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The next instalment in the ‘Dressing for Your Shape’ series is focussing on the pear shape, at the request of one of my readers. A pear shape is defined by a petite top half and narrow shoulders, with larger hips, thighs and bottom. In this post we will look at ways to flatter a pear body shape, and draw attention to the parts of your body that you want people to notice.

Tips for dressing a pear figure:

– Play up your shoulders and décolletage with strapless dresses and tops, or thin straps. These will draw attention to your narrow shoulders, neck and arms.

– Try a top embellished with sequins, bows or ruffles to accentuate your top half. Experiment with the current military trend, and make experiment with epaulettes.

– Balance your body with shoulder pads in blazers and tops, and wide legged pants or jeans. These will streamline your body, making your top half appear larger.

– Wear pants in a darker colour to slim thighs and bottom, and tops in bright colours or patterns. Again, this will draw attention to your top half, which is where the eye naturally looks first.

– Accentuate your waist with a belts or ties, and jackets with a single button. These will draw your waist in, and make it the narrowest part of your body.

– Make dresses your friend. Shirt or wrap dresses are a great option, and can be dressed up or down to suit many occasions. Keep them fitted on top, and let them flow from the waist to balance your shape (the A-line cut is a great option as it skims over hips, thighs and bottom). Strapless dresses to show off your shoulders are great in summer if you feel comfortable in them. Try a belted maxi dress for a longer option or a nod to the boho look.

Pear 1

Wide legged and boot leg pants will balance the shape of your legs. Choosing a dark, block colour will make them appear longer and thinner. A wrap top cinched at the waist will draw the eye to the smallest part of your torso, and draping can be useful if you want to hide a tummy. A v-neck will show off your décolletage, and adding a statement necklace would attract further attention (if you wish!).

Pear 2

A great maxi dress is a Spring and Summer must-have. It can sometimes be tricky to find one that suits your body shape, so be prepared for lots of trying on. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with nice shoulders, a strapless dress might be for you. The three dresses above are all drawn in at the waist, which means they will fall gently over your hips and legs. Too much fabric will make you appear larger than you are, so try to choose a dress that is a little more streamline while still flattering your figure. I love pairing maxis with flat, casual sandals for a beachy vibe, but if your dress is long enough you could try a wedge shoe instead for a dressier look..

Pear 3

This last picture features embellished tops, and block colours on the skirt and pants. A top embellished with sequins, jewels or bold patterns will keep the eye on your top half, where it is drawn naturally. This is perfect if you want to detract from your bottom half. A heel will help the legs appear longer, while the coloured flats would compliment the yellow in the top.

Do you have a pear body shape? Do you dress following the body shape ‘rules’? Which shape would you like me to cover next?


7 thoughts on “Dressing for Your Shape – Pear

  1. Great tips there Sarah! I haven’t got a pear shaped body, more like a slight hourglass – waist not as tiny though.

      • I am more an hourglass now than I’ve ever been because I now have thighs I never had before. I’m ok with it, it balances out my top half. Huge boobs, booty, thighs, not very wide hips and a square waist – I think T&S say I’m a vase (same shape as Susannah). I prefer to call myself an hourglass without a waist!

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  3. How did I miss this post?? Lucky I like to poke about on your page 😉 love so many of these looks! Thanks for the tips. I think I’m mostly a pear with slightly wider shoulders. Is this possible or does that make me something else?
    I think rules or guidelines are helpful as a starting point ( or when you and your girlfriends no longer have time to spend hours on shopping trips) husbands are next to useless for opinions on style 😉

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