Guest Posting – My Mummy Daze

Be My Guest Sarah

Today I’m posting over at my friend Fi’s popular blog My Mummy Daze. Fi and I have been friends since birth – our Mums have been best friends since primary school. It was an honour to be asked to write a guest post for her. Writing a letter to my former self was tricky – so many things to say! It was an interesting exercise that I am sure I will repeat in the future. It’s nice to look back and take a trip down memory lane. I chose to write about something that is close to my heart – my journey to health.

You can see the post here. I hope you enjoy it!

What would you say to your former self? Any words of wisdom?

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Home Unearthed – Entryway Make Over


Have you all had a great weekend? Mine started on Friday, with my birthday. I was spoilt rotten, had a lovely day with Mum and my small ones, and then dinner with my family. The day contained a trip to Ikea, where I picked up my birthday present from my Mum and Dad. I have been planning a make over for our porch and entryway so I was really excited to pick up some bits and pieces. Little did I know how much I would actually find!

Ikea console pine

Rekarne Console Table – $149

I spotted the Rekarne Console Table on the Ikea website a few weeks ago, and really liked the shape and functionality. The shelf at the bottom means I can pop some baskets on there to hold various bits and pieces, or use it to store my handbag. The fact that it is made of pine and untreated meant that I could customise it to my tastes. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about whether to stain or paint, and because I want to paint the front door (and this sits right next to it), I decided on a stain. The rest of our furniture is very dark, and when we eventually replace it we would like to have lighter colours to reflect our changed tastes.

Having never stained furniture before I was a bit unsure as to what to do. Chatting to the paint sales person at my local hardware was a good start, and I asked for something that was as easy as possible to use. So many stains required multiple coats, and I knew I wouldn’t have time for that as I was starting on a Sunday and I work at the start of the week. I chose a Cabot’s Stain and Varnish as it required only one coat and had a built in sealant.


After pulling everything out of the box, I gave the timber a light sand. It didn’t have any previous coating on it, but it let me rough the timber up a little bit. I made sure to brush off the dust off prior to staining so it didn’t get stuck on.


I was expecting the usual Ikea Allen key to assemble to table, but had to use a Phillip’s head screw driver. It was really easy to put together, and I only made one little mistake that was easily fixed. Is it just me, or do you feel clever when you put together furniture? I made sure I assembled it on a tarp, as the concrete in our car port would have scratched the timber. The instructions suggested using the box, which would have been okay if it wasn’t turned into a canvas for my kids!


This is the before staining shot. It would be absolutely fine left this colour. I was also tempted to go with a Baltic pine look or a white wash, but it would have been too far removed from our current furniture. In the end, I went with the shade ‘Manuka’ in a satin finish. Just one coat did the trick, and it is now a beautiful honey colour with a slight shine. The brush I used was quite large, which was great for the legs, table top and shelf. Next time I would invest in a smaller brush as well, to make sure I could get in all the nooks and crannies. It would also make painting the sides easier, as it would stop the brush going over to parts I had already painted. The stain was touch dry in about 30 minutes, and was ready for a second coat after two hours. As I gave it only one coat I moved it inside and will let it dry before permanently placing decorations on it.


I have been looking for a large wall clock or mirror for this space for a while. This one caught my eye straight away. It also came in black and white, with a white face and regular numerals. I loved the pistachio green, and it gives a little pop of colour. Finding this lantern to match was a bonus as well!


The colour is a little lighter in real life. A candle can be placed inside, but I think I will just keep it purely for decoration. It was available in a couple of different colours, and a bargain at $10.


Another item on my must purchase list was an enamel jug. I had seen some in gorgeous colours, but found this white one and decided to brighten it up with some flowers. The fact that I can change what I place in there and can easily alter the look. My Nana gave me two beautiful timber bowls for my birthday, so I’m planning to place one on the table to hold our keys. I’m looking forward to not searching for them each morning! One or two framed family photos, and I think our new-look entryway will be complete! Next step is a new front door, screen door and a few pots for the porch. Stay tuned!

Have you done any make overs in your home lately? Picked up any homewares bargains?

