Summer Casual Outfits



I’ve been doing a little shopping lately. We had an early pop of summer, and as all last year’s clothes were too big, I had to go shopping (so sad, ha!). Although there are lots of gorgeous summer clothes on offer, I knew I had to still be practical and choose things I could wear for both work and while I was with my own kids. I didn’t need any more dresses, but I found some lovely tops with prints and other embellishments. I also picked up some tailored shorts and cute skirts which I will share with you in the coming weeks.

The above outfit is super casual, and perfect for a summer’s day. I’ve been on the search for a good pair of denim shorts for a couple of years. They’re either too tight, too short or just not right. The ‘Baby Bear’ complex. I finally found the perfect pair at my local Target, and they were on special. Double win! I paired them with a white singlet and my gorgeous Ashloc Designs* necklace for a pop of colour. You can find the shorts here and the singlet here. I bought the sandals from a surf shop last year but you can find similar here and here. If you don’t think you’re a surf shop kind of person, don’t discount them on face value. They have fantastic hats, sunglasses and casual shoes as well as swim wear. I would like some casual tan sandals for this year, after my post a couple of weeks ago, but I might put them on my Christmas list.



























I bought this dress last year when I was starting to re-evaluate my wardrobe. Chevron was everywhere (and still is), but the dress wasn’t black and it was something that differed from what I normally wore. It’s almost like a dress/kaftan hybrid. It feels really nice on, and I love the batwings and lower back line. It’s a little on the big side now, but it’s become one of my firm favourites. I have also worn it with black wedges for a dressier look. It’s not available anymore, but you can find similar here and here.

Please excuse the pony tail – it’s super windy here today, and I’m due for a hair cut this afternoon. Why do I always choose rainy and windy days to book in at the hair dressers? I am planning about a hair-centred post – stay tuned for that. Am I the only person who goes to the hair dresser with little intention of what to do? I often end up in two minds. I’m trying to grow my hair which is a long process, and it’s at the awkward in-between stage. Watch Instagram for the results!

Do you have a favourite Summer casual outfit? Do you make plans before you go to the hair dressers?




This post contains a reviewed product (marked with a *), and affiliate links, in line with my disclosure policy.


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