How to Find the Perfect Summer Hat

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It’s getting to that time in Australia – the annual search for the perfect swimsuit, and the perfect sun hat. The swimsuits we will look at in another post, but today we will talk about how to find the perfect summer hat. As an Aussie kid of the 80’s and 90’s, I have the ‘slip, slop, slap’ message implanted firmly in my brain. I have fair skin thanks to my English and Scottish heritage, and although I had my fair share on sunburns as a teenager who was lax with sunscreen, I am now extra careful in the sun. The Cancer Council recommends a wide brimmed hat, with a weave that is close together so it doesn’t let in much sun. We all know that wide brimmed hats can be less than fashionable, so I have searched for six of the best.

Wide Brim hats

1. Billabong Love Me Floppy hat – $25.99  | 2. Forever NewLindsay Lurex hat – $34.99 | 3. Roxy Summer Time Hat – $29.99 | 4. Dents Wide Brim Paper Braid sunhat from Birdsnest – $24.95 | 5. Akubra Balmoral hat from Hats by the Hundred – $89.95 | 6. Bondi Beach Bag Co Wide Brim hat from The Iconic – $50

One of the best places I have found fashionable hats over the years is surf shops. Brands like Billabong, Roxy and Element make great hats for the beach and outdoors. Many have wide brims and are tested for proper UV protection, which is important in the harsh Australian sun. A classic hat like the one from Bondi Beach Bag Co, with big sunglasses and a flowing maxi dress will create instant summer style, and would look great on a lunch date. For something a bit different, wrap your favourite silk scarf around the base of the hat to create a colourful band that can compliment your outfit.

Fedoras and trilbies are other hat shapes that have become very popular in the past few years. They don’t provide as much sun protection as a wide brimmed hat, but they look great and would be fine for a short amount of time under the rays.

Trilbies and Fedoras

1. Portmans Floral Aztec Fedora – $25 | 2. Target Summer Fedora – $15 | 3. Tigerlily Sonal Fedora from Westfield – $70 | 4. Sportscraft Liberty Trilby from Westfield – $60 | 5. Dents Woven Paper Trilby from Birdsnest – $25 | 6. Sportscraft Monica Trilby from Westfield – $50

I love the shape of fedoras and trilbies, and the fact that they bring a casual feel to an outfit. Perfect with a pair of shorts and some cute sandals, they really work as an accessory and not just sun protection. Being small means that they can easily fit inside a beach bag without being squashed, meaning that you are always ready for the warm weather.

Try to store your hats on a hook, or stacked gently in a pile so they don’t get damaged. Squashing or bending them can ruin the weave of the material, letting in more sun and rendering them not as protective.

The Cancer Council recommend using hats with a UPF protection rating of 50+, in conjunction with wrap around sunglasses, at least 30+ sun cream, sufficient clothing and shade to keep yourself safe from the sun.

Do you wear hats in summer? What style is your favourite?

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