Dressing for Your Shape – Athletic

 Athletic Shape

Image Source

Welcome to the latest instalment in the Style Unearthed ‘How to Dress for Your Shape’ series. We have previously looked at how to dress the hourglass figure and the pear shape. An athletic (or rectangle) figure can sometimes be difficult to dress. Certain cuts don’t fit properly, and women can often not feel feminine. The athletic shape is usually defined by little to no curves at the waist, toned legs and arms, and shoulders that are the same width as the hips. Athletic figures generally have a small bust, with broader shoulders and strong thighs. While a body calculator told me I was an hourglass shape, many hallmarks of the athletic figure also ring true (especially the broad shoulders, thighs, and bust).

Athletic dresses

The trick to dressing an athletic figure is to create the illusion of curves. You can do this by draping, belting and cinching your clothes. Dresses with short sleeves can show off toned arms, and belting a top or dress can create the illusion of a waist. Not having much of a bust means you can afford to add a little more volume in that area. Sticking to tops and dresses with cap sleeves or thicker straps will balance out your shoulders. Spaghetti straps and strapless styles are best avoided, as they make your shoulders and chest appear even wider.

Athletic Dressing CasualShow off your legs with skinny jeans or leggings, and pair with a tunic style top with more volume to balance your outfit out. You can belt the tunic to create a waist. You could also try a blazer or jacket without shoulder pads, that button at waist with a single closure. Trench coats with a belt are also a great, classic option that you will be able to pull from your cupboard for years to come. Sleeves of a three quarter length will show off your forearms, and can draw attention to a statement watch or bracelet. I love the striped top with the belt below for a more casual look. Don’t worry about horizontal stripes making you look wider – it’s recently been proven that the right type of horizontal stripe will create curves in the right places.

Athletic Green Dress

Try a top or dress with a higher neck, and try to steer clear of plunging necklines or deep v-necks. Asymmetrical necklines are also a good option for those with an athletic figure. Play with ruffles, interesting patterns, ties or other interesting details on tops and dresses. I particularly loved the fresh colour of this dress, and it would be perfect for creating curves. It would work with flat or heeled sandals, for a casual barbecue or upcoming Spring racing carnival.

How do you dress your athletic figure? Which body type would you like to see covered next?

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Happiness Unearthed and Pure Fiji Competition


I am so thrilled to announce the first Style Unearthed competition! I recently launched the Happiness Unearthed photo project, asking people to take a moment out of each day to photograph something that makes them happy and share it on social media under the hash tag #happinessunearthed. Pure Fiji Australia and I would like to see your Happiness Unearthed photos (with a twist!), and they will be giving one of their gorgeous Pure Fiji Beauty Bags to a lucky winner. The bag contains products from their Facial Solutions range, packed in a handy make up bag.

IMG_8344Lucky enough to have a Pure Fiji massage? Get someone to snap a picture and #happinessunearthed!

For the next two weeks, you will have the chance to upload your Happiness Unearthed photo that you would normally share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to the competition tab on Pure Fiji Australia’s Facebook page. We would love to see pictures of the ways that you pamper yourself, or make yourself happy. We would love you to be creative, and feature a Pure Fiji product, their logo or the name if possible. If you just want to post a picture of something that makes you happy, then that’s okay too! At the end of the competition period, the photo with the most ‘likes’ will win! Make sure you share your entry with your friends so they can come and support your photo.

Have fun, be creative, and good luck!

Terms and Conditions

This competition will run from Monday 22 July 2013 to Monday 5 August 2013.

Entries must be shared on Instagram featuring the hash tag #happinessunearthed, and then uploaded to the Pure Fiji Australia Facebook page under the competition tab to be eligible to win. You can follow Style Unearthed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photos must be your original picture. Any photos that contain beauty products from other brands or explicit content will be disqualified and removed from the page. Please keep entries G rated.

For full terms and conditions please visit the Pure Fiji Australia Facebook page.

Beauty Unearthed – The Inner Beauty of Pure Fiji


Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Pure Fiji Australia head quarters, and finally meet Sophia, PR and Social Media Manager of Pure Fiji. We have been chatting since April when I first reviewed their fabulous sugar rub and it was lovely to have a proper face-to-face conversation. She told me more about the company – how it was created, and their social responsibilities in Fiji. They are certainly a company that focuses as much on inner beauty, as outer.


The offices, warehouse and showroom are a relatively new acquisition for Pure Fiji Australia. Since Sophia and her husband took over the distribution of the products in Australia five years ago, they had been working from a converted garage at their home. The showroom is warm, welcoming, and of course it smells divine! Every flavour range is available to try, and trust me when I say that you will have trouble choosing your favourite.


