An Apple for the Teacher – Spring/Autumn Classroom Style

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I know that Spring and Autumn seems like a very strange combination, but there is a method to my madness. You see, we are about to begin our Spring season down here in Australia, but the United States and Canada have just gone back to school and are going to transition into the cooler Autumn weather. A lot of people pin my ‘teacher outfit’ posts on Pinterest, so I thought doing a new season update that would suit both the northern and southern hemispheres would be useful.

Maxi Skirt Collage1. Portmans Rayon Knit – $39.95 | 2. Portmans Cowl Necked Knit – $39.95 | 3. Witchery Maxi Skirt – $99.95 | 4. Sambag Grace Cracked Leather Ballet Flat – $175 | 5. Lovisa Black Circle Pendant – $16.99 | 6. Lovisa Star Pendant Necklace – $9.99

I loved the versatility of this Witchery maxi skirt. It fits with the current Monochrome trend, and can be worn with so many different tops. My immediate instinct was to pair it with red – I love the contrast of black, white and red, but decided instead to try it with some jewel tones instead. Cowl and boat necks are great for work, as they maintain your modesty, especially if you are bending over tables to mark work. Sensible footwear is a must for playground duty, and walking around with students. This skirt will also work with sandals for the weekend. You can have a lot of fun with accessories with an outfit like this as you have quite a blank canvas to work with. I love the pendant necklaces that are around at the moment, and my students always love it when I wear interesting jewellery.

Pants and Tops Collage

1. Mimosa Soft Rebecca Jacket (The Iconic) – $179 | 2. Sussan Scoop City Tank – $19.95 | 3. Target Bow Detail Blouse – $29 |                    4. Sussan Medallion Print Pant – $89.95 | 5. Target Birdseye Work Short – $39 | 6. Leaf Bangle from simplychic93 @ Etsy – $16 | 7. Betts Midnight Shoe – $129.99 | 8. Betts Festivals Shoe – $69.99

Shorts and pants are always practical pieces for the classroom, especially if you teach younger grades and spend a lot of time on the floor working with them. There are so many pairs of patterned pants available this season, in light materials which will be perfect for an Australian Summer. All of the pieces above will work interchangeably, and those of you who read my blog regularly will know that this is something that I love. Having clothes that work together to create multiple outfits takes the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. A tailored shirt tucked in to shorts, especially with a belt added, looks put together and professional. You can team this outfit with flats or wedges. Giving a bit of height will make your legs look great, and will still give you the stability to move around with confidence. Tops with some detail, like the bow blouse, will eliminate the need for jewellery at the neck, and will add a point of interest on your outfit.

Dresses Collage

1. Leona by Leona Edminston Daisy Sherbet Wrap Dress – $129 | 2. NineWest Austin Pump – $69 (US) | 3. Banana Republic Teal Herring Jacket – $150 | 4. Miss Shop Mint Stripe Dress – $49.95 | 5. Franco Sarto Zapp – $79

I love this frock (can they be called anything else when they’re designed by Leona Edminston?) and think it would be fantastic for both work and play. We have a garden wedding to attend later this year and I think it may even be perfect for that. It can be work with flats, low pumps or wedges, and teamed with a light cardigan if the weather is cool. It has a flattering cut, and therefore would suit many different body types. The print of the fabric fits with this season’s Botanicals trend and means that it can be matched with a variety of coloured accessories that would then make different colours in the dress pop. The mint and stripe dress has a nice contrast. It is very fitted, but flared in the skirt. It would look very cute when teamed with ballet flats and a cardigan or light blazer. You could add a belt to further define the waist, or a stack of bangles to add some more colour.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration with these outfits – I will add some more in the future.

What do you wear to work? Do you have a certain style that you adhere to?

Favourites Unearthed

Favourites Unearthed - Page 001


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my current favourite things with you. There is a bit of a theme today – beauty and exercise. Health for the inside and outside, if you will. The weather here in Sydney is going to warm up next week (I hope so, because the past few days have been freezing!) and I am very much looking forward to making the most of the sunshine. Warmer weather also means planning a Spring and Summer wardrobe – lots of inspiration to come to this page in the next few weeks! Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things, unearthed.

