Afternoon Delight – Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls



Domestic goddess I am not, but last weekend (and every day since, thanks Sydney!) has been rainy, and this called for comfort food. Both my kids are dairy free, due to a cow’s milk protein allergy, so require special cheese. We had purchased a new block the day before, so I took the opportunity to make them a special treat I had been talking about for ages – cheese and Vegemite scrolls. Luckily, both small ones are a fan of Vegemite, but have never known the Australian right of passage that is cheese and Vegemite together. It was a staple sandwich filling for me as a child, occasionally with lettuce thrown in for good measure (thanks, Dad!). These were incredibly easy to make, and even the biggest small one leant a hand.


I cheated and used some store-bought puff pastry from the freezer. Short crust is easy enough to make, but I have never tried my hand at puff. This one browns and crisps nicely. Doesn’t everything taste better surrounded by golden, flaky pastry?


We used Notzarella cheese for our scrolls. It is a vegan cheese (no animal products) and melts very well. We also use the Cheezly brand more regularly, as it is easier for us to source locally. Since finding this cheese it has been so nice – even though it is not the same as dairy based cheese it still makes pizzas and lasagnes a lot more delicious.


We defrosted the pastry, then spread the Vegemite on. Someone was a little heavy handed! Cheese was grated, sprinkled, and then we rolled the pastry pieces into scroll-like shapes.


Being dairy free also means using rice milk. We used a pastry brush to spread a little milk onto the scrolls to help the pastry stick (and because the eldest kidlet had seen them do this on Playschool).


Once the were ready, we popped them in the oven set to around 180 degrees. I cooked them for about 15-20 minutes, when they had browned and the cheese was nicely melted.

They may not have been the prettiest afternoon tea in the world, but they were salty, crispy and warm. We will definitely be making them again!

Do you have a go-to afternoon snack? What new recipe have you tried lately? Do you like Vegemite?


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