Pure Fiji began in Sophia’s childhood home in Suva, Fiji, when her sister discovered the health benefits of coconut oil. She began making soaps, and the family would sit around the kitchen table wrapping the cakes ready for sale. The product’s popularity exploded after a big international order, and over time the product range steadily expanded. While the company is now sold in the United States, Australia and New Zealand (along with Fiji), it is still family run. It is mainly distributed through day spas, but can also be purchased online. People have offered to buy the business over the years, but the family did not want to take the risk that it would lose some of it’s heart and soul. These attributes are two of Pure Fiji’s most important assets.


Pure Fiji has beautiful, well made products. They’re packaged nicely and they smell great. So what? I hear you say – so many other products are like this too. Why choose them over any other brand? I started using the products when I was in Fiji on holiday and fell in love. When I came home and I researched the company a little, the deeper I fell. I have a social conscience, and I prefer to buy products that are not tested on animals. If possible, I prefer to buy products that are on the more natural side of the spectrum. Pure Fiji fulfils both of these requirements for me. Yesterday, I found out more about their social conscience and the fantastic things that they are doing to help the Fijian community.

The first time we visited Fiji we were surprised that it is still considered a third world country. Many people live in poverty, trying to make a living from traditional skills or the land. Education is not a priority for many families, with many students leaving school at the end of the primary years. As is the case in many countries, the amount of people using traditional skills are starting to decrease. Young people are moving to the cities and towns to seek employment. Pure Fiji is a company founded by two strong women. They are trying to support the skills of their beautiful country, empowering women at the same time. The gift baskets used for the Pure Fiji spa packs are woven by teams of women, who work in groups and set their own schedules. This allows for them to share care of their children, while still tending to the needs of their village and families. This project means that the women to have some financial security and monetary control for their families.


One of the most uplifting stories is that of the paper makers. The paper used to wrap the soaps and line the spa baskets is made from a traditional method that has been used in the islands for hundreds of years.  Through their work with Pure Fiji, and the financial assistance that this brings, this particular community have been able to fund the expansion of their school and build a library. This in turn benefits five other near by communities, as their students now have space and resources to attend high school. They have established a food market which brings further business to the town. Many of the students are now gaining a high school education, thanks to the Pure Fiji scholarship program. This program has seen three former students return to the community as teachers.

Pure Fiji prides itself on making a difference to local communities, and that is one of the things that endears me most to this company. Fiji holds a special place in my heart – have you ever travelled somewhere and it feels like coming home? I’ve had that feeling in two places – Scotland (I have Scottish heritage), and Fiji. The people are beautiful, and the fact that this company gives back so much to the country that has given it so much, is a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to return there in the next few years, but until then the gorgeous scents in my bathroom will just have to do.


Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing more about the Pure Fiji product line, including some exciting new products. I will also be trying out one of the spa treatments that are available right across Australia (check out to see if there is one near you here). I am not a spa regular, so I am very much looking to being pampered, especially Pure Fiji style!

Make sure you come back on Monday for some exciting news. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Are companies and their social responsibilities important to you? Does it influence who you buy from?

* I am a Pure Fiji brand ambassador.

Reader Riddle – How Can I Dress My Post-Baby Shape?

Having a baby is such a big life changing event – not only are you getting used to a brand new person, you also have to get used to a brand new body. You might still look pregnant or you might bounce back quickly. You might have had a caesarean, or be too uncomfortable to wear jeans. The thing is, unless you’re Gisele Bundchen, many of your clothes won’t fit for sometime after you give birth. How can you make your existing wardrobe work for you, or give it a bit of a boost with an outfit that you will be able to wear even when you return to your pre-baby shape? Reader Lisa wrote to me asking for help with a post-baby dressing issue:

I have a surprise 30th to go to in 3 weeks time and I desperately need wardrobe help! Thanks to a post-birth abdominal separation of over 5 cm I’ve been on an exercise embargo of nothing more than walking for 20mins until at least 6 weeks. No pushing the pram, lifting the car capsule, nothing.

So I’ve still got a pretty noticeable baby belly and don’t fit into any of my clothes except my trackies.

I really want to wear a dress to the party, something that I can wear again as I need to start rehashing my wardrobe now I can try things on again! I have a couple of empire waisted things I’ll try on tonight but they’re both pretty old and I really think I want something new to boost my confidence a bit too.