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll


Not only does this guy have a seriously cool name, he is an inspiration. At almost 40 years of age he struggled to climb the stairs to his bedroom, afraid he was going to have a heart attack. Overweight and unhealthy, he decided to make a change. He transitioned to a vegetarian diet, which later became a plant-based vegan diet, and began training for triathlons and marathons. Dissatisfied with his performance in these events he set himself the goal to compete in Hawaii’s invitation-only Ultraman event (10km open ocean swim, 421km cross country bike ride, and an 84km double marathon run, completed over three days). Now, at 45, he is one of the fittest men in the world. My friend leant me Finding Ultra this week for Mr Style Unearthed to read, but I got to it first and haven’t put it down. It is interesting and very inspirational. You can change your life, and you can put your health first. Don’t be afraid if you’re over 40 – it’s not too late. Rather than just pushing one form of exercise, he enjoys a holistic health regime, using yoga and meditation as part of his regular routine. He also produces podcasts, which I will now be listening in to. You can visit Rich Roll’s website here.

Couleur Caramel Natural Makeup*


I first discovered Couleur Caramel Natural Makeup on Twitter. When I did some research I discovered that they are cruelty free, 100% natural, made from fair trade sourced ingredients, and delivered in packaging made from recyclable materials. They were kind enough to send me some cosmetics to trial for a post I am currently writing for another blog, but I wanted to feature them here as well. I have been using the dark circle concealer daily, and I love it. It applies smoothly with my finger tips and blends well under my BB cream or foundation. I am looking forward to using the bronzer more coming in to Summer to give me a healthy glow without sun damage. The lipstick applies well, and has a nice shine to it.  I absolutely love the fact that this makeup does not harm animals or people. The packaging is gorgeous, and feels fantastic to touch. I think I will be placing an order soon. You can browse the range here.

Women’s Fitness Magazine


I mentioned fitness and wellness magazines in my recent post about getting back into exercise, and Women’s Fitness is my personal favourite. At $5.95 it is very affordable, and has a range of Australian health and fitness experts who provide tips and hints. The recipes featured each month are great, and there are often vegetarian options, which I love. I am looking forward to trying the apple and cinnamon breakfast cookies from this month’s issue. The include lots of information about health and fitness studies, and the latest exercises to try. It is available at all good newsagents and supermarkets.

Pure Fiji Serum*


This little gem has been a recent addition to my skin routine. Serums are the new anti-aging product on the block, and designed to moisturise your skin for 24 hours after application. Ngi grass is the magic ingredient in Pure Fiji’s offering, moisturising and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  Like many of Pure Fiji’s products, the serum contains their anti-oxident blend of natural plant oils (including Dilo, coconut and macadamia oils). I have been using a small pea sized amount under my day creme, and it has allowed my normally dry skin to stay moisturised during the harsh Winter. It is lighter than the day creme, and is easily applied. Many mainstream brands offer serums, and you can pick them up in the supermarket or pharmacy. If you would like to try Pure Fiji’s beautiful version, visit their website here.



This little face has also been unearthing happiness around here lately. We have quite a decent backyard which she loves running around in, but she has started developing a little – shall we call it – middle aged spread recently (curse of the garbage guts Beagle). As a result, wee have been walking her a lot more. She gets so excited when we all put on our shoes and get her harness. New smells during a walk are heaven for a dog who is lead by her nose! She will be seven in a couple of weeks, and is a far cry from the tiny puppy we picked up all those years ago. She has started getting a little grey, but she’s growing old fairly gracefully. She is great with the children, and they love her to bits. I am definitely a dog person, and we love having her around.

What has been making you happy lately? Do you have any inspirational books I should read? Are you a dog person?

* These products were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

Five Ways to Get Back into Exercise

Motivation 1

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My gym has been missing me, according to the text message that they sent last week. Despite starting the year off well, and achieving my weight loss goal, illness for me, illness for the kids and a busy time at work have resulted in exercise not being made a priority. Not exercising has shown me (again!) how much it not only alters my body, but also my mood. I headed back to the gym yesterday morning and then on a walk with my family for a play at the park. Not only did I burn 1200 calories, but I felt fabulous! I definitely need to bottle that feeling for those days where I can’t be bothered going to the gym. This year has been an annus horribilus health wise, which means it is even more important to look after my body. If you have been in an exercise rut like me, here are five tips to get you back in to working out (and maybe even having some fun along the way).

1. Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation 2

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Pinterest is a fantastic place to find motivational quotes and pictures. You can even search for workout ideas that you can print out and take along to the gym with you. Starting a mood board with inspiring words or pictures, placed where you can see it regularly (your work desk. wardrobe or even on the fridge) might help steer you in the right direction. Preferably wearing your exercise gear!


