What to Pack in Your Cosmetic Bag




This week we’re off on a small holiday. My cousin is getting married, and we’re squeezing in a few days sight seeing as well. Given that I haven’t been on a plane for four years, I’m rather excited! Of course packing has been on my mind, so I thought I would dedicate a few posts to packing for short trips.

Today we’re going to look at what to pack in your cosmetic bag when you’re only travelling for a short amount of time. It can be incredibly tricky to fit all your lotions and potions into a small bag, especially if you’re sharing with family. Here are my 10 essential items for you to include in your beauty bag.

1. The cosmetic bag itself

I saw some beautiful MOR cosmetic bags last week, and fell in love with this monochrome patterns. This London foldout bag is a fantastic size, and folds up into a small case. I like the way it is sectioned off, so you can store things in categories so they are easy to find. One of my pet dislikes is having to dig around in my cosmetic bag trying to find some small item.

2. Your favourite fragrance

Perfume is a simple way to give yourself a lift when you are tired from travelling. My favourite fragrance is Chanel’s Allure. I have a large bottle at home, but always feel slightly nervous when I travel with it. A glass bottle does not mix with squashed bags, whether it be in the boot of a car or the bottom of a plane. A travel or purse pack can be a great option. They’re packed in hardy cases, and are made for travel.

3. Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palettes are a great way to save space – you have multiple colours to choose from in one small compact. The colours are often complimentary, so you can use them to contrast or create a smokey eye. I love these Natio palettes. They’re affordable, feel great, and not tested on animals.

4. Lip gloss or lipstick

Whether you wear lip gloss and lipstick often or not, a small slick of it can really add some polish to an outfit. Choose a neutral colour to add some shine, or be bold with a bright colour. These Natio glosses are creamy and not sticky when applied. It lasts well, and does not need to applied too often.

5. BB cream

I have sung the praises of BB cream before. It gives a smooth coverage and evens out skin tone. It is perfect to take away on holidays, as you can leave the foundation at home. It moisturises and tints the skin, evening out your skin tone.

6. Day creme

It’s no secret that the air conditioning on planes and in hotel rooms can dry out your skin, even on a short trip. A thick day creme can be a life saver on dry skin. I will take my favourite Pure Fiji creme, which works well with my cleanser.

7. Shower gel

This Original Source shower gel is my current favourite. It smells like a strawberry milkshake and is just delicious! Original Source don’t test on animals which wins big brownie points from me. The bottles are not too huge – a good size to tuck inside your cosmetic bag.

8. Cleanser

It’s important to keep up with your face cleaning routine, even on holidays. Different food, alcohol, pollution and the aforementioned air conditioning can upset your skin, so packing your cleanser and creams is a good idea. If you use make up pads to apply your cleanser, don’t forget to pack a few as well.

9. Deodorant

This is a must-pack item (it goes without saying!). While a roll on may be a little heavier, it is smaller and takes up less room. My favourite is the Nivea Invisible that doesn’t leave white marks on dark clothing. It offers great all day protection and is a great option when you’re on the go, toting bags.

10. Travel containers

These little containers are a great invention. They rose in popularity when travellers were limited in the amount of liquids they were allowed to carry on board planes. This Korjo set is from Officeworks, of all places! It’s great as it includes a small spray bottle and pump pack for different creams and spritzes.

Other essentials to remember:

* Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.

* Any medications – if travelling overseas make sure you carry a note from your doctor with your medication, and try to carry it in it’s packet rather than a pill box.

* Shampoo and conditioner if you don’t want to use what is provided in the hotel.

* A small first aid kit, including pain killers and band aids for blisters.

* Mascara and concealer – essentials for me, but I can do without them if need be!

* Hair dryer, straightener and hair brush.

* Razor (if you use one).

If you’re traveling overseas, it is a good idea to pack a small cosmetics bag in your carry on luggage, along with some underwear. This way, if your bag gets lost you still have a few things to freshen you up while you wait for the rest of your things.

You can follow along with my adventures on Instagram @styleunearthed. I’ll be posting lots of pictures!

What are your cosmetic bag essentials? Do you have a specific way that you pack your bag?




4 thoughts on “What to Pack in Your Cosmetic Bag

  1. Looks like we pack in the exact same way!
    The travel sized empty bottles are fantastic – you can take all of your favourite products without having to lug huge (heavy) bottles in your suitcase.
    Have a great time!

  2. I am a terrible, terrible packer. I hate not having “my things” so I tend to take one of everything. Thankfully my skin care comes in travel sizes so I take them. I try and do the same with shampoo/conditioner. One thing I will never compromise on is my hair dryer and straightner – they are always in the bag. Enjoy the wedding and your time away!

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