Accessories Unearthed – Superb Scarves

Scarves - Page 001

1. Scarf Arts (etsy) 2. Hermes Silk Twill 3. Witchery Painted Stripe Scarf

4. Oroton Signature Scarf 5. Sussan Garden Floral Scarf  6. Mimco Mayhem Scarf

When I was a little girl, I used to dress up in my Grandma’s clothes and parade down the middle of the lounge room floor to the strains of ‘I’m Too Sexy’ (child of the 90’s, over here!). One thing I never failed to add to my outfit was a scarf. Grandma had a wide variety, and used to love dressing up an outfit with one from her collection. I inherited some of her silk and satin scarves when she passed away, and I love accessorising with them. It makes me feel close to her, and reminds me of the fun we had dressing up.

It’s no secret that scarves are my favourite accessory. The overnight bag and small box that live in my wardrobe attest to that! The main buzz word I’ve been using on my blog is versatile. Perhaps this is why I like scarves so much – they come in a huge range of colours, designs and styles, that you can tie in 1001 different ways. I love the way that adding a scarf to an outfit makes me feel put together, and brings a pop of colour to a plain look.

The scarves in the mood board above are from a variety of online stores, including etsy. With the exception of the splashes of colour in the middle, the neutral and pink colour palette appears to be calling to me today. My birthday is coming up next month, and I think I will have to purchase the Scarf Art offering from etsy (top left) – it’s beautiful!

One of the biggest questions surrounding scarves is – how do you tie it? Hermes (top middle scarf) are possibly the most famous scarf designers in the world. Along with their handcrafted handbags, they create beautiful, colourful accessories. With every scarf purchase, they provide a knotting card, teaching you a variety of ways to wear your new purchase. If you’re keen to experiment with your own neck wear you can find some knotting card examples here. The scarves can be worn at the neck, on the head, and even as a top. The possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to have a silk scarf to tie it in different ways. The scarf masters at have designed a quick scarf tying reference guide, teaching you 40 new ways to display your favourite accessory.

How to tie a scarf

Image Source

Are you ready to accept a challenge? I am going to try and perfect one new scarf tie per week, to further change up my look and avoid getting stuck in a rut. I love the look of the bow – very Joan from Mad Men!  Which scarf tie will you try first? Keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with Style Unearthed’s photos. If you decide to take up the challenge, hashtag your photo with #StyleUnearthedScarf so they can be found. Happy knotting!

Do you own many scarves? What are your favourite ways to wear them? Will you take me up on my challenge?


2 thoughts on “Accessories Unearthed – Superb Scarves

  1. I LOVE scarves Sarah – I’m with you on the point you made about them making you feel put together. Always a pretty outfit addition I think 🙂 I’ll have to master some new ways to tie them now. Thanks for the photo example! X

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