the wardrobes had a similar set up to the above picture. We have plenty of room to store clothes, both on hanging racks, in drawers and on shelves. With clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags, scarves and make up, my shelves have become a bit of a mess. I hit Pinterest to find some wardrobe organisation ideas. 



Uploaded by Baystar Imagery

This would have to be my dream wardrobe. The space! The colour coordination! The shoes! The orange boxes that look suspiciously like they hail from Hermes can’t be too bad either… I like the built in shoe racks and special space for the boots.



Image from Chic Geek

I love the way the shoes are organised in this picture. A few years ago I saw clear shoe boxes with pictures of the pairs of shoes on them. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor inclination to do this, as good as it looks! While I do keep my good pairs in a sea of Diana Ferrari-red boxes, my system involves pulling the lid off and seeing what is inside. I do like the idea from the very first picture, with the shoes lined up on the high shelves.


Image Source

Again, this wardrobe has been fitted out with a specific purpose in mind. I love the space set out for the boots. Mine currently stand in the bottom of the wardrobe, with rolled up magazines inside at an attempt to keep their shape. The best tip I have heard is to use a halved pool noodle to help the boots stand up. I intend to try it very soon, and will let you know how effective it is. I like the way the laundry hamper is integrated into this wardrobe, so it too is hidden from view. 



Image Source

One of my favourite organisational tools is a hanging jewellery organiser, similar to the one above. My Mum bought me one from Target, and it took me a long time to begin using it, but now I’m converted. It fits chunky bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and is so easy to use. It hangs on a coat hanger, and simply pulling it out of the wardrobe allows you to see all your accessories in one hit. I still keep precious pieces tucked away in boxes, but it is so handy for costume jewellery. 



Image Source

One of the most useful things I found while trawling Pinterest was the image above. It helps you organise your wardrobe in a few simple steps. It’s from Apartment Geeks, and if you click the ‘image source’ link you will find some handy organisational tips. It not only helps you organise, but also simplifies your dressing routine in the morning. Shops such as Howard’s Storage World and Ikea have some great wardrobe solutions. 

Once I have re-organised my wardrobe (and linen cupboard, while I’m at it!) I will be sure to come back with a before and after post to share any handy tips I have used.

What is your wardrobe like? Do you need to re-organise, or is everything ship-shape? Do you have any handy hints for me?

The Curse of the 5 Foot 10 Woman


City Dressing Essentials Wide Leg Pant

Have you ever had one of those shopping days, where you have money to burn, and can’t find anything to fit? That was me today. For once, the problem wasn’t my waistline. The problem was the length of my legs. I have written about this issue before, and today I experienced fashion frustration in full force.

Fashion expert and fellow blogger Nikki, from Styling You, wrote about feeling like fashion’s invisible woman last week. She feels that the fashion world is forgetting her as she gets older, and that brands are neglecting the demographic of the women that actually buy their clothes. Today, I donned an invisibility cloak of my own, and ventured out to the shops.

I am 5’10 tall, or 178cm. My height is in my legs, and finding trousers to fit has been an issue since I was a teenager. My work trousers are all now too big, and this week I resorted to tucking a pair of 3/4 pants into knee high boots, so as not to wear jeans or yet another skirt to work. This plan was fine in theory, until they worked their way out of my socks and puffed up so I looked like a female version of Puss in Boots. Not my finest fashion idea, but it was born out of necessity (and cold legs!).

Today, I went searching for full length work pants to see me through the chilly Winter. Last night, I did an online recce, my frustration growing as I searched. While many stores offer online purchases, only two that I looked at specifically mentioned the inseam length of the pants they were selling. How is an online shopper supposed to tell if pants will be long enough without this measurement? It appears that the brands also don’t inform their staff of these details, as when I have asked on many occasions, people don’t know what length their pants are. The only way I was going to find new pants was to go in store and try on copious amounts of clothes.

My requirements were simple, or so I thought. I wanted slim fitting pants in black or grey, that were long enough to wear flat shoes with. Not a big ask, right? Wrong! I went to no fewer than 10 shops and tried on around 30 pairs of pants. One had a pair of pants that were long enough, but unfortunately they were a strange fit (think extra fabric on hips, looking like they should be worn with braces and a peaked cap). Instead of trawling through the racks, I asked an assistant in each shop to point me in the direction of their longest pants. Most were very apologetic that they could not help me. I entered into a discussion with two ladies, who told me a retail chain used to produce pants in three leg lengths, but stopped because it was too expensive. Part of me couldn’t understand this – where are all the tall women shopping?

Eventually, I ended up at Target. We have a Target Country in my town, and I have tried on a couple of pairs of their long leg length trousers on occasion, but they’ve always been too short. Today I discovered that the length of the pants depends on the cut, and very happily walked away with a very long pair of black pants. For $20! Sure they have a wide leg rather than slim, but I decided that this beggar couldn’t be choosy.

