Beauty Unearthed – Pure Fiji Spa Basket

* I was gifted this product to trial, in full disclosure. All opinions are my own.


I have made no secret about my love for Pure Fiji products, that I first began using in 2007. Pure Fiji is a brand that really resonates with me. The products are natural, and organic where possible. They do not test on animals, and their brand gives back to the local communities in which they work. In a country like Fiji that is still developing in parts, this is vitally important. They employ local workers, and ensure that their packaging is created in an environmentally friendly way. You can read more about the ways Pure Fiji helps their country and environment on their website.

When the lovely Sophia from Pure Fiji Australia asked if I would like to trial one of their Spa Baskets as a Mother’s Day present, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? I alluded to some exciting news on my last post – Pure Fiji Australia has asked me to be a Brand Ambassador, a role which I am incredibly excited about. I will have more information about this in coming weeks.


Pure Fiji’s Spa Basket is beautifully presented, complete with a tropical flower on top. It comes full of gorgeous goodies, and is a great way to sample various products from the range before committing to buying a large size. If you have a holiday planned (you lucky thing!), these bottles and tubs are the perfect size to stash in your suitcase, but also your gym bag or handbag.

Let’s take a peek inside…


All of Pure Fiji’s packaging is made from environmentally friendly PET, and are very high quality. In seven years I have never had a container crack or chip. I love that the miniature, 2oz bottles look exactly like their larger counterparts. Doesn’t everything look just a little bit cuter when it’s tiny?


The pack contains a creme body scrub, body oil, body lotion and shower gel. The creme scrub is gentle enough to exfoliate your whole body, and can be followed by a squeeze of soft body lotion to leave your skin super smooth. It’s a quick way to make your skin feel great, which is important if you’re time poor but you still want to take care of your skin. Coconut oil seems to have become very popular lately, both in the kitchen for clean eating, and beauty cabinet. My husband swears by using it on his face to leave it super soft, but it would also great for a Mother’s Day massage (hint, hint!). The scent of the shower gel takes me right back to our Fijian holidays, with the waves crashing outside our bure.


The next part of the basket was my favourite – a miniature sugar rub (I cannot praise this product highly enough!), body butter, and a tube of Dilo Rescue gel. I touched on this product briefly in my sugar rub post. It contains the natural elements of dilo and aloe vera, and is incredibly soothing. I use it after shaving or using hair removal cream to calm down my irritated skin. My skin gets very dry, particularly on my legs and hands, and I find that rubbing some Dilo rescue into the effected area to soak in overnight really helps. Having a travel sized tube I can pop into my handbag will be so handy. The body butter is thick, but easy to apply and great for my dry skin.

The Spa Baskets come in four varieties – coconut (this was the scent I tried and the one I tend to buy), gingerlily, mango, and starfruit. I haven’t sampled the gingerlily or mango scents, but the starfruit is sweet and fresh. Pure Fiji have really expanded their scent range since our last trip to Fiji – I can’t wait to try the coconut milk and honey products.

If you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, or just a little pampering for yourself, have a look at Pure Fiji Australia’s website. They currently have a 20% off special, if you purchase before Wednesday 8 May, and free postage if you spend over $109.

Thank you again to Pure Fiji Australia for gifting me with the Spa Basket (RRP $66.00 AUD) to review. Sophia also kindly sent Mr Style Unearthed a Mana’Ia shower gel, which I would have taken a photo of, except for the fact that it has already been squirreled away to the bathroom and declared a hit. I will be enjoying my Spa Basket for weeks to come, and can’t wait to soak in a hot bath for a bit more pampering.

* Apologies for my absence over the past few days. I was admitted to hospital and ended up having emergency surgery. I’m home now, and resting up. Posts may be a little light on the ground over the next week or so as I recover, but I am looking forward to sharing some more wardrobe planning posts with you soon. After all, it’s getting cold and I have no long pants that fit!

Have you ever tried Pure Fiji products? Do you have any products that you swear by? What are you buying your Mum for Mother’s Day?


12 thoughts on “Beauty Unearthed – Pure Fiji Spa Basket

  1. Fill your basket with hot apple cider mix large mugs, homemade Christmas ornaments, a letter or poem on why Christmas is important to you, matching mittens, hat and scarf (or, depending on your climate you could substitute sunglasses, sun block lotion, a cool destination theme cap) some mistletoe and or other fragrant scents. You could even include a popular Christmas music CD, and for a super nice touch… some home made Christmas cookies – with the recipe included.

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