It’s no secret that I love reading magazines – Mr Style Unearthed is a patient man who puts up with piles of the things all over the house. I find lots of inspiration, new workout ideas and healthy recipes in health and fitness magazines. Women’s Fitness is my current favourite – it’s great value and has some interesting and informative articles. It not only focuses on health, but also wellbeing and mental health. For me, exercise is as much about the inside as it is the outside. Women’s Health, Shape, and Weight Watchers are also great magazines to try.

2. Try something new


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Shaking up your exercise routine can never be a bad thing. Over time, your body will get used to the exercises that you do, and will stop responding as well as it used to. There are only so many minutes you can run on the treadmill, or so many weight lifting repetitions you can do before you feel the need to mix it up a bit.

My main exercise routine consists of cardio and then weights at the gym. I try to change what I do each time so that I don’t get bored. Yesterday I used the elliptical on a random setting for 20 minutes, and then did weights. Today was a mix of all the cardio machines and then a different weights program. Going for a walk in the fresh air with a friend or my family (complete with dog) is another favourite activity, which has the added bonus of some Vitamin D and a chat.

This week I have also vowed to try something new – Barre3. This mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga is designed to strengthen your core, tone your muscles and centre your mind. I have always loved yoga and Pilates, and while my experience of ballet is of the jazz variety in 1993, I am looking forward to trying it. The only class near me is an hour’s drive away, but by searching Barre3 on YouTube I found lots of workouts posted by the creator that can be done at home using a lounge, counter top or table as a barre.

If that doesn’t like something you’d enjoy, but you still want to experiment with something new, search for at home work outs on YouTube, and you will find  a lot of varied exercises to suit all fitness levels.

3. Pump up your playlist


I have written about this before, but for me, music can make or break a workout. If your playlist is feeling a little stale, listen to the radio for inspiration. You could also Google songs specifically for running/weight lifting/acrobatics and see what comes up, or check out apps like Spotify to see what is trending in their Top 100 songs. I love songs with a solid beat, and artists like Macklemore, Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg are some of my favourites. A bit of 90’s rap never hurt anybody, either!

I prefer to zone out when I am at the gym. It’s my ‘me time’, and if I don’t have to talk to anyone I am happy. A pair of decent ear phones won’t annoy the person on the machine next to you, and an arm band that holds you phone or MP3 player will make it easy for you to workout. Stuffing an iPhone down your top, or placing it in the machine’s tray only to catch your arm on the ear phone cord and fling it onto the treadmill does not make for a comfortable or relaxing workout (trust me, I’ve tried it).

4. Dress to impress (yourself)


Please excuse the sweaty, post-workout picture! I always feel like I exercise that little bit better when I’m wearing something ‘nice’, which is probably why Lorna Jane makes so much money from women who feel the same way. Workout gear does not have to be that expensive, but it does have to be comfortable. Tops that are too tight will irritate your skin, and shoes or socks that don’t fit properly will give you blisters. My top and 3/4 pants are from Cotton On Body, and were very reasonably priced. If you are going to splurge on something, consider spending on a good bra and some comfortable shoes. I’m in the market for some new trainers – the time has come to trade in my faithful Nikes. When the soles can bend in your hand, the tread starts to go, or the loops where you thread the laces break, it’s time for new shoes.

Stores like Big W and Target have a good range of exercise clothes and shoes, and many online retailers often have great sales. Consider buying trainers from an online overseas stockist, as it can often workout a lot more reasonable than Australian prices.


Proof that the workouts are working!

A heart rate monitor can also be a good investment, especially if you want an accurate measurement of the calories/kilojoules you have burnt during your workout. I also use it to push myself harder and make sure that I am exercising safely. I bought a cheap monitor from Aldi – it was rated as one of the top monitors by Choice and I have always been quite happy with it. It has a chest band which has recently been a pain as it does not always pick up my heart rate, so I will be investigating monitors that just feed a reading from the wrist. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

5. Make having fun a priority




Exercise can often feel like a chore, until you get there and start enjoying it. Obviously, it is a much more enjoyable pass time if you have fun while you’re doing it. Play at the park, even if you don’t have kids (stairs to climb, bars for chin ups, press ups or tricep dips, or just fireman poles to slide down and have a laugh); try an active pass time like rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding or kayaking; or play a sport with friends. I am starting six-a-side soccer in a couple of months with a group of girlfriends, and while I know I will be utterly hopeless I am looking forward to having a laugh (and possibly a wine afterwards). Perhaps you could join me and dare yourself to try something you’ve always wanted to, but have never been brave enough to do. When friends asked me to join the soccer team my first instinct was to say no,  but in my year of changing things like my health and my wardrobe, I thought ‘Why not?’. After all… life is too short not to have fun.

