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Our laundry is a far cry from the gorgeous pictures I have been perusing on Pinterest. It is a small room, about 3 metres by 2 and a half metres, with a sink in one corner. I am loathe to take a photo because one) it’s dark, and two) you would see my husband’s messy soccer bag and my unwashed towels. We have a small cupboard with a drawer on top, used to house bits and pieces for the garden and some outdoor toys. The cupboard door attached to the sink has been broken for a while and is in dire need of repair. The detergent bottles currently sit on top of the dryer, so when the washer below does it’s spin cycle thing, the sound of bottles crashing into the sink can often be heard, startling the entire household. After seeing Fi from My Mummy Daze’s spectacular laundry make over recently, I decided to hit Pinterest from some inspiration. I figure that we need to maximise the space, and have proper storage for all the accompaniments that come with the mundane task of doing laundry. The kids are only going to get bigger (therefore produce more washing), and with my eldest heading off to school next year I need to make sure I have good systems in place to have those sparkling uniforms at the ready.

Laundry 6

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Our washer and dryer are currently stacked like the ones in the picture above. While it is great because it saves space, having an integrated shelving system would be very useful. Our sink is where the drawers are in the picture, so an exact copy of this wouldn’t be an option, but I’m sure we could modify the design. Having shelves and even a drying rack for collared shirts would be so handy, especially in wet weather.

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The sink in our laundry is just like this one. While there is currently a window on the longest wall, a narrow shelving unit on the side wall would be a great idea for storing liquids and detergents that should be kept out of reach of little hands.

Laundry 4

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The main reason that I was drawn to this picture was the racks on the walls. With an abundance of wall space that is currently unused, it would make sense to utilise this space with shelves and racks. Some racks would even be perfect to sit on the back of the door, although you would need to make sure they were thin enough to allow the door to open effectively. The last thing you want is to be struggling through a semi-closed door with a heavy basketful of washing. Wouldn’t you love to have all those neatly folded towels? Although I just cleaned out my linen cupboard (and it looks a lot better than it did!), I would love for this lady to come and do my washing.

Laundry 2

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This is another perfect example of using the door as a space for racking. I also love the narrow baskets for sorting laundry that are next to the washing machine and dryer – we could definitely fit something like that beside our machines. Again, there is a convenient drying rack for shirts that can hang up to dry. I love the idea of using the glass canisters for washing powder and pegs. I saw some in Coles today for $2, if you’re interested!

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Again, I love the use of space in this laundry. The clothes can be effortlessly sorted into three baskets, and make washing a breeze. Older children would even be able to help you sort the laundry into the three categories, and hopefully you would never end up with pink shirts from a rogue red sock again.

Lost Socks

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While this is not strictly a laundry layout, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Do you have a sock monster in your house? I’m not sure if it lives in the washing machine or in the wardrobes, but it gobbles up single socks faster than I can blink. I normally pair them together by rolling just the top (this way they still stay together but wash properly) and then they stay as a pair on the line and once they’re dry. The four year old thwarts my system, however, by throwing the socks where ever they are removed from feet. The places these socks hide… So when I make over my laundry I will be sure to add a ‘lost sock’ board and the single socks shall be lonely no more.

I am intending to check out Ikea and Howards Storage World for further inspiration, but don’t discount your local hardware store for racks, shelving and baskets. I will look forward to revealing a new laundry to you all in coming months!

What does your laundry look like? Are you making the best use of the space? Are you planning a make over like me?


2 thoughts on “Home Unearthed – Laundry Make Over Ideas

  1. We are about to embark on a laundry transformation too! I have been looking at all sorts of inspiration and ideas as we have a tiny tiny space. It is more like the walk way from the garage to outside. I found (because yes sometimes it does just actually happen) a perfect good but completely ugly chest of drawers on the side of the road (which I am going to paint and jazz up) which will give heaps more places for things to go. We have taken out the bottom two shelves and will put plastic tubs there for even more junk storage! We are going to put a very high shelf above our washing machine and dryer (which is too stacked like yours) for the washing basket and a few other bits and pieces to sit. I am just trying to decide on a colour and then it is all systems go! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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