Lounging in Style

I have never worn pyjamas and lounge wear (read tracksuit/yoga pants and comfy tops) as much in my life as I have in these past two weeks. Even after having both my children I was keen to squeeze back into jeans – any jeans – in an attempt to make myself feel human again. Unfortunately jeans were not comfortable after my recent surgery, so stretchy waistbands it was. 

When I posted on Facebook to let family and friends know that I was in hospital, a friend poked fun at me, asking how I would suggest styling a hospital gown in a fashionable way. While my answer to my cheeky friend was to make sure that you leave your underwear on underneath, it did give me an idea for a blog post. What are some comfortable yet stylish things that you can wear around the house, whether you’re convalescing from illness or injury, in that lovely (and tiring) post baby bubble, or just lounging around on the weekend?  

My first port of call on my armchair shopping trip was to the pyjama king, Peter Alexander. He has a gorgeous range of PJ’s, and has added a variety of lounge wear to his collection over the years. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door to the post man in Peter Alexander’s designs, let’s just say that!



Peter Alexander Spotty Boyfriend Style PJ’s

While I’ve never bought Winter pyjamas from PA, I have had a Summer pair. They washed well, and lasted for a long time. I would love to try a full length pair, and the boyfriend style look particularly comfortable. 

I also spotted this knit while browsing. Our nights are getting much cooler, and a big cardigan always helps to keep the chill away. The cardi below is designed to be day wear, so you would have no problem popping to the shops and feeling like you forgot to change out of your PJ’s. 



Peter Alexander Chunky Shawl Knit Cardigan

Target have recently released a very cute range of Disney’s Bambi pyjama sets designed by Arabella Ramsay. There are several prints and designs to choose from. If you like them, be quick, as many styles are already sold out online. These were my favourite, as they reminded me of a pair of PJ’s I had as a child. Did you used to look forward to those first cool nights when you could slip on your new, warm pyjamas and snuggle in flannelette sheets?


Arabella Ramsay Bambi Pyjamas for Target

I couldn’t look for PJ’s and lounge wear without taking my height into account. I have rarely been able to buy tracksuit pants or pyjamas that have been long enough, so I knew I needed to see what Long Tall Sally had to offer. Onesies are all the rage this year – they look comfortable and would certainly eliminate the pesky problem of your shirt sneaking up in the middle of the night, leaving you with a cold back. I had not even looked at the onesies on offer around the shops as I knew they would be too short in the arms and legs. I expect that this one would be fine!


Long Tall Sally Stripe All in One

Long Tall Sally also offer a good range of leisure and exercise wear. These yoga pants look incredibly comfortable, and would also not look silly flapping around your ankles! With a thick waist band and a flattering cut, I’m sure they would suit many women. 


Long Tall Sally Yoga Pants

GAP are well known for their active wear and relaxed clothes, that are well made from good quality fabrics. I bought the majority of my maternity clothes from GAP, and they saw me through two pregnancies and lots of washing. Their clothes are very reasonably priced, and if you sign up for their newsletter you will be offered continuous discounts. The raglan jumper and capri style pants I liked would be perfect for the in between weather of Autumn and Spring.


GAP Raglan Jumper



Sunwashed Capris

My favourite piece found for my lounging wardrobe was the Wellicious Bellini Cover Up. Available in two colours -neutral and grey – it is made from the naturally renewing fibre, Tencel. Remember the Tencel jeans of the 90’s? It’s super soft and light weight, perfect for relaxing at home or covering up on the way to yoga class.


Wellicious Bellini Cover Up

I certainly would have felt a lot more comfortable (and stylish) wearing these items around my hospital room and house over the past few weeks. If you’re unlike me, and able to plan your lounging, be sure to check out some of the above links. You never know what other gems you might find!

What are your favourite lounging around items? Do you get excited about buying new pyjamas to suit the upcoming season?


2 thoughts on “Lounging in Style

  1. I really like Lorna Jane flash dance pants – they are so comfortable (like trackies) but heaps more stylish. Though to be honest, I am short, not sure how they will go on someone who is clearly much taller than me! Definitely worth checking out though. Love that cardi too!

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