Home Unearthed – Porch and Entryway

Porch with dark doorImage Source

Neutral. If I was asked for one word to describe our home, this would be it. Like my wardrobe of old, my home decor is plain and dare I say it, a little boring. Our furniture is chocolate brown, bought from chain stores and now looking a little tired. Not wanting to replace things while the children are little, I am going to accessorise, disguise and detract! Our walls are the ever popular Antique White USA and Hog’s Bristle. A master piece waiting to happen!

We have lived in our current home for just over two years. It’s our forever home, and we love it’s high ceilings, huge backyard and masses of potential. The previous owners were not afraid of colour – reds, blues and greens adorned the walls. We restored it to a neutral colour palette before we moved in, which has left me with a blank canvas.

Like my wardrobe, I prefer a more classic look around the home. French country with a modern twist would be the best description of my style. Now that my wardrobe re-design is almost complete (for Winter, any how), I have decided to focus on the look of our home. The to-do list is quite lengthy so to begin with I have decided to focus on the entry way, and the lounge room.

The Porch

Our front door is covered by a car port, making the area quite dark. I have been thinking of ways to brighten up our entry way, and didn’t think any plants would grow there. Enter my lovely green-thumbed friend and neighbour who informed me that there are plants that thrive in full shade. Who would have thought? According to my research agapanthus are some of these plants, which is lucky as I love them (despite what anyone might say about their status as an unfashionable plant). Some pots and greenery will definitely make the space more easy on the eye. The other feature that I am excited about is a coloured front door. A few months ago our dog escaped and ripped our front door to shreds during a storm. It has still been secure, but looks awful. A new door, painted in a bright hue, will brighten up the area very quickly. I am thinking either yellow or blue, framed by white or the existing timber. A nice door mat might also be on the agenda.

Pale yellow front door

Image Source


Image Source

Bright yellow front door

Image Source

I’m looking forward to venturing to Masters on the weekend to check out their selection of doors, and to pick up some paint colour charts.

The Entry Way

Our front door opens onto a long hallway, with a living area, bedrooms and bathroom on the upper level, and the other living areas and kitchen on a lower level. Currently, the only points of interest are a few family photos. I love the look of the batten attached to the walls, with a small seat and hooks for coats but I’m sure this would end up as a dumping ground in our house! While surfing Pinterest I have found what I think is a good compromise – a console table with baskets below, and some hooks hanging above for keys and things.

Hall Table

Image Source

Hall table white

Image Source

Hall table curved

Image Source

I have found these simple tables from Ikea, which could be painted or stained to suit the look that I want. I do plan on having a poke around a few thrift shops to see if they have any cheaper offerings that can be cleaned up with a little bit of love.

Ikea console pine

Image Source

Ikea console white

Image Source

I am looking forward to decorating the table, and have my eye on a beautiful pink enamel jug I found a while ago at Bed Bath and Table. For some incredibly odd reason, they don’t seem to have a website, so I will have to venture in store to take a photo of the jug. What a shame. I could spend hours in that shop – so many gorgeous bits and pieces. A few more interesting things (pictured below) were found at Hard To Find. Hard To Find is an Australian website I first discovered thanks to their gorgeous little catalogues placed inside various magazines. They have homewares, clothes and the perfect gift for any occasion. I haven’t ordered anything from there yet, so can’t comment on the service, but I know that is going to change very soon.

Key sparrow

I have fallen in love with this gorgeous little bird, and at less than $20 he is a bargain! He also comes in black. I think my keys will be very happy here, and I will never need to search for them on the kitchen bench again.


The interesting shape drew me to this tree. I like the bare branches, and the silhouette. It also would be quite unlikely to break if a certain little someone knocked it on the ground.


While I adore this vase, I don’t think it will be coming to live at my house any time soon. I would be too afraid it would get smashed! I have a gorgeous Murano glass vase my parents brought me back from their trip to Italy, and it currently lives on the top of my bookshelf, away from inquisitive hands. I love the colour of the vase, and it’s a bargain at $50.

So, this marks the start of my home re-design. I hope you will enjoy following the journey. I will still be posting lots of fashion and beauty content, but wanted to reflect what else is happening in my life and explain why the clothes purchases have slowed down. Here’s to unearthing my home style!

Does your home have a particular style? Would you consider a coloured front door? What is your favourite decorating feature?



4 thoughts on “Home Unearthed – Porch and Entryway

  1. I posted a comment earlier and in some genius move I have managed to make it disappear. So just assume it was awesome, insightful and very well written!! ha ha. I was saying … I like the paler yellow front door against the white and grey. It looks so fresh and inviting. Check out the Hi Sugarplum! blog, there is so info about a site you can upload photos of your place and then paint walls/doors/ceilings – whatever you like to see how it will look in real life!

  2. Some great ideas there Sarah! My front door is red. Yep. So everyone from my kids school know where we live. They just say…oh she lives on that street with that red door! Sure is bright! 😉

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