So…, something ‘smart casual’, a dress, with sleeves preferably and just above knee length I’m thinking. Open to colour and prints, hopefully nothing that will date too much though. I had a look at Portmans the other day (which is usually my go to for a quick fashion fix) but I don’t think their cuts/sizing are fitting my body very well atm…

Any suggestions?

There are quite a few options when dressing for an event post baby. There are quite a few dress options around at the moment, in an empire line or wrap style. These should fall gently over your stomach in a flattering way. I would try dresses that fall from the bust, rather than being belted around the waist. Some stretchy wrap styles may still suit, but a fixed belt is likely to be uncomfortable. Don’t discount the shift dress – although it may be a little big all over, it can still be flattering. You can make it work further down the track by belting it into a shape to work for you. Try not to wear something with too many ruffles or layers, as they may draw more attention to your stomach and make you appear larger than you are.

Some of the best options I found were all from Leona Edminston – she is the master (mistress?) of frocks in Australia. The majority of the styles have sleeves, and she has a very good sale at the moment.

Leona Edminston

1. Izzy ($69) / 2. Tori ($150) / 3. Marilyn ($150) / 4. Pia ($150)

All of these dresses could be accessorised with opaque tights and ankle boots, so they can be worn in Winter. I love the colour of the Marilyn dress, and the cross over detail draws attention to the chest rather than the stomach. The Pia dress would also be a very good option – a kimono look dress or top is a life saver post-pregnancy. A pattern or darker colour will also help to disguise your stomach a little.

Dress Collage

1. Colette by Colette Dinnigan ($279) / 2. Wayne by Wayne Cooper ($169) / 3. Agenda Printed Spliced Dress ($82.95 on sale)

4. Maison Scotch ($94.95 on sale) / 5. Forever New ($120) / 6. Jac + Jack ($199 on sale)

These dresses vary between the wrap, shift and kimono styles. I love the red shift – a pop of colour would be fantastic in the sea of black that usually appears in Winter. Stretchy skirts, either in midi or maxi lengths with a kimono style top are also a great option. If you’re breast feeding, adding a singlet under your top can be a modesty saver. While lots of these dresses are better suited to warmer weather, you could always pop a blazer or wrap over the top for warmth. The most important thing to remember is to find something that you feel comfortable and great in. Try adding some accessories to jazz up clothes in your existing wardrobe if your budget doesn’t stretch to a new outfit.

Lisa, I hope these dresses have given you a little more inspiration and that you enjoy the party!

How did you dress your post-baby shape? Did you have any special events to attend? Have you had any other circumstance where your shape has changed dramatically?

If you have a style question, please email and I will try to help the best I can!

What I Wore – Winter Night Out


Big W Navy Polka Dot Dress (not available online). You can find a similar dress hereherehere / /Diana Ferrari ankle boots – you can find a similar style hereherehere and here.

How was your weekend? We had a busy one, but it was lots of fun catching up with friends and family. On Saturday night we attended a trivia night fundraiser. I love a good trivia night. It’s a good excuse to use the usually useless information that I have stored in my brain. I’m good at remembering random facts, and they certainly come in handy during trivia! We ended up coming third which we were very happy with, and had a fantastic night laughing with friends.

I decided to use the occasion of going out at night sans kids to dress up a little. It’s still very chilly in my part of the world, especially at night, so I needed to make sure I wouldn’t freeze. Big W are currently having a big end of season sale, and I picked up this little navy polkadot number for $10.50. It’s not lined, so I probably wouldn’t wear it without opaque stockings underneath. It’s a little shorter than I would normally wear a dress, but it felt great on and I definitely felt more confident with my legs covered! I teamed it with my favourite black ankle boots – opaques and ankle boots in the same colour make your legs appear extra long as they draw the eye down. You could also make this dress work with ballet flats, especially if you chose to wear it without the stockings.


Portmans Slick Crop Blazer – $99.95 (currently 30% off) / Sportsgirl bag (2011)

I added my black Portmans blazer for warmth. This has been a very wise purchase – I wear it to death! It’s incredibly comfortable and versatile to boot. The bright blue of a Sportsgirl bag provided a pop of colour. I kept accessories to a minimum, with a Swarovski ring and my Nixon watch.

It was lovely to get a bit dressed up, especially in an outfit that pushed me out of my comfort zone a little. I have another outfit post to share with you later in the week, and some exciting news about a competition that will be up and running very soon.

What did you do on the weekend? Do you have an outfit that pushes you out of your comfort zone? Have you picked up a bargain lately?


