I Like to Move It, Move It!


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In the past few years, I have grown fond of exercise. I contemplated using the word love, but the truth is I often have to drag myself into the gym.  Once I became a Mum, exercise was my means of escaping the four walls of my house. I would push the pram around the block, gradually building up strength and getting faster each day. Last year, I joined a gym. I really enjoy my ‘me time’ a few days a week, even if it’s only for 40 minutes at a time. Beating my previous best time, or calorie burn, or lifting heavier weights makes me proud. I love the endorphins that course through my body post-workout. I am by no means this enthusiastic about exercise all the time! I am finally heading back to the gym tomorrow for the first time since my surgery, and I am honestly looking forward to it. Harnessing my exercise inspiration, I decided to find some new active wear. While I normally exercise in a t-shirt or plain singlet and my gym tights, putting on a cute top and some fitted pants definitely makes the elliptical trainer more bearable!

The first mood board features pieces made for exercise like running or gym work. The fabrics are designed to breath, wick sweat, and most of all to let you complete your workout in comfort. All pieces are available online.

Activewear - Page 001

1. Cotton On Body Action Tank (on sale for $5!) 2. Bonds Active cap sleeve tee 3. Lorna Jane Excel Tank

4. Target Full Length Tights 5. Lorna Jane Excel Top 6. Lorna Jane Studio Active Pant

When I’m work out in the gym (especially when using machines) I make sure that I wear close fitting clothing. This means I’m less likely to get tangled and subsequently injured. Fabric that helps to keep you cool is a wonderful option, as are compression tights and tops to protect your muscles. I often wear a long sleeved top or light jacket that I can wear before and after my exercise session to keep me warm.

Activewear - Page 002

1. Running Bare Long Sleeved Tee 2. Wellicious Nice Tank Top 3. Running Bare Star Tee

4. Long Tall Sally Yoga Pant 5. Nike Epic Crew top 6. Target Raspberry Skinny Leg Trackies

Yoga and walking are two of my favourite work outs. The above options would be perfect for both. Comfort is key, and these pants and tops would definitely provide that. They are loose enough to wear while performing yoga or pilates poses and light enough to walk in without getting too warm. Many brands are branching out into yoga wear, so there is a lot of choice. Wellicious from the UK features a wide range of active wear suited to gentle workouts, and they’re ethical to boot.

Mylo-Dee top


Have you ever wished that you could mix and match certain aspects of you activewear? Perhaps you can never find a colour, style or fit that you’re happy with. Enter mylo-dee. This brand has just come on my radar, and I’m excited. ‘Create your own’ shops have been popping up, and you can now have input into the colours and fabric of anything from shoes to bags. Now your gym gear can be personalised to match your personality. Giving you a choice of fabric and a wide range of colour, mylo-dee products are stitched in Australia from high quality French fabric. Have a play on their website – the possibilities are endless!

What do you wear to workout? Do you have favourite brands? What is your favourite way to exercise?


5 thoughts on “I Like to Move It, Move It!

  1. I will admit, I do love lorna jane! I have tights, crops, singlets, socks, hoodies etc but it’s all getting really old so I may have to invest in a few new pieces soon 🙂

  2. I love Nike and Lululemon for running. Not cheap but comfortable and lasts … I get good cost per wear so in the end that is all that matters. For gym or boxing though I will sometimes wear singlets from Cotton On and even Kmart.

    • Lululemon has some gorgeous stuff! I think comfort and quality has to win out with things like this – they get washed so often that you want them to wear well. I’m actually very surprised the with Cotton On Body pants and singlet that I bought. I’ve had them for over six months and they still look great. Cost per wear is an awesome excuse 😉

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