Now, I am thankful that I found some pants today but Target consider their longest leg length to be 86cm which is 34 inches. Pants in shops specifically for tall women start at 36 inches. Why is it that shops still largely refuse to cater to tall women? Major department stores like Myer and David Jones have specialised sections for petite women, we have shops for plus size women, but why are tall women left out in the cold?

In 1995, the Australian Bureau of Statistics stated that the average height of the Australian woman was 5 foot and four inches. I would assume that these figures may have changed in the past few years, but it appears that the fashion industry may be working on out of date measurements. There has been a battle over the past few years for the outdated sizing model used to create clothes. According to Choice, the last size survey that was conducted was in 1975. The model used to design clothes is outdated, and there is no consistent sizing model across our stores. This makes it very difficult to shop, as you don’t know what size you are from brand to brand. This video from Choice explains more (my apologies, as I tried to embed the video however the link from Choice does not work. Please go to the link, and scroll down if you wish to view the video).

I have wondered for a long time what the difference between the United Kingdom and United States clothing markets are – size surveys. Both these countries seem to provide a variety of specialist clothes right across the market. Tall, petite, pregnant and short people are catered for in mainstream stores like Topshop, GAP and Dorothy Perkins. While I have visited the Topshop and GAP stores in Sydney, I found their selection of clothes from the tall range lacking.

For now, the only choices are to trawl the mall in the hope of finding something to fit, or to buy online from the few Australian retailers who cater to tall women, or from overseas. Australian retailers are already up in arms about the dip in revenue due to online shopping off shore – will a further collective of women taking their dollar elsewhere make any kind of impact?

Are you a tall woman, or do you need to shop in a specialist shop for another reason? How do you find consistency of sizing across various brands? If you have long legs, where do you buy pants that fit?

Work Horse Work Wear

Do you work in a corporate environment? Do you have a more laid back work place? Do you live in fear that your trousers will get covered in paint, like me, or do you get to work from home and force yourself out of pyjamas?

While planning my future career at high school and university, I decided that I wanted to work somewhere that would allow me to wear a suit. The crisp shirt, structured pants and skirts appealed to me. I wanted to look polished, put together, and grown up.  I went for my first full time job interview dressed in a bad suit. A bad, brown suit. It was bought in a half price sale, and the pants were long enough, therefore meeting my criteria! While the outfit didn’t make an impact, I did land the job. I haven’t worn the suit since. My first two office jobs were in smart/casual environments, sadly with no call for suits. When I retrained as a teacher, I knew that that the only suit I would likely wear would be to job interviews. I still like to dress up and look professional – a blazer here, a scarf there. Flat shoes are a must, along fabrics that can wash easily and clothes that are not too expensive. Work wear does not need to be boring, or ugly. 

I have put together some work wear looks to suit a variety of work places. They range from structured and polished, to smart casual. I chose to look for classic hues, with some pops of on-trend colours. I like clothes that can be adapted for the weekend, too. A versatile wardrobe is a must!


The first is a classic, crisp white collared shirt and a black pencil skirt. I chose a skirt with a little more personality – it has a Peter Pan collar and interesting detail on the body. I love wearing a pencil skirt, especially with heels. It makes me feel polished and just a little bit like Joan from Mad Men. Colour comes to this outfit in the form of a silk scarf and sexy, studded bag. Black pumps complete the outfit. While they would not be suitable for playground duty, they would be at home in an office. 


This outfit is not quite as dressy as the first, but could be worn in a variety of work places. Shades of navy and white compliment each other, and can be seen in the shoe, blazer and top. Peplums are everywhere at the moment. I have yet to experiment with them, but I liked the print on this particular top. The peplum is said to be universally flattering, so I may have to try one on. Rolling the sleeves on the blazer would show off the gorgeous rose gold Fossil watch, which is matched with the hoop style earrings. 


A shirt dress is a great choice for casual Friday in the office, or a warm summer day in the classroom. I loved this belted style, which nips in the waist for a flattering look. I paired it with wedges, and some playful turquoise earrings. The cross body bag finishes off the look. If you require a larger bag for work, there are plenty of options in neutral tones.


The final look is my favourite, and definitely one I could see myself wearing. Emerald green is one of my favourite colours, as it compliments my skin tone and eyes. I liked the cross over detail of this top – it definitely makes it more interesting. Paired with timeless black pants, and comfortable shoes, it is definitely an outfit for someone on the go. The black tuxedo jacket would help it transition to the cooler weather, and the chunky black bangle is a simple accessory that adds a bit of attitude. I loved the shades of green featured in the clutch.

While planning my wardrobe re-design I am keeping in mind work wear, and enjoyed gaining a little inspiration. My shopping spree is fast approaching, and I am looking forward to sharing my purchases with you!

What do you wear to work? Do you have looks or brands that you favour? Does your office have a dress code?

