In Search of the Perfect Pout


I remember buying my first coloured lip gloss at about 12 years of age. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers were all the rage and they had brought out a gloss that was slightly tinted. My pocket money was spent on two tubes – chocolate and berry flavours. I felt so grown up, and wore them to death. The lip gloss love affair continued through high school and university, but was abandoned after I had my first child. Sadly I let looking after myself slide, and didn’t take the extra couple of seconds to slick on some gloss. Since starting this blog I have been trying to make a bit more of an effort with makeup, although it is still very basic. Embracing the lip colour has certainly made my look a bit more put together. I have never been one to wear lipstick but have been experimenting with more lately. I thought I would look in to the difference between the two products, and how to choose the best one for you.

What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss?


Lipstick and lip gloss both come in a wide variety of colours, however there are some big differences between the two. Lipsticks generally last a lot longer, but they will generally be more drying on your lips. You might like to pop a clear gloss or lip conditioner on prior to applying the lipstick to prevent drying. Some now come with conditioning agents in them, so just check the label carefully before purchasing. Lipsticks produce rich colours, and come in a variety of finishes including frosted and matte. They traditionally come in a tapered stick so they’re easy to apply.


The range of lip glosses has really grown in the past few years. I remember MAC’s Lip Glass coming on to the market and lip glosses in tubes applied with wands exploded. Lip glosses need to be reapplied more regularly, but they provide a sheer look. They are applied in a lot of different ways, from small pots to sponge-tipped wands. Some lip glosses can be very versatile, able to be used as cheek colour as well. They normally have the added bonus of tasting really good, which is probably why they don’t last long on your lips!

How do I choose the right colour for me?


Test, test, test! Choose a colour that you like the look of, and test a range of colours from a variety of brands on your hand. The shade of the skin on the back of your hand, or the inside of your wrist are a good indicator of how the colour will look on your face. I am not so daring, so generally stick to pink or brown tones. I was looking for something that would be similar to my natural lip colour, but with a bit more pop. If you want to try a red lipstick or gloss, you should try one with a blue coloured base, as it will make your teeth appear whiter. Lip colours with cool blue undertones will achieve this look, where as other red lip colours will have a warm orange undertone. You may have to try several different shades until you find the perfect one for you. I am still on this quest! Depending on the look that you want (day or night, casual or dressy), experiment with both lipsticks and glosses. Adding a little gloss over a lipstick will add some additional shine.


I ended up choosing a Natio lip gloss from their new range in a watermelon shade. It applies really easily and gives a nice, glossy shine. Definitely something to smile about!

Do you favour lipstick or lip gloss? What is your favourite colour?


7 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Pout

  1. I too have rediscovered a love of lip gloss! Even when I don’t have time to do my whole face – a wee bit of blush and some lovely lip gloss definitely makes me feel as though I have gone from drab to fab! 🙂

  2. I have trouble keeping lipstick and lipgloss on my lips but love the look of it. What works for me is to use a lip pencil over the top of a lip balm – probably not the best thing to do but it works. I have also found the YSL lip gloss which goes on like a gloss but looks like a lipstick is well worth the price. I think it is the best lip product ever!

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