What do you do to get yourself out of an exercise rut? Will you join me and try something new?

Apple and Strawberry Crumble


Apple crumble is one of my favourite Winter desserts. The mix of sweetness and tang, with a crunchy topping and side of cream is the perfect end to chilly days. We were invited to dinner on the weekend with friends, and I debated about what to take for dessert. Due to dairy allergies in my family, recipes that can be kept casein free or are easily adaptable are best. A visit to the local apple orchard last week resulted in two and a half kilos of delicious Pink Ladies in our fruit bowl, and a sale on strawberries at the local supermarket made the dessert decision a whole lot easier! The crumble was a joint effort between myself and my husband, and was incredibly easy to make. Apple crumble is normally a little on the tart side, but the strawberries added a beautiful sweetness. This is such an easily adaptable recipe, and you can use virtually any filling that you wish. When I make this just with apples, I stir a table spoon of brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon through the apples to add a sweet kick. In the past I have added various types of berries, and you could also try some rhubarb.

Time – Preparation (approximately 25 minutes), cooking (20 minutes, depending on your oven). This recipe can be made several hours ahead and refrigerated.

Ingredients – Filling

1 kilogram of fresh apples (I used Pink Ladies), or 800 grams of tinned pie apples

1 and a half punnets of strawberries

100 grams caster sugar

2 tablespoons of water

Ingredients – Crumble

Half a cup of plain flour

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

1 – 2 tablespoons of Nuttelex/margarine/butter

2 tablespoons of slivered almonds

(Please note: the quantities for the crumble ingredients are approximate. Feel free to add more ingredients if you need to).

Cream or ice cream, to serve.


1. Peel, core and cut apples into small slices.

2. Place the apples, caster sugar and water in a small saucepan (with a lid on) and bring to the boil.

3. Once boiled, remove the lid and cook for a further five minutes.

4. Take off the heat and rest until apples are fluffy.

5. When cooled, layer the apples in an oven proof dish, alternating with washed and sliced strawberries (be sure to remove the tops first). The ingredients should provide enough for two layers of each fruit.

6. Place Nuttelex/margarine/butter, plain flour and brown sugar in a bowl.

7. Use your fingers to rub the ingredients together until it forms a crumble-like texture.

8. Top the fruit with an even sprinkle of slivered almonds.

9. Top evenly with the crumble mixture.

10. Bake in a 180 degree celsius oven for about 20 minutes, or until the fruit has warmed through and the crumble has browned.

11. Serve with ice cream or cream, and enjoy!


Do you have a go-to Winter dessert recipe? What filling do you use in a crumble?

In Search of the Perfect Pout


I remember buying my first coloured lip gloss at about 12 years of age. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers were all the rage and they had brought out a gloss that was slightly tinted. My pocket money was spent on two tubes – chocolate and berry flavours. I felt so grown up, and wore them to death. The lip gloss love affair continued through high school and university, but was abandoned after I had my first child. Sadly I let looking after myself slide, and didn’t take the extra couple of seconds to slick on some gloss. Since starting this blog I have been trying to make a bit more of an effort with makeup, although it is still very basic. Embracing the lip colour has certainly made my look a bit more put together. I have never been one to wear lipstick but have been experimenting with more lately. I thought I would look in to the difference between the two products, and how to choose the best one for you.

What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss?


Lipstick and lip gloss both come in a wide variety of colours, however there are some big differences between the two. Lipsticks generally last a lot longer, but they will generally be more drying on your lips. You might like to pop a clear gloss or lip conditioner on prior to applying the lipstick to prevent drying. Some now come with conditioning agents in them, so just check the label carefully before purchasing. Lipsticks produce rich colours, and come in a variety of finishes including frosted and matte. They traditionally come in a tapered stick so they’re easy to apply.


The range of lip glosses has really grown in the past few years. I remember MAC’s Lip Glass coming on to the market and lip glosses in tubes applied with wands exploded. Lip glosses need to be reapplied more regularly, but they provide a sheer look. They are applied in a lot of different ways, from small pots to sponge-tipped wands. Some lip glosses can be very versatile, able to be used as cheek colour as well. They normally have the added bonus of tasting really good, which is probably why they don’t last long on your lips!

How do I choose the right colour for me?


