Wardrobe Re-design Update – The Mother's Day Edition

I ventured out after the childrens’ swimming lessons today for my first big outing after leaving hospital. It was nice to have a wander at the shops, and even nicer to update my wardrobe with some Mother’s Day presents. 

A few weeks ago, I had been cruising Pinterest for outfit inspiration, and came across this classic, but casual look, perfect for shopping or weekend outings with the kids:



Image Source

One of the things I love about Pinterest (and Polyvore, where you can style virtual outfits) is that it allows you to see how different pieces work together. Can I wear black boots with that outfit? Yes! Would it look okay with blue/green/black accessories? Absolutely! Pinterest has given me so many great ideas about ways in which to wear different looks, and how best to use accessories to compliment those looks.

I have seen a lot of denim shirts in stores and on websites lately, but wasn’t sure how to style the look without rocking double denim. While the outfit above is paired with sandals, I’m planning to try it with boots or ballet flats for the Winter. I love that it can be worn trans-seasonally, and transformed with lots of different coloured accessories. 

Forever New has a 20% sale (until tomorrow), which was an unexpected bonus. I was lucky to find both the skirt and shirt there, and didn’t realise until just now that the skirt featured in the Polyvore picture is the exact one I bought. Meant to be! I also found a cheap white t-shirt from Big W, but will be on the look out for a nicely fitted white singlet, and one with less structure like the picture.


Jersey Stripe Maxi Skirt (mine is navy and porcelain stripe)


Esme Split Back Shirt

The other outfit that I bought was the original reason why I walked into Forever New. Before I lost weight, I rarely shopped there. They had gorgeous clothes and accessories, but things didn’t fit properly and I often left feeling disappointed. Also, while my babies were little and in the spit up and spill phase I preferred to buy more natural fabrics as they were easier to launder. I digress… Forever New have some beautiful pieces this Winter. And their handbags are to die for! I think I may treat myself in the next few weeks. A little present for surviving hospital, if you will. 

The shirt that I had my eye on is a tunic style. I imagined I would wear it with skinny jeans, or some tights I already owned. That was until the lovely sales assistant suggested the magic that is ponte, in legging form. These leggings are fantastic – they’re long (to the ankle on me – bonus!), flattering and comfortable. They’re also thick, so despite the extra cost, I’m assured that they wash well and are long lasting. While I am firmly in the ‘leggings are not pants’ camp, I feel comfortable wearing them under shorter tunic tops and dresses. The weight of the fabric helps you feel clothed, and not so exposed. Wearing an outfit like this is a first for me, but I promised myself when I first started this blog that I would try on things I hadn’t before, and it is paying off in a positive way. I will be teaming this outfit with my long Diana Ferrari Percy boots and some silver jewellery. It felt so nice on, and I can’t wait to wear it.


Serena Tunic



Hannah Ponte Pant

I hope you and the mothers in your life have a lovely day tomorrow. Please remember friends and loved ones who may not have their babies in their arms, but forever carry them in their hearts. 

Are you partaking in some shopping this weekend? What have your latest purchases been? Is there a trend you have been afraid to try, but that you have loved when you wore it?




4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Re-design Update – The Mother's Day Edition

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  3. I WANT that tunic NOW!!! It’s gorgeous! I love it in the navy. I think I need to get my backside into Forever New a.s.a.p!!!

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