Zen Meditation Garden

Garden Zen

Meditation has become a daily practice for me of late. I love taking a few minutes out of my day to breathe. It has become something that I need and crave, and find myself getting uptight if I haven’t had a chance just to ‘be’. On the weekend, I sat out on our verandah. It spans the length of the back of our house and overlooks the bushy backyard and the creek. As I closed my eyes I could hear the birds flitting around the trees, the frogs calling, and the wind rustling the leaves. Unfortunately, I could also feel the fallen twigs digging into my legs through my yoga mat, and I kept wanting to open one eye to make sure my neighbours weren’t laughing at me.

As a result of not only enjoying the space so much, but also wanting to deter prying eyes, I decided to create my own little zen meditation garden on the verandah off our bedroom. It is a raised platform, with a few steps leading down to the remainder of the outdoor space. Bamboo screening will block the area sight, and let me practice my meditation or yoga outside with both eyes firmly closed! As usual, I turned to Pinterest and Polyvore to find some inspiration.

Zen garden 1

Image Source

I would love some potted greenery, possibly bamboo (depending on cost). Some hurricane jars would look fantastic with candles, and would also let me spend time outside in the dark. Doing yoga stretches by candle light is something I find really relaxing, thanks to my old yoga teacher who used to transform a smelly exercise studio into a relaxing space just with a few flickering candles. I love the idea of a wall garden, but this may be a work in progress.

Zen garden 2

Image Source

A trickling water feature would be a fantastic addition. There are many battery operated features available for low cost at hardware stores, resulting in a portable display that you can move if necessary. I am also on the lookout for a nice statue to sit in the area. The lanterns in this picture are gorgeous. At my last visit to the Buddhist temple they were hanging in the trees, each with their different meaning and good wishes attached.

Zen garden 3

Image Source

I love the look of the white stones and hardy green succulents. They are probably plants I can manage not to kill! Any plants will need to be potted, and able to survive in full sun which the area gets in the afternoon.

Some nice scatter cushions that could be brought inside would make the space very comfortable, and some small wind chimes would create and inviting area that could be used to meditation, yoga, or just as somewhere to get lost in a good book.

I will be sure to share my designs for the area as they come along. I am really looking forward to creating a little place just for me, and soaking up the sun and fresh air as the weather continues to get warmer.

Do you have a space just for you? Would you like one? What would it look like?


2 thoughts on “Zen Meditation Garden

  1. That sounds lovely! I would love a zen garden and your ideas sound beautiful. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Ha ha the only thing I can only grow are cactus too!

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