Test, test, test! Choose a colour that you like the look of, and test a range of colours from a variety of brands on your hand. The shade of the skin on the back of your hand, or the inside of your wrist are a good indicator of how the colour will look on your face. I am not so daring, so generally stick to pink or brown tones. I was looking for something that would be similar to my natural lip colour, but with a bit more pop. If you want to try a red lipstick or gloss, you should try one with a blue coloured base, as it will make your teeth appear whiter. Lip colours with cool blue undertones will achieve this look, where as other red lip colours will have a warm orange undertone. You may have to try several different shades until you find the perfect one for you. I am still on this quest! Depending on the look that you want (day or night, casual or dressy), experiment with both lipsticks and glosses. Adding a little gloss over a lipstick will add some additional shine.


I ended up choosing a Natio lip gloss from their new range in a watermelon shade. It applies really easily and gives a nice, glossy shine. Definitely something to smile about!

Do you favour lipstick or lip gloss? What is your favourite colour?

Trying a Trend – Monochrome


Forever New Becca Spot Scarf | Target monochrome top (no longer available online) | Portmans Slick Crop Blazer | Jeans West Thermolite Super Skinny Jeans | Diana Ferrari loafers from 2009 (similar available here) | Tiffany & Co bracelet | Nixon Small Player watch

I am very lucky in my job that I can dress in a smart casual way, unless I have meetings. My black pants need re-hemming, and there was no way I was venturing out in a skirt today after the windy weather we’ve been having in Sydney, so jeans it was this morning. I decided to break out a new top and try the monochrome trend paired with denim. Sure, it wasn’t head to toe monochrome, but I did my best with what I had.

Before my wardrobe re-design and venturing out of my comfort zone I wore a lot of black and white. Lately I have tried to inject a lot more colour into my wardrobe, whether it be through vibrant clothes or bright accessories. I was hesitant to try the monochrome trend because I felt like I had come along way. I loved the top I wore today since I first saw it on the Target ads. It feels beautiful on, with the fabric flowing and sitting nicely. I’m sure it will get a good work out over the coming months. The hint of black on the sleeves and yoke balances out the stark white nicely. It definitely needs a singlet or camisole underneath it for modesty.


With the weather still being chilly, I wore my blazer and new scarf which was a birthday present. I added a trench coat when I was outside. My comfy loafers are always top of my list for work footwear – they’re like slippers that you can leave the house in! Dark, slim or skinny fit jeans always look more dressy than lighter colours or the boyfriend trend. I wore my normal silver watch, and Tiffany bracelet. Simple is best for me when it comes to jewellery for work. If you wanted to add a pop of colour, you could do this with your accessories. Lots of chain jewellery stores like Lovisa and Diva have large monochrome collections where you can shop the trend and not spend a lot of money. This can be a great way to update your wardrobe. Lots of other high street chains are also featuring a lot of black and white, which makes the trend very accessible. One good thing about the monochrome trend, unlike lots of others, is that it is classic and timeless. You will be able to wear the pieces you choose for years to come, so it will perhaps be easier to justify larger purchases (in case you need an excuse!).

I put together a Polyvore board with some extra inspiration of monochrome with denim, skirts and pants. It is a fun trend to play with, and so many options are available. You can easily dress it up or down, and make it suit your lifestyle.

Monochrome Pants and Skirts

Which outfit is your favourite? Have you tried the monochrome trend?

Reader Riddle – How can I Style a Chambray Shirt and Striped Skirt?

Striped Skirt Reader Outfit

* Apologies for my absence this week. My whole family has been unwell (and I’ve just come down with the same cough!), and work has been very busy. Don’t forget to enter the Pure Fiji Australia and Happiness Unearthed competition here. Be quick as it closes on Sunday!

Chambray shirts and stripes are two of my current favourite things to wear, so when reader Sarah-Jane emailed me for some help, I couldn’t help but try to rise to the challenge. Sarah-Jane said –

I bought these two pieces on sale, but I’m not sure how to style them. Currently, I am a stay at home Mum to three young and active little boys, so need my clothes to be practical as well. I love to play around with my accessories on a day to day basis but still keeping it simple. My range isn’t huge at the moment but I am slowly building it up.

I have given two options to suit each new addition to Sarah-Jane’s wardrobe. One is a casual look, which would suit her day to day requirements of being on her feet and chasing after kids. The other option is a dressier one that Sarah-Jane could wear when going out for dinner or to a movie.

