Dressing for Your Shape – Hourglass

Hourglass body shape

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An hourglass body shape, with a larger bust, small waist and curvy hips can be lots of fun to dress. Like all body shapes, it can also be a right royal pain! According to the Westfield Body Calculator, I have an hourglass shape. I am slightly dubious about this – while I have the waist and hips, I most definitely do not have the boobs! I suppose two out of three attributes ain’t bad. There are many suggestions about how to dress certain body types, so I have decided to start a little series unearthing styles suited to a different body type each week.

Tips for dressing an hourglass figure:

  • Dress like Joan – 1950 and 1960’s fashion can thankfully be a go to for those with an hourglass figure, and Mad Men has brought a resurgence of this particular look. Pencil skirts, high waisted everything, and fitted tops suit a curvy figure. You can play up your curves, all while hiding lumps and bumps. 
  • Wear fine accessories – chunky belts never fail to accentuate my hips, however a small belt at the waist can break up an outfit. It also highlights a small waist.
  • Balance it out – try a pair of higher waisted pants with wide legs will play down thighs and bottom, if you’re not a fan of these parts. They accentuate the curve from the hip, which will balance your shape. Try them in a dark colour for work, and white or cream for play.
  • Try something new – draping or the ever popular peplum will accentuate curves, while hiding areas like your tummy (if you want to disguise it). Perfect for a dinner date!

I had a play on Polyvore, and put together a variety of outfits for different occasions that would flatter an hourglass figure. Will you join me in stepping out of your comfort zone and try something new?



Monochrome is a very popular look at the moment. Try mixing black, white and a bit of silver or gold. I loved the skinny black belt and black and white striped shoes. The belt on the dress will play up a small waist.

Hourglass Pencil Skirts


The ever popular pencil skirt. I can’t choose my favourite – the leather is very on-trend this Winter, but I love the detail on the blue skirt, and the ombre look of the green.

Hourglass DressesThese dresses all feature belts which highlight the waist. Wrap dresses especially are fantastic for hourglass figures. Diane  von Furstenberg makes gorgeous dresses, and I promise myself that I will own one, one day! The pale blue dress above would be perfect for Spring, with some nude wedge peep toe shoes.

Hourglass Casual


Last but not least, the ‘me’ look – casual with flat shoes. While dressing up is fun, it’s not always practical. Being a mum and a teacher, I favour flat shoes. Jeans are comfortable, and skinnies suit so many body types. I loved the grey ones on the right. The blue top is quite drapey which may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like larger tops this season, especially when paired with skinny jeans.

I hope you have found some inspiration from the first post in this series. I will be back next Saturday with the next installment.

Do you know your body shape? Do you dress by the body shape ‘rules’? Which shape would you like me to cover next?

* All outfits created using Polyvore. You can follow me here.


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