Winter Warmers – Lentil Pie


As a child we used to go to my Grandma and Grandad’s each Sunday for dinner. She would often make a delicious Shepard’s pie, topped with crispy potato, with rice pudding for dessert. While I never wrote down her rice pudding recipe before she passed away (I kick myself all the time), I had the Shepard’s pie recipe down pat. When I became vegetarian a few years ago we didn’t want to stop making it, so decided to adapt it to be a meatless dish. We use this version now for anything from pasties to individual pot pies to Shepard’s pie. If you don’t want to eat the vegetarian version, you could use lean mince. It is incredibly adaptable, and very easy to make. Lots of friends have requested the recipe and it is a firm favourite in our family – even the kids (nearly 5 and nearly 2) will eat every mouthful, and ask for seconds.



While this post is not sponsored by Coles, I do shop there!

– Two sheets of puff pastry (or mashed potato, depending on what type of pie you want to make)

– Two tins of lentils

– One packed of home brand French onion soup mix. I have tried various brands of soup mix, but the home brand version always tastes the best.

– If you wish, you can add some vegetables into the mix. We often use a frozen mix of peas, corn and carrots.



1. Drain and rinse lentils in running water, then drain until dry.

2. Place lentils into a saucepan over high heat. Mix in the soup mix and half a cup of water.

3. Bring to the boil, then simmer until the excess liquid has evaporated.

4. Line a pie dish with one piece of puff pastry.

5. Pour lentils (and vegetables if you added some) into the dish. Top with the second piece of pasty. Trim the excess around the edges and press around the edge to seal the pastry. If you choose to use mashed potato, top the lentils and use a fork to make lines in the potato. You can add a few dabs of butter or margarine on top to make it crisp.

6. Place in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes (or until it browns and crisps).

7. Serve with steamed vegetables, and enjoy!

8. Fight off the hungry hoards for seconds.

Pie Cooked

Do you have a go-to recipe that is always a crowd pleaser? Feel free to share it in the comments section!

Home Unearthed – Laundry Make Over Ideas


 Image Source

Our laundry is a far cry from the gorgeous pictures I have been perusing on Pinterest. It is a small room, about 3 metres by 2 and a half metres, with a sink in one corner. I am loathe to take a photo because one) it’s dark, and two) you would see my husband’s messy soccer bag and my unwashed towels. We have a small cupboard with a drawer on top, used to house bits and pieces for the garden and some outdoor toys. The cupboard door attached to the sink has been broken for a while and is in dire need of repair. The detergent bottles currently sit on top of the dryer, so when the washer below does it’s spin cycle thing, the sound of bottles crashing into the sink can often be heard, startling the entire household. After seeing Fi from My Mummy Daze’s spectacular laundry make over recently, I decided to hit Pinterest from some inspiration. I figure that we need to maximise the space, and have proper storage for all the accompaniments that come with the mundane task of doing laundry. The kids are only going to get bigger (therefore produce more washing), and with my eldest heading off to school next year I need to make sure I have good systems in place to have those sparkling uniforms at the ready.

Laundry 6

Image Source

Our washer and dryer are currently stacked like the ones in the picture above. While it is great because it saves space, having an integrated shelving system would be very useful. Our sink is where the drawers are in the picture, so an exact copy of this wouldn’t be an option, but I’m sure we could modify the design. Having shelves and even a drying rack for collared shirts would be so handy, especially in wet weather.

Laundry 5

Image Source

The sink in our laundry is just like this one. While there is currently a window on the longest wall, a narrow shelving unit on the side wall would be a great idea for storing liquids and detergents that should be kept out of reach of little hands.

Laundry 4

Image Source

The main reason that I was drawn to this picture was the racks on the walls. With an abundance of wall space that is currently unused, it would make sense to utilise this space with shelves and racks. Some racks would even be perfect to sit on the back of the door, although you would need to make sure they were thin enough to allow the door to open effectively. The last thing you want is to be struggling through a semi-closed door with a heavy basketful of washing. Wouldn’t you love to have all those neatly folded towels? Although I just cleaned out my linen cupboard (and it looks a lot better than it did!), I would love for this lady to come and do my washing.

Laundry 2

Image Source

This is another perfect example of using the door as a space for racking. I also love the narrow baskets for sorting laundry that are next to the washing machine and dryer – we could definitely fit something like that beside our machines. Again, there is a convenient drying rack for shirts that can hang up to dry. I love the idea of using the glass canisters for washing powder and pegs. I saw some in Coles today for $2, if you’re interested!

