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Do you work in a corporate environment? Do you have a more laid back work place? Do you live in fear that your trousers will get covered in paint, like me, or do you get to work from home and force yourself out of pyjamas?

While planning my future career at high school and university, I decided that I wanted to work somewhere that would allow me to wear a suit. The crisp shirt, structured pants and skirts appealed to me. I wanted to look polished, put together, and grown up.  I went for my first full time job interview dressed in a bad suit. A bad, brown suit. It was bought in a half price sale, and the pants were long enough, therefore meeting my criteria! While the outfit didn’t make an impact, I did land the job. I haven’t worn the suit since. My first two office jobs were in smart/casual environments, sadly with no call for suits. When I retrained as a teacher, I knew that that the only suit I would likely wear would be to job interviews. I still like to dress up and look professional – a blazer here, a scarf there. Flat shoes are a must, along fabrics that can wash easily and clothes that are not too expensive. Work wear does not need to be boring, or ugly. 

I have put together some work wear looks to suit a variety of work places. They range from structured and polished, to smart casual. I chose to look for classic hues, with some pops of on-trend colours. I like clothes that can be adapted for the weekend, too. A versatile wardrobe is a must!


The first is a classic, crisp white collared shirt and a black pencil skirt. I chose a skirt with a little more personality – it has a Peter Pan collar and interesting detail on the body. I love wearing a pencil skirt, especially with heels. It makes me feel polished and just a little bit like Joan from Mad Men. Colour comes to this outfit in the form of a silk scarf and sexy, studded bag. Black pumps complete the outfit. While they would not be suitable for playground duty, they would be at home in an office. 


This outfit is not quite as dressy as the first, but could be worn in a variety of work places. Shades of navy and white compliment each other, and can be seen in the shoe, blazer and top. Peplums are everywhere at the moment. I have yet to experiment with them, but I liked the print on this particular top. The peplum is said to be universally flattering, so I may have to try one on. Rolling the sleeves on the blazer would show off the gorgeous rose gold Fossil watch, which is matched with the hoop style earrings. 


A shirt dress is a great choice for casual Friday in the office, or a warm summer day in the classroom. I loved this belted style, which nips in the waist for a flattering look. I paired it with wedges, and some playful turquoise earrings. The cross body bag finishes off the look. If you require a larger bag for work, there are plenty of options in neutral tones.


The final look is my favourite, and definitely one I could see myself wearing. Emerald green is one of my favourite colours, as it compliments my skin tone and eyes. I liked the cross over detail of this top – it definitely makes it more interesting. Paired with timeless black pants, and comfortable shoes, it is definitely an outfit for someone on the go. The black tuxedo jacket would help it transition to the cooler weather, and the chunky black bangle is a simple accessory that adds a bit of attitude. I loved the shades of green featured in the clutch.

While planning my wardrobe re-design I am keeping in mind work wear, and enjoyed gaining a little inspiration. My shopping spree is fast approaching, and I am looking forward to sharing my purchases with you!

What do you wear to work? Do you have looks or brands that you favour? Does your office have a dress code?


7 thoughts on “Work Horse Work Wear

  1. I love the shoes in the picture combo with the dress – nude and turqouise wedges, divine. I think part of dressing for work is making yourself seem approachable to parents as well, depending on the demographic of the area. Finding that line between professional and practical.

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  4. I love your style, Sarah. Maybe it’s because it’s very similar to mine. 🙂 I can see myself wearing all of those outfits.

  5. I love your style, Sarah. Maybe it’s because it’s very similar to mine. 🙂 I can see myself wearing all of those outfits.

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