A Tidy Wardrobe Equals a Tidy Mind


Sourced from Wardrobe Ideas – Pinterest

The quote above is normally used when speaking about a work desk. In my case, that one has equaled a semi-tidy mind. My wardrobe on the other hand is giving me a bit of a headache. When we inspected our current house prior to purchase, we were excited to discover that the wardrobes had a similar set up to the above picture. We have plenty of room to store clothes, both on hanging racks, in drawers and on shelves. With clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags, scarves and make up, my shelves have become a bit of a mess. I hit Pinterest to find some wardrobe organisation ideas. 



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This would have to be my dream wardrobe. The space! The colour coordination! The shoes! The orange boxes that look suspiciously like they hail from Hermes can’t be too bad either… I like the built in shoe racks and special space for the boots.



Image from Chic Geek

I love the way the shoes are organised in this picture. A few years ago I saw clear shoe boxes with pictures of the pairs of shoes on them. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor inclination to do this, as good as it looks! While I do keep my good pairs in a sea of Diana Ferrari-red boxes, my system involves pulling the lid off and seeing what is inside. I do like the idea from the very first picture, with the shoes lined up on the high shelves.


Image Source

Again, this wardrobe has been fitted out with a specific purpose in mind. I love the space set out for the boots. Mine currently stand in the bottom of the wardrobe, with rolled up magazines inside at an attempt to keep their shape. The best tip I have heard is to use a halved pool noodle to help the boots stand up. I intend to try it very soon, and will let you know how effective it is. I like the way the laundry hamper is integrated into this wardrobe, so it too is hidden from view. 



Image Source

One of my favourite organisational tools is a hanging jewellery organiser, similar to the one above. My Mum bought me one from Target, and it took me a long time to begin using it, but now I’m converted. It fits chunky bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and is so easy to use. It hangs on a coat hanger, and simply pulling it out of the wardrobe allows you to see all your accessories in one hit. I still keep precious pieces tucked away in boxes, but it is so handy for costume jewellery. 



Image Source

One of the most useful things I found while trawling Pinterest was the image above. It helps you organise your wardrobe in a few simple steps. It’s from Apartment Geeks, and if you click the ‘image source’ link you will find some handy organisational tips. It not only helps you organise, but also simplifies your dressing routine in the morning. Shops such as Howard’s Storage World and Ikea have some great wardrobe solutions. 

Once I have re-organised my wardrobe (and linen cupboard, while I’m at it!) I will be sure to come back with a before and after post to share any handy tips I have used.

What is your wardrobe like? Do you need to re-organise, or is everything ship-shape? Do you have any handy hints for me?


2 thoughts on “A Tidy Wardrobe Equals a Tidy Mind

  1. I use wine bottles (empty & washed of course) inside my boots to keep them standing up. Works great. Little tip though, be sure to tell Mr SU why you have wine bottles in your boots, the look on my husbands face when I pulled a bottle out of my boots one morning was priceless! 😉

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