The Happiness Unearthed Project

Happiness Unearthed

I went for a walk this morning. My feet stomped out a steady rhythm along the concrete track, and my lungs were filled with crisp Winter air. I stopped at one point to have a drink, and the wind tousled my hair. Standing there in the sun I felt something. I felt happy. Pausing along the way to take a few photos, I decided to start a new project and I really hope you will want to be involved. During the Happiness Workshop I took part in yesterday, I promised myself that I would make the most of the little moments and that I would make time just to ‘be’. This morning on my walk I did just that. I appreciated the feeling of the sun and the wind on my skin, and the effect of the endorphins coursing through my body. I was seeking out the little things that have a positive effect on me, and my well being. This what the Happiness Unearthed project will be all about.


What do you do to make you happy? Do you exercise, read, create, listen to music, spend time with loved ones, take photos, cook, eat, write? My aim for the coming days, weeks and months is to make time for me each day to do something I enjoy and that improves my well being. Something that makes me happy. By concentrating on the positive things, I aim to keep my glass half full and to not have room for the negatives that creep in from time to time.


Each day I will take a photo of something that makes me happy and share it on social media, and I urge you to join me. It can be as simple as a picture of your pet, a hot cup of tea, your running shoes, a chocolate, your favourite book, a pretty flower. You can share the picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your own blog. If you hash tag your photo with #happinessunearthed, then others (including myself) will be able to look at your photos and see what makes you smile. I am looking forward to making myself happier and improving my well being. Will you join me?

Will you join me in the Happiness Unearthed project? You can leave your social media details below so others can follow your happiness journey.

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