Striped Skirt Reader Outfit

1. Sussan Splice High Low Tee – $49.95 | 2. Kate Spade New York Triple Strand Necklace – $148 | 3. Urge Burn Green Fabric shoes – $34.90 (on sale) | 4. Friend of Mine blazer – $113 (on sale) | 5. Banana Republic Annie beaded top – $59.99 (US dollars, on sale) |           6. Kate Spade New York Licorice shoe from Piperlime – $298 (US dollars, get 25% off today with the code CLOSET).

I love wearing a fresh pop of turquoise or emerald green with navy and white. It’s really fresh (great for Spring!), and a little different to the red that you would normally see paired with stripes for a nautical look. The white tee from Sussan could be tucked into the skirt, and slightly bloused if you wanted to. Kate Spade produces gorgeous jewellery, and this statement necklace would definitely be an attention stealer! It’s heavy enough that the kids could touch it and you wouldn’t be afraid that it would tangle or break. A cute pair of flats would not only add a pop of colour, but would make it easy to chase after three little kids. Ballet flats are so versatile, and can be dressed up or down. I love wearing them with shorts in Summer for work, or jeans.

The dressier version of this outfit still features some colour, with the gorgeous top from Banana Republic (it also comes in navy and white). I have talked about them before when they created a Mad Men inspired clothing range. They are part of the GAP group, with Old Navy and Piperlime. There are some really gorgeous pieces to be found, for very reasonable prices. They do ship internationally, and if you sign up to their newsletters you will get continuous specials straight to your inbox. I paired the top with an unstructured blazer in white. It may not be so practical with little ones, but it would be a great option for cooler nights if you were going out. The Kate Spade pumps are a classic option that would stay in your wardrobe for years to come. I liked that the heels weren’t too high – I don’t know about Sarah-Jane but I am definitely out of practice when it comes to wearing heels! They also come in a wide variety of colours.

When I am choosing new pieces for my wardrobe I try to find things that will fit with my existing wardrobe, or that I know will be easy to pair with staples like jeans or black pants. This way I know I will get the most amount of wear out of them. All of these pieces would work with other clothes in your cupboard, so you could easily mix and match.

Chambray Shirt Reader Outfit

1. Forever New striped maxi skirt – $49.99 | 2. Portmans Hi Lo Spliced Tank in Cyan – $39.95 | 3. Shoes of Prey custom design – $139 |  4. Forever New Emma Floral Scarf – $24.99 | 5. Decjuba Zipped Bengaline pants from The Iconic – $90.97 (on sale) | 6. Portmans Hi Lo Splice Tank in Pink – $39.95 | 7. Loeffler Randall Tamsin pumps from Piperlime – $149.99 (on sale)

Ever since seeing a post on Pinterest, I have loved the look of a striped maxi and a chambray shirt. I first picked one up around Mother’s Day and I have been having lots of fun styling it in different ways. The Forever New maxi pictured is the same as mine, however mine is navy. Either would be fine, and I’ve also recently been wearing my shirt with a black maxi. I normally roll the sleeves of my shirt up to just below the elbow for a more casual look. The hi lo spliced tanks from Portmans would add a pop of colour in both outfits. The flats are from Shoes of Prey. If you haven’t played with their website before, you should definitely have a look. Have you ever searched for those specific shoes that you just can’t seem to find? On Shoes of Prey you can design your own to suit a certain outfit, or just to have something different from what you find in the stores. They come in a variety of sizes, widths and fabrics. While I haven’t bought anything from them yet, I think I will be in the future.

The other option for the chambray shirt is to pair it with slim fit black pants. While others are brave and can rock double denim, I have never given it a try since I was a kid and wore jeans with a denim jacket. If you did want to attempt it, consider tucking in the shirt and adding a coloured belt to break it up a bit. I would choose black pants in a fabric that has a matte finish to mirror the look of the denim. The Portmans tank again provides a pop of colour, in a pink this time. I absolutely love these Loeffler Randall pumps. They fit with the botanical trend of the Spring/Summer season, they’re a great shape, with a manageable heel height. They could easily be worn with a variety of dresses, skirts or jeans. Forever New’s Emma floral scarf would add more colour to either outfit. The fact it features so many colours makes it a really versatile addition to any wardrobe, and it could be used to play up different colours in your outfits.

I hope this has helped you with some ideas for styling your new purchases, Sarah-Jane!

Do you have similar pieces in your wardrobe? What do you wear them with? 

If you have a Read Riddle that you would like solved, please email me at style – I would be more than happy to help!