What I Wore – Cocktail Party and Dinner


Target Spot Print Sateen Dress – $59 | Mikonos Close Backed Heel in Teaberry – $30 | Ladies Skinny Horseshoe Buckle Belt (coral colour I wore not available online) – $10

So, what do you do when you have an event to attend, feel like wearing a new dress, only have half an hour to shop and don’t want to drive more than five minutes? Hit up your local chain store. My little town was lucky enough (in my opinion!) to have a Target Country open about 18 months ago. They have a good selection of clothes, and some homewares bits and pieces. My husband’s soccer presentation and cocktail party was on this weekend, and I had outfit itchy feet. I had something that would have been perfectly suitable, but wanted to buy something new. When I get in a mood like this, it’s better to buy something that is kinder on the wallet. Target definitely came through!

Initially I thought something coloured might be nice, and tried on lots of options. As soon as I zipped up this monochrome dress, it was love. It fitted beautifully (I bought a size 10), and felt so nice on. While I had black accessories I could have worn with it, I decided it needed a splash of colour. The shoes and belt in a coral colour matched and really brightened the outfit.

Thanks to my Instagram and Facebook crew who came through to answer ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ when I asked their opinion and posted this from the change room:


The beauty of monochrome is that you can accessorise in so many different ways. Coral, turquoise or red would all work with this outfit. The dress would be perfect for cocktails, high tea or the races. I will be wearing it to a family wedding in November, but might choose different accessories to change it up a bit.

High street stores have some fantastic options for smart casual and cocktail type events, and can be a one-stop-shop if you are short of time like me. Many stores have shoes, bags and other accessories, so it makes it extra easy to shop.

Do you have any events coming up? What will you be wearing?

My thoughts are with all those in bush fire affected regions in New South Wales. There is currently a fire burning about 10km from my home, and our whole community thanks the fire fighters for working so hard.


13 thoughts on “What I Wore – Cocktail Party and Dinner

  1. LOVE that dress!!!! You look amazing! I’m currently in love with polka dots, so this is definitely a winner. I haven’t got any events lined up but dying for one so I can wear the stuff I just bought!!

  2. Love this dress and it looks fab on you!! Target have an awesome range of Summer dresses this year. Last time I was in there I could have walked out with at least 10 I think. But had husband in tow, no need to say more, lol. Also Peter Morrissey for Big W is the best thing that has happened there for a long time. I can actually say I wear a designer label now haha 🙂

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