Classroom Smart Casual Chic


What is your work wear style? We’ve had a look at work wear inspiration before here, but I thought I would put together some looks that suit a smart-casual environment, like the classroom. The above outfit is what I wore during an excursion (or field trip, for my US readers) this week. I only wear jeans to school on casual days, but know others who wear them all the time. With dark skinnies, a Breton stripe, blazer and some loafers, my aim was to look casual, with a professional edge. Loafers are the perfect shoe for me when I’m going to be on my feet a lot. This pair from the Diana Ferrari Supersoft range are nearly five years old, but they still look great and possess slipper-like comfort. You can find a similar pair here.

Dressing for the classroom can be problematic. I find that while I want to present myself as professional, I don’t want to wear clothes that are too ‘good’ and might end up with paint or other spills on them. Sensible footwear also needs to be considered – heels and playground duty don’t mix, unless you want to aerate the oval! Jewellery is another thing to consider – dangly earrings can be a safety hazard, as can big necklaces.

I have put together a few collections to inspire your classroom or smart casual work wardrobe. They are all designed to work as layered outfits, with pieces that can be added and removed at your discretion.

Pink and Black Teacher Outfit

The first outfit features the colours of pink and black. The button down can be worn with or without the sweater. The pink necklace, shoes and stripes on the bag add a pop of colour. Pink shoes can be changed out for black if you want to be more formal. I love slim fitting pants, and black is a great colour for the classroom, as it does not show as much dirt. A teacher or worker travelling to work needs a large bag, in order to tote their marking, lunch, or latest reading material. This bag would be suitable for both work, and weekend play.

Cream and Green Teacher Outfit

This is the most casual look of the three, and may be best reserved for Casual Friday. The short sleeved pea cot adds a pop of colour, and could be worn with a short or long sleeved tee underneath. The patterned pants are fun, and on trend. I love the simple green ballet flats, and the jewelled head band. No one can go wrong with a bit of bling! Again, an oversized bag allows you to bring all your bits and bobs between school and home. It can be worn over the shoulder, or across the body for extra support.

Navy and Neutral teacher outfit

This is by far the dressiest outfit, which I would choose to wear for a formal assembly or possibly a parent/teacher interview. I love the structure of the dress, which can be worn with or without the blazer, depending on the occasion. The sleeves of the blazer could be folded back or pushed up the arm to show off a casual stack of bangles. I have always found wedges the best choice of heel for school – no worry about sinking into mud, with that extra level of support. The neutral colour allows the dress to take centre stage. The buttery soft tote compliments the shoes.

One of the best things about dressing up for school is when your students tell you that you’re beautiful – I’m sure it stops past grade two! Definitely a work place perk.

What do you wear to work? Which outfit is your favourite? Do you accessorise for the workplace?


6 thoughts on “Classroom Smart Casual Chic

  1. No it doesn’t stop in Year 2, I have Year 5 and 6 regularly compliment me. Your school must be dressier than ours. Friday is sport day and we have a staff tracksuit to wear as our uniform.

  2. Thankfully I am not a teacher and don’t really need to worry about children with sticky fingers. I tend to dress what I call casual corporate. I did the whole corporate suit thing and got over it but as much as I try jeans are pushing the limit just a bit too much. As usual, love your suggestions.

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