Project Move For 30 – How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Day


When I celebrated Style Unearthed’s six month blog-iversary, I asked my readers what they wanted to see on this space. One reader asked how I fit exercise into my day, as she was struggling to find time in between caring for two small children. At the moment, it has been hard for me too, so I thought now would be a good time to post this and hopefully re-invigorate myself at the same time. It is so easy for me to make excuses at the moment – assessments need to be marked, reports written, dinners made, washing folded. It’s simple to fall back into old habits and not exercise at all. As a result I have decided to start a new hash tag project, Move For 30.

The Australian government recommend that adults move for at least 30 minutes, most days of the week. While this might seem like a lot, or an inconvenience (where I am going to find an extra 30 minutes when I am already busy?), the good news is that you can easily work this amount of movement into your day through incidental exercise.

While I might plan to go to the gym (and write it on the calendar), it sometimes doesn’t happen. I find that incidental exercise, things I can do at home, or activities that include my kids are fantastic. My gym does not have a creche, so anytime I go there has to be solo, which can make it tricky. Walks with the pram, where my eldest can ride his bike or the dog can tag along are great. We recently bought our daughter a trike that we can push, so that is an extra way for us all to get moving. Doing an exercise DVD or YouTube video is an easy exercise for home, as is doing push ups using your kitchen bench. A few yoga poses can help you start the day in the right way, and as long as you’re getting your heart rate up a bit, it all contributes towards your 30 minute goal. I put together a little list with some movement inspiration.


All of these exercises will contribute to your 30 minute per day quota. You will be surprised at how quickly they add up once you get started. Moving by just a small amount more can make a massive difference to your health (both mental and physical) and leave you feeling great.

How to join in

Simply post a photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag movefor30. You could also add the hashtag to a status update, if you prefer. Make you sure remember to @styleunearthed so I can follow your progress!

Will you join in the #movefor30 project? How do you integrate movement into your day?


6 thoughts on “Project Move For 30 – How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Day

  1. 30 minutes can seem such a short amount of time or such a long amount of time, depending on what needs to be done! Count me in, Sarah. I have a puppy that needs to be walked (twice a day) and a swimsuit I’ve ordered from ASOS on its way (for the pool that is going in our backyard as we speak)!

  2. What a great idea! It is just about finding that time isn’t it – when you do, you certainly feel better. Whilst I don’t love getting up early – it gets it out of the way and I feel more motivated for the day. Plus you can flop onto the couch at the end of the day without guilt!

  3. What a great idea! Like all mothers, I’m a little time poor so one of my little tricks is to get my four year old to count me doing ‘star jumps’. He counts to 25 for me 4 times (so 4 sets of 25 jumps) which is a surprisingly good little heart raiser!

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