My Unearthed Style, One Outfit at a Time


Esme Split Back Shirt (Forever New) – Jersey Stripe Maxi Skirt (Forever New) – White T-shirt (Big W) – Leaf Brooch (Elk) – Ballet Flats (Target) – Ring (Swarovski)

On Saturday, I shared two new outfits that I was given as my Mother’s Day present. Both are different from my usual ‘style’, and are very welcome additions to my wardrobe. When starting my wardrobe re-design, my aim was to try on things I would normally shy away from.  

I wore this outfit to a casual lunch. It was comfortable, and I felt great (despite a respiratory infection – the second half of this year is going to score an A+ in the health stakes, I’m sure!). One of the beauties of this outfit is that it can be styled in multiple ways, just by changing shoes and accessories. I debated whether to wear boots, but took advantage of the warmer weather and added ballet flats to inject a burst of bright colour. The cute wooden leaf brooch from Elk continued the red theme in a subtle way on the top half of the outfit.

One of the things I love about this outfit is that it is very versatile, a trait that I want for the clothes I now choose to add to my wardrobe. The sleeves on the shirt can be worn rolled up, or down. The shirt itself can be worn open or closed. Adding colour to the outfit with accessories can change the outfit easily, and as cheaply as you want to. Long necklaces, chunky rings, a pair of statement earrings or an interesting brooch will inject more of your personality into the look. I am looking forward to playing around with accessories like scarves and jewellery, to see just where I can take this outfit. 

How do you accessorise your outfits? Do you have favourites that come out to play? What would you add to this outfit to make it your own?


7 thoughts on “My Unearthed Style, One Outfit at a Time

  1. Wow, such a great outfit! You look lovely!! I love scarves too … And necklaces, and rings and earrings!! Anything that makes the outfit interesting.

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