Favourites Unearthed – Five Fashionable Apps

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I bought my first mobile phone when I was 17. My casual job as a checkout chick kept me in phone credit, and I loved the endless text message conversations I had with friends. I eventually graduated to a phone with a futuristic coloured screen and polyphonic ringtones (remember when they were the big thing?), a flip phone, and then my beloved BlackBerries. Last year, I finally made the leap to the smartphone (my phone of choice is the iPhone), and I have never looked back. Sometimes being connected all the time can be a problem – it can be hard to switch off. However, being able to find out information at a whim, connect with friends at any time, and have a still and video camera in my pocket can be all kinds of wonderful.

One of the things I love most about having a smart phone are the range of apps available. Games, social media, sports, books and magazines – the opportunities are virtually endless. One category I have started to explore since my wardrobe re-design is fashion. There are so many fashion apps out there, some I have recently discovered and others I have been using for a while. I thought I would share five of my favourites with you.



Did you ever watch the movie Clueless and wish that you had Cher’s closet? Now you can have it. On your phone! Stylebook will let you photograph all of your clothes, and will organise them into categories. You can put outfits together to see how they would look, and even create packing lists if you’re preparing to travel. It is also wonderful to have on hand when you’re shopping. It will help you remember what you already have in your wardrobe, and whether your new potential purchase will match your existing clothes.


One of my favourite features is the calendar. It will track the outfits that you wear and place them on the calendar for a quick reminder. That way, you won’t double up on outfits if you’re seeing the same people. It’s also handy to make sure you have enough outfits if you’re planning a trip. The app is available from the Apple App Store, and retails for $4.49.



My love affair with Polyvore has been no secret lately. I really enjoy putting together looks easily, and from a range of sources. On the Polyvore app you can easily follow people, and even put together outfits on the go. It’s perfect if you’re waiting for an appointment and have a few minutes to kill. It came into its own yesterday when a reader commented on the Style Unearthed Facebook page and asked where a certain dress on an inspiration board came from. I was able to look it up while I was in the middle of a shopping centre and answer her. The instantaneous nature is fantastic. The Polyvore app is free.



Pose  is like Instagram for fashionistas. You can take pictures of your favourite outfits, and upload them to share with friends and followers. Bloggers, celebrities and other fashion types post their outfits, and can be followed for inspiration. If you find a new favourite outfit, handbag or pair of shoes they can be grouped together into specific collections of your choosing. The Pose app is free from the Apple App Store.



This app is an extension of the website by the same name. It lets you stay up to date with the latest fashion news, red carpet events, and style videos. It has been created by Conde Nast, publishers of Vogue, so you can rest assured that their fingers are on the fashion pulse and you will be kept up to date with all the latest news. Style.com is a free app.



Another fun app where you can follow all your favourite designers and brands, to keep up to date with all their latest products and new designs. Find the people that inspire your wardrobe (including your friends). It will even give you tips about how to wear different looks.


One of my favourite parts of this app is that it tells you the price of various garments, and links directly to an online store where it can be purchased. No waiting around to find a computer, or even trawling the shopping centre. Up to the minute shopping, right in the palm of your hand! Trendabl is another free app.

The above apps are all available from the Apple App Store. I am not sure if they are available on Android platforms, but a quick search would give you the answer. Have fun playing with a new, or rediscovered app!

Which apps are must haves on your phone? Do you have any favourite fashion apps?



2 thoughts on “Favourites Unearthed – Five Fashionable Apps

  1. I haven’t downloaded very many apps and no style/fashion apps but I am definitely going to download Stylebook – I always wanted that wardrobe in Clueless!! Thanks for sharing.

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