How to Wear a Breton Stripe

A Breton stripe shirt or jumper has long been a classic in many a wardrobe since they were designed in France in the late 1800s. In shades of navy and white or cream, they’re a classic choice that can be worn in many different ways. You don’t have to look like a sailor when you wear a Breton stripe! The colour choices have expanded, with stripes appearing in many different shades. The famous look also comes in knits, dresses and t-shirts, allowing you to find a stripe to suit any outfit.

Last week, I wore this outfit for a day out with my little ones. 


Top (Emerson – Big W) – Jacket (Jeans West) – Jeans (Tasmin Thermolite Super Skinny – Jeans West) – Boots (Diana Ferrari ‘Percy’) – Scarf (Rubi Shoes)

It’s a casual look that I love for shopping or lunch, but can also be worn to a low key dinner and dressed up with accessories. 

If you like the look of a Breton stripe, I have done some virtual window shopping for you. My top picks of t-shirts, knits and dresses are below.


1. Forever 21  2. Long Tall Sally 3. ASOS 4. DKNY 5. River Island 6. Jag

Whether worn with jeans, black pants or a skirt, the Breton stripe is a classic look that you can have a lot of fun with. Pair a knit with loafers and a blazer for a preppy look, or a dress with tights and boots for a Winter staple. 

How would you style a Breton stripe? Do you own any stripey tops?

Your Style Uniform

Do you have a style uniform? A style uniform would be defined as an outfit made from signature pieces that you wear to death – your go-to, safe items that never fail to make you feel great. How can you shake your uniform up a little bit, and update your look, while still staying within your comfort zone? For me, this uniform consists of jeans, a blazer and ballet flats. Comfortable, smart casual, and safe. I have never been a risky dresser, so these items have always suited me down to the ground.

Having a play on Polyvore this evening, I created this look.


I was going out on the weekend, something similar to this is what I would choose to wear. Dark denim skinny jeans, a black blazer, black ballet flats, and a top with some colour. Simple, unassuming, and very me (especially pre-wardrobe re-design!). Very safe. Possibly boring, depending upon semantics. 

I decided to experiment with the outfit, still using a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black blazer, although finding on with a cut that is a little more playful. The top remained the same, and I added blue accessories to tie the look together. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are an item I have lusted after for a long time. While I don’t own one, I will one day! I loved the pop of colour the bag brought to the outfit. Patent blue ballet flats with black trim, a belt with gold hardware to match the bag, and a gorgeous silk scarf completed the look. The varying shades of blue complimented each other, and pulled the pieces together.


This look could be styled further with gold jewellery (to match the hardware on the bag and belt) – a cocktail ring, pair of statement earrings, or a chunky watch. I am a pretty conservative dresser, and prefer to heed Coco Chanel’s advice – take something off before you leave the house – so most of the jewellery would probably be omitted if I was to really dress in this outfit. 

By creating little mood boards on Polyvore, you can find items like the ones in your wardrobe and see what they look like when styled with different tops, shoes and accessories. I have found a variety of these on Pinterest, and intend to base my shopping list on the outfits I like. This will ensure that the pieces I buy work together, and I end up with a cohesive wardrobe rather than the mish-mash I am currently working towards relegating. Check out my Pinterest page to see my inspiration!

Do you have a style uniform? What does it look like? How do you mix it up a bit?


My Unearthed Style, One Outfit at a Time


Esme Split Back Shirt (Forever New) – Jersey Stripe Maxi Skirt (Forever New) – White T-shirt (Big W) – Leaf Brooch (Elk) – Ballet Flats (Target) – Ring (Swarovski)

On Saturday, I shared two new outfits that I was given as my Mother’s Day present. Both are different from my usual ‘style’, and are very welcome additions to my wardrobe. When starting my wardrobe re-design, my aim was to try on things I would normally shy away from.  

I wore this outfit to a casual lunch. It was comfortable, and I felt great (despite a respiratory infection – the second half of this year is going to score an A+ in the health stakes, I’m sure!). One of the beauties of this outfit is that it can be styled in multiple ways, just by changing shoes and accessories. I debated whether to wear boots, but took advantage of the warmer weather and added ballet flats to inject a burst of bright colour. The cute wooden leaf brooch from Elk continued the red theme in a subtle way on the top half of the outfit.

One of the things I love about this outfit is that it is very versatile, a trait that I want for the clothes I now choose to add to my wardrobe. The sleeves on the shirt can be worn rolled up, or down. The shirt itself can be worn open or closed. Adding colour to the outfit with accessories can change the outfit easily, and as cheaply as you want to. Long necklaces, chunky rings, a pair of statement earrings or an interesting brooch will inject more of your personality into the look. I am looking forward to playing around with accessories like scarves and jewellery, to see just where I can take this outfit. 

How do you accessorise your outfits? Do you have favourites that come out to play? What would you add to this outfit to make it your own?