A Party Fit for a Super Hero


Last weekend, we celebrated my son’s birthday. He has loved all things super hero for the better part of a year, so what better theme to have for his birthday party? I love planning parties for my children – it’s such a joy seeing their little faces light up when they see the decorations. I probably enjoy it a little too much, matching colours and picking themes.We still have some of the hanging decorations on display, because who doesn’t want their birthday to last a little longer?

When I started planning the party I decided I didn’t want to use the super heroes in their ‘normal’ forms if I could help it, so I turned to Pinterest and Etsy. Given that he was turning five, I thought I would be able to get away with this cute printable set from Print Magic. It came with so many options and while it was a bit time consuming printing, laminating and cutting out, they looked fantastic and more importantly my son loved them.


I think my favourite things were the super hero cut outs that I mounted on sticks, and stuck inside tin and plastic buckets from Pink Frosting. I bought the buckets two birthdays ago and they’re still going strong! The cut outs looked really cute on the table, and have the bonus of being able to put on puppet shows after the party.


The party was in the afternoon, and we served a mixture of hot savoury food, fruit, crudites with dip and of course some lollies. My son has a dairy allergy, so everything was dairy free (bar one flavour of chips). It’s always hard when he goes to someone else’s party as he has to question what is in everything, so I love that he can just pick anything off the table at his own party.


We had an epic game of pass the parcel, and with 19 guests it was no easy feat! Luckily some of the kids decided that a lolly pop was good enough and didn’t wait around to see if they would get a big prize so it narrowed the field. I used Spotify to make a play list of themes from super hero TV shows which had lots of people singing along. I picked up a $5 quoits game from Kmart which we called the ‘Baterang’ game, and the kids loved playing. We had also found a Spiderman target game that provided entertainment, but most of the smaller children just loved running around in the back garden and playing on the swings. I had found some Wonder Woman, Super Man and Bat Man bubble baths at my local supermarket to give away as prizes, and some magic face washers with Batman and Spiderman that expand in the bath. There were also ‘power bracelets’ for the girls.


The printables set came with cute colouring pages, and I made up a basket with some cardboard masks from a local art store. I popped in some other crafty bits and pieces, and some of the older children enjoyed decorating their own super hero mask. They even had the idea of using the stripy paper straws I had bought to make them into masquerade masks!


I bought some colourful paper lanterns from a discount shop and strung them up across the dining table where we had the food. I used some of the printables to decorate them, and strung red, blue and yellow streamers up as well. The lanterns were only $2 each but they looked so effective, and they are going to be relocated to the birthday boy’s room this weekend.


You could also use tissue paper pom poms to get a similar effect, or string them together in a bunch. They have really come down in price since they first hit the market, and I noticed that our local party shop sells them now as well, when I could only previously find them online.


Mr Style Unearthed is the cake maker in our family – he loves experimenting with tricky designs and fondant. I’m more of a packet mix and butter cream icing kind of girl! I made my son’s first birthday cake, but since then my husband has been the designated baker. In past years we have had Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, a fire engine, and Mike the Knight. This year was ‘Super H’, complete with cape. It had a vanilla layer and a chocolate layer, and tasted great.


And with a view of the cape…


It has become tradition for my wonderful mother-in-law to make cupcakes to fit the theme of the kids’ parties, and this year she and my father-in-law out did themselves! They made Spiderman cupcakes with dairy free white chocolate Spidey faces, and Batman cupcakes with fondant bat signals.


The kids loved them, and they tasted great too. There were a few with just the tops eaten off – glad to see that icing is still the best bit of a cake for a kid!


What would a party be without party bags? In the past I have tried to do themed party bags but I left my run a little late this year. A trip to the party shop, discount shop and KMart did the trick and I think everyone went home happy. We had lots of bubbles left over from a previous party, so I used the chocolate wrappers from the printable set to label them. The party bags were simple paper loot bags that fitted the colour theme, and I stapled themed labels to them.


The labels were really cute, and made the bags look great sitting there altogether waiting to go home with the kids.


I think all the guests had as much fun celebrating as I did planning, which is the most important thing! Now on to planning for round two in October, when our littlest will turn two. Stay tuned!


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