Food, Fashion and Fun

If you have seen my Instagram pictures lately, you would have seen some Diet Coke and some chocolate. That’s right folks, it’s report writing time again. They are my first priority at the moment, so blogging has fallen by the wayside (sorry!). I thought I would squeeze in a quick post while I am eating breakfast, and share a few pictures from the weekend and start of the week.



Last year, we took part in an international food challenge with a group of friends. Each month we took turns choosing a country out of a hat and then found a restaurant with that cuisine. We’ve tried Korean, German, Turkish, Fillipino (among others) and now Mexican. It has been a great way to get the children to try things they wouldn’t normally eat, and the adults have experienced new tastes and flavours too. As a vegetarian it has sometimes been a little tricky, but there is normally something on the menu for me to try. We went to Mexico Food and Liquor in Surry Hills (Sydney) and it was great. The staff were attentive, wonderful with the kids and the food was lovely. The group snacked on house made corn chips, avocado and salsa while we decided on our mains.


I decided to try the tomato, cucumber, and roast spiced zucchini salad with achiote dressing. It was nicely presented, and had a good mix of flavours. The portion was just right. I’m not a fussy food connoisseur by any means so can’t describe the technical elements of the flavours to you, but I enjoyed it!


My other dish was the chickpea patatas with pimento mojo and cucumber pico. I enjoyed these as well, but the sauce was a little on the warm side and I am not a fan of spicy food. I love chickpeas, so it was good to try something new and I will try to replicate these at home without the extra heat. Lunch was a relaxed event and two hours passed in a blink. It’s always the way when sharing a meal with good friends!

We went for a wander up to the David Jones Christmas windows after lunch. It’s always been tradition for me to look at the windows and the huge tree in the QVB in December each year since I was small, but we did part of that a little early this year. I think we will head back in closer to Christmas to soak up some of the festive spirit.


If you follow me on Instagram (@styleunearthed) you would have seen this picture – I got brave and bought some short shorts. Sure, they’re not short by teenage girl standards, but they are for my twenty-something Mum legs! Target got me again on Friday when I went in for a browse, and a 20% off sale resulted in me walking out with two new wardrobe items. The shirt is a nice, light cotton and perfect for Summer. Saturday was warm, and I debated wearing the top but I wasn’t too hot at all. I will be able to use it for work as well as casual wear. The shorts would also look cute with a tucked in singlet and belt. You can find the shorts here (the navy ones aren’t online). The shirt is not online but here is a sleeveless option. The shoes are from Rubi and are super comfy. Bit of a mess by the end of the day when the photo was taken, but I wanted to show you anyway.


Last night I had the opportunity to dress up, do my hair and slap some makeup on (unheard of midweek!) and head out with a good friend to a VIP night. I photographed Splendour Interiors for a post I wrote for website Sydney’s Great West. It’s a beautiful shop run by an interior designer and architect. We had fun looking at all of the beautiful products, mingling, and having a chat. The store is divided into different rooms to showcase the home wares and furniture.


The store currently has wallpaper and rugs designed by Catherine Martin, and they are gorgeous. This was the Gatsby wallpaper (no surprises there!) but there were also beautifully embossed and muted colour choices too. The rugs were stunning, but would need to be housed somewhere with no people, food, or drinks!

So, that has been my week so far! We’re heading off to Melbourne next week for a family wedding, so over the weekend I will share a little about packing for a holiday and some bits and pieces we’re planning to do. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to a little break! In the mean time while it’s a little quite here, please come and chat on Facebook and Instagram as I will still be posting over there. Have a wonderful week.

What have you been up to so far this week? Are you a fan of wallpaper? What is your favourite international cuisine?


6 thoughts on “Food, Fashion and Fun

  1. That Mexican place looks great! And what a great idea with the international food challenge, it is such a good way to try new things! Good on you regarding your “short” shorts – you have amazing legs! V jealous!!

  2. I love the idea of choosing different country each month and visiting a restaurant of that cuisine!
    I finally saw The Great Gatsby the other week and I absoltuely loved it. I want to watch it again with my husband, as I know he’ll really enjoy it.
    This week has been busy but productive (which I like) and I’ve finally started my Christmas shopping – yay!

    • It’s been great, Sonia! We put in countries that we wouldn’t normally try (so no Italian, Thai etc) and I make sure I try something I wouldn’t normally.

      Wasn’t Gatsby great? I loved it, and all of the furnishings last night made me want his house too!

      Yay for you starting Christmas shopping! I’ve done bits and pieces, but will get stuck in when we get home from our trip.

  3. Oooh – I love the idea of visiting restaurants! That would be very cool in Sydney – not so much in my small town!!

    What a great week you have had!

    Enjoy your time in Melbourne, gosh I want to go there!

    • Thanks B 🙂 You’d be surprised at what you could find, even in a small town. Some of the restaurants we’ve visited have been in small suburbs we wouldn’t have expected.

      I can’t wait for Melbourne. Shopping, coffee and wearing black!

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