Your Style Uniform

Do you have a style uniform? A style uniform would be defined as an outfit made from signature pieces that you wear to death – your go-to, safe items that never fail to make you feel great. How can you shake your uniform up a little bit, and update your look, while still staying within your comfort zone? For me, this uniform consists of jeans, a blazer and ballet flats. Comfortable, smart casual, and safe. I have never been a risky dresser, so these items have always suited me down to the ground.

Having a play on Polyvore this evening, I created this look.


I was going out on the weekend, something similar to this is what I would choose to wear. Dark denim skinny jeans, a black blazer, black ballet flats, and a top with some colour. Simple, unassuming, and very me (especially pre-wardrobe re-design!). Very safe. Possibly boring, depending upon semantics. 

I decided to experiment with the outfit, still using a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black blazer, although finding on with a cut that is a little more playful. The top remained the same, and I added blue accessories to tie the look together. Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are an item I have lusted after for a long time. While I don’t own one, I will one day! I loved the pop of colour the bag brought to the outfit. Patent blue ballet flats with black trim, a belt with gold hardware to match the bag, and a gorgeous silk scarf completed the look. The varying shades of blue complimented each other, and pulled the pieces together.


This look could be styled further with gold jewellery (to match the hardware on the bag and belt) – a cocktail ring, pair of statement earrings, or a chunky watch. I am a pretty conservative dresser, and prefer to heed Coco Chanel’s advice – take something off before you leave the house – so most of the jewellery would probably be omitted if I was to really dress in this outfit. 

By creating little mood boards on Polyvore, you can find items like the ones in your wardrobe and see what they look like when styled with different tops, shoes and accessories. I have found a variety of these on Pinterest, and intend to base my shopping list on the outfits I like. This will ensure that the pieces I buy work together, and I end up with a cohesive wardrobe rather than the mish-mash I am currently working towards relegating. Check out my Pinterest page to see my inspiration!

Do you have a style uniform? What does it look like? How do you mix it up a bit?



One thought on “Your Style Uniform

  1. In summer – Cotton On singlet, light weight pants, scarf & flat sandals. Winter gets a bit more of a mix up, simply because there are a few more options but it mostly jeans and a jacket or a tunic and tights and boots. I tend to go with one stand out item – like my silver glitter points or chunky necklace or boots with some interesting hardware. Hard though isn’t it? I want to go with what I know works but that does mean I miss out on other options too! I hope you get that bag – it is devine!!

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