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Have you all had a great weekend? Mine started on Friday, with my birthday. I was spoilt rotten, had a lovely day with Mum and my small ones, and then dinner with my family. The day contained a trip to Ikea, where I picked up my birthday present from my Mum and Dad. I have been planning a make over for our porch and entryway so I was really excited to pick up some bits and pieces. Little did I know how much I would actually find!

Ikea console pine

Rekarne Console Table – $149

I spotted the Rekarne Console Table on the Ikea website a few weeks ago, and really liked the shape and functionality. The shelf at the bottom means I can pop some baskets on there to hold various bits and pieces, or use it to store my handbag. The fact that it is made of pine and untreated meant that I could customise it to my tastes. I umm-ed and ahh-ed about whether to stain or paint, and because I want to paint the front door (and this sits right next to it), I decided on a stain. The rest of our furniture is very dark, and when we eventually replace it we would like to have lighter colours to reflect our changed tastes.

Having never stained furniture before I was a bit unsure as to what to do. Chatting to the paint sales person at my local hardware was a good start, and I asked for something that was as easy as possible to use. So many stains required multiple coats, and I knew I wouldn’t have time for that as I was starting on a Sunday and I work at the start of the week. I chose a Cabot’s Stain and Varnish as it required only one coat and had a built in sealant.


After pulling everything out of the box, I gave the timber a light sand. It didn’t have any previous coating on it, but it let me rough the timber up a little bit. I made sure to brush off the dust off prior to staining so it didn’t get stuck on.


I was expecting the usual Ikea Allen key to assemble to table, but had to use a Phillip’s head screw driver. It was really easy to put together, and I only made one little mistake that was easily fixed. Is it just me, or do you feel clever when you put together furniture? I made sure I assembled it on a tarp, as the concrete in our car port would have scratched the timber. The instructions suggested using the box, which would have been okay if it wasn’t turned into a canvas for my kids!


This is the before staining shot. It would be absolutely fine left this colour. I was also tempted to go with a Baltic pine look or a white wash, but it would have been too far removed from our current furniture. In the end, I went with the shade ‘Manuka’ in a satin finish. Just one coat did the trick, and it is now a beautiful honey colour with a slight shine. The brush I used was quite large, which was great for the legs, table top and shelf. Next time I would invest in a smaller brush as well, to make sure I could get in all the nooks and crannies. It would also make painting the sides easier, as it would stop the brush going over to parts I had already painted. The stain was touch dry in about 30 minutes, and was ready for a second coat after two hours. As I gave it only one coat I moved it inside and will let it dry before permanently placing decorations on it.


I have been looking for a large wall clock or mirror for this space for a while. This one caught my eye straight away. It also came in black and white, with a white face and regular numerals. I loved the pistachio green, and it gives a little pop of colour. Finding this lantern to match was a bonus as well!


The colour is a little lighter in real life. A candle can be placed inside, but I think I will just keep it purely for decoration. It was available in a couple of different colours, and a bargain at $10.


Another item on my must purchase list was an enamel jug. I had seen some in gorgeous colours, but found this white one and decided to brighten it up with some flowers. The fact that I can change what I place in there and can easily alter the look. My Nana gave me two beautiful timber bowls for my birthday, so I’m planning to place one on the table to hold our keys. I’m looking forward to not searching for them each morning! One or two framed family photos, and I think our new-look entryway will be complete! Next step is a new front door, screen door and a few pots for the porch. Stay tuned!

Have you done any make overs in your home lately? Picked up any homewares bargains?


6 thoughts on “Home Unearthed – Entryway Make Over

  1. That is a great table – you did very well with the staining. So clever!! It is always hard to know what to do and how it will look once it is done but I think that looks perfect. Happy birthday – I hope you enjoyed it!

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