My Style Evolution


How has your style evolved over the years? My 29th birthday is fast approaching, and I thought I would take a look at my ‘style’ journey. I’ve been through many phases, the most notable (and longest running) surfer/skater girl stage which was inspired by beach holidays, body boarding and Chick magazine. Please join me while I raid my photo albums…

The above photo was taken when I was around seven years old, at an age when it must have been acceptable to dress in a matching outfit as your pet! My beloved Katy dog started a love for all things Dalmatian and spotty, but thankfully I no longer dress like a Cruella DeVil clone.


Remember the bike pant phase of the 90’s? I do (as you can see!). They mostly came in psychedelic prints, or fluro lycra. My skinny little legs and knobbly knees never filled them out, so they always looked like unfortunate baggy shorts. Our round the world trip photos are full of me in various oversized t-shirt and short combos, just like this one. If only I had been sporting matching Minnie Mouse ears to complete my ensemble!


At least at 14 I didn’t dress in matching spots, instead deciding to compliment Rosie’s coat with some stripes! I had always wanted overalls, but could never find any long enough as a kid (sensing a pattern of things to come, here?). This was my first ever pair and I wore them to death.


The curse of the school formal dress. The big thing in Sydney was to go to the formal store ‘Harts’ and choose a dress. This particular trip was fruitless, and my dress was found at the very hip (said with my tongue firmly in my cheek) Noni B. Despite looking like a shop for the more mature woman, they did have a nice range of formal wear. Having the largest cohort of students to ever attend my high school meant several double ups of formal gowns, including mine. Despite that particular faux pax, I did feel very grown up with beautiful antique jewellery that I still own. The dress is in my cupboard, and I was thrilled to try it on a few months ago and find it was too big!


By my year 12 formal I had gone blonde, and wore a black two piece outfit. Very plain, and understated. Looking back, I wish I had been more confident to step outside the box and have some fun with colour and shape.


This look was my uniform for my university years. During my first six months of uni I didn’t have my licence, so had to catch two trains and walked a couple of kilometres. This meant that comfort was key. I loved surf and skate brands, and lived in my jeans. When I started wearing these brands as a child, they didn’t have girl’s ranges. Thankfully, that has now changed and surf and skate shops offer some great clothes and shoes, especially cute summer dresses, warm coats and casual sandals. While I don’t wear it head to toe anymore, there are still some key pieces in my wardrobe.

Whale Watch Cruise

This picture really describes my style prior to the wardrobe re-design. Tops of some description and shorts or jeans. Nothing adventurous, always purchasing from the same chain stores, and buying things because they looked kind of okay instead of great. We were a young married couple with a mortgage and not a lot of spare money for clothes, and while now we’re a young family in the same situation, I have become a lot more discerning about what I buy.

Races outfit

My wardrobe re-design started with this dress. It’s the first item of clothing that I bought in a smaller size. I have worn it several times, and have been given compliments which is lovely. I’m looking forward to getting plenty of use out of it this Summer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed joining me on my walk down my fashion memory lane – thanks for indulging me!

How has your style changed over the years? Did you have any distinct phases?


6 thoughts on “My Style Evolution

  1. If I looked back through the photos, I suspect I would have a very similar type style evolution. I absolutely loved my formal dress. Harts was a popular choice in Brisbane too but I got mine from another shop which did mean I was the only one wearing it. My most distinct phase – grunge. It lasted quite awhile much to Mum’s dismay!! PS. Love the pictures with your dog, very cute!!

  2. Oh I remember all of those photos Sarah 🙂 and that last one with the black and white frock – you look gorgeous!

    You’ve inspired me to have a rummage through old photos too!

    Lots of love,

  3. I bought the last dress just before I had baby #2. I couldn’t pinpoint where I saw it originally until I looked at your FB profile pic. My goal is to fit into my normal size before Christmas.


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