Laundry 7Image Source

Again, I love the use of space in this laundry. The clothes can be effortlessly sorted into three baskets, and make washing a breeze. Older children would even be able to help you sort the laundry into the three categories, and hopefully you would never end up with pink shirts from a rogue red sock again.

Lost Socks

Image Source

While this is not strictly a laundry layout, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Do you have a sock monster in your house? I’m not sure if it lives in the washing machine or in the wardrobes, but it gobbles up single socks faster than I can blink. I normally pair them together by rolling just the top (this way they still stay together but wash properly) and then they stay as a pair on the line and once they’re dry. The four year old thwarts my system, however, by throwing the socks where ever they are removed from feet. The places these socks hide… So when I make over my laundry I will be sure to add a ‘lost sock’ board and the single socks shall be lonely no more.

I am intending to check out Ikea and Howards Storage World for further inspiration, but don’t discount your local hardware store for racks, shelving and baskets. I will look forward to revealing a new laundry to you all in coming months!

What does your laundry look like? Are you making the best use of the space? Are you planning a make over like me?

Trend Watch – Botanicals


Image Source

Although the days are still chilly and the end of Winter is still six weeks away, attention has turned to the trends for Spring. Shorter sleeves are starting to appear on the racks, and I am getting excited about the potential of trying some new trends. Today, we’ll be talking all things Botanical. The other big look for the coming months is Monochrome, which would suit my wardrobe perfectly. So many of my clothes are black and white, so I will definitely be shopping my wardrobe. The whole point of this blog was to re-design my style and step out of my comfort zone, hence the decision to buck the trend (so to speak) and have a look at the up and coming botanicals trend.

Prints will be big for Spring and Summer this year, and the botanical trend fits in perfectly. Pastels hues, bold blooms and floaty florals will adorn the shelves and will make dressing up a lot of fun. This trend definitely lends itself to dressing up, but don’t discount it for a casual day’s shopping or a trip to the beach. You will also be able to play with florals in your accessories – think headbands, bold earrings and cocktail rings.

This first look is a casual one. I fell in love with this denim dress from Forever New. You can find it here. It will definitely be on my shopping list. What I love about this piece is that you will be able to make it work right now with leggings and a cardigan, and then take it into Spring and Summer with different accessories. A light scarf will add some colour, but not make you overheat in the warmer weather. I love the look of denim and tan together, and the simplicity of these pieces let the detail on the dress shine.

Denim DressThe next outfit is another casual one that would suit a day out shopping or a BBQ with friends. Floral jeans have been everywhere since last year, so if you have a pair you will be able to get another season out of them. Paired with white tee and a cropped denim jacket will make this outfit trans-seasonal, working for you as the weather gets warmer. I added a fun necklace from Ashloc Designs – an Australian company that makes gorgeous jewellery made from polymer clay in all colours of the rainbow.

Floral Pants Outfit

I put together this next outfit with work in mind. As a teacher (and a Mum), tailored shorts are a life saver when the weather warms up. I can get down on the floor with the children with no modesty worries. This outfit can be dressed up or down by changing the shorts for black pants, and the flats for wedges (with the shorts) or heels (with the pants). I am more of a purple fan, but if you like coral you could swap the accessories to accentuate the different colours in the blouse. You could also tuck the blouse into a high waisted pencil skirt and define your waist with the belt. It’s definitely an outfit that you can play around with.

Floral Blouse


If you are a Glee fan, this lady like outfit will have you channelling Emma Pillsbury faster than you can break out into an 80’s power ballad. This is a perfect outfit if you have a pear or hourglass figure – the full skirt skims the hips and bottom, and is nipped in at the waist. A belt could be added to draw further attention to it, if you wished. One of the things I love most about this outfit is that the skirt is so versatile – the skirt has so many colours that you can mix and match with any number of accessories, and play up on the blue, green, lilac or cream elements. The bracelet ties in all the colours, but you could substitute this bracelet for some simple coloured bangles to change it up. A long necklace, or silk scarf tied at the neck would add to the lady like look.

Floral Skirt

This is one trend I will definitely be taking part in this season. I can’t wait to play around with different outfits, and find a gorgeous floral dress for summer.

Will you try the Botanical trend this Spring/Summer? Which outfit is your favourite?

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