Summer and Autumn Wedding Outfits

Wedding outfits


1. Birthday Soiree Dress – $147.99 | 2. When the Night Comes – $99.99 | 3. Ornate Update – $102.99 |                                         4. A Dot to Love – $92.99 | 5. Allow Me to Introduce – $199.99 | 6. Fete for Royalty – $64.99

My gorgeous sister-in-law is getting married in March, so I thought I would take advantage of the post-Christmas sales and start looking for a dress. It’s a garden wedding and Autumn time in Australia can still be quite warm, so I have had my eye on cocktail length frocks. The dress code will be semi-formal, so these dresses will hopefully be appropriate as Summer and Autumn wedding outfits.

I started looking at the usual stores I love for special outfits – Leona Edmiston and Diana Ferrari – but then I remembered ModCloth. I have browsed on there before, and spent many a happy evening oohing and aahing over pretty dresses. With free regularly delivery to Australia, and so many beautiful options, I think I will be putting in an order soon. I will let you know how the service is. They have an iOS app now, which I am looking forward to playing with.

Style Unearthed’s tips for wedding dressing:

1. Keep it modest – A wedding isn’t the place to show off your many assets (as tempting as it may be). Try to remember the rule of show casing one asset, whether it be your chest, legs or back. This tip is especially important to remember if you are attending a wedding in a church – some may have particular conventions that you need to follow, such as covering up your shoulders. Invest in a wrap or bolero if you’re unsure, to keep all bases covered.

2. Stay comfortable – Weddings can be long events stretching way in to the evening. Make sure you invest in comfortable shoes that you can dance in (if you’re that way inclined), that you can sit down in your dress, and that it has enough give around the middle for you to enjoy your meal and not be uncomfortable.

3. It’s okay to step outside your comfort zone – As I said above, I looked to my favourite stores first to attempt to find an outfit. If you know things fit you well, this is a great idea. Don’t be afraid to think outside the square, and try on something that is not your regular style. You might be pleasantly surprised! If in doubt, ask one of the shop assistants to choose something for you. They’re normally very obliging, and will even suggest which accessories or shoes may be suitable.

4. Remember some rules – The general rules for wedding dressing are that you should not wear the same colour as the bridesmaids (so ask the bride if you feel comfortable!), and also not to wear white, cream or ivory. Some people believe you also shouldn’t wear black at weddings, but in recent years this has become acceptable. My bridesmaids wore black as the groomsmen were in kilts and we didn’t want the tartan to clash with the dresses.

5. It’s better to be overdressed – I discussed deciphering dress codes in this post, but if you’re not sure about what to wear, it is generally better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Unless it is a formal or black tie wedding, a cocktail dress and a nice pair of shoes will generally appease the dress code.

Do you have any weddings coming up next year? What are you planning to wear? Have you every purchased from ModCloth?

Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas



Do you enjoy wrapping presents for Christmas, like me, or are you more like Smithy from Gavin and Stacey who wrapped everything in tin foil because he didn’t need to use sticky tape? I love choosing wrapping paper each year, and making presents look nice. I know the paper is only going to be torn off, but at least it looks pretty sitting underneath the tree! I thought I would share some Christmas present wrapping ideas with you, before time runs out!

This year I was quite organised, when on a trip to Masters I found themed wrapping, table decorations and crackers. I decided to go with a blue and silver beachy theme – perfect for Australia in the summer time. I purchased gorgeous blue and silver ribbon, a thick navy ribbon and several rolls of rope. Silver and white rolls of wrapping paper found at the supermarket matched perfectly. On the weekend, I found more of the red and white twine I used last year at Kikki K and bought another tube – it has been a nice addition to the red and white paper I purchased on the weekend when I thought I would run out of paper (I always think this, and overbuy. Haven’t run out yet funny that!). Dressing up the presents has been lots of fun. 


Boxes are definitely the easiest things to wrap. I make sure I trim the paper as close as I can to the present so it doesn’t all bunch up at the sides.


Red and white wrapping (or brown paper which I have used the past couple of years) always looks really effective. By purchasing neutral colours, I can use left over paper for birthdays throughout the year by changing the colour of the ribbon, or using stamps to decorate the paper.


While it’s not a traditional Christmas colour, I love the look of the navy blue with the silver and white. This year I bought two different types of tags (one for the kids, and one for adults) that matched the paper. In the past I have made tags, but didn’t have the time to spend this year.

Style Unearthed’s Christmas wrapping tips:

1. Check out discount stores and supermarkets – You don’t have to spend a bomb on wrapping materials, After all, it is only going to end up in the recycling bin. Stores like The Reject Shop and your local supermarket will offer lots of options, often in coloured themes. Also check out craft stores like Lincraft, Spotlight and Riot. They often have huge discounts on Christmas stock in the lead up to the big day. These stores are also great spots to buy things like sticky tape and ribbon.

2. Recycle ribbon and other trimmings from the past year – When you are given presents throughout the year, don’t throw them away. I have some craft drawers in a cupboard and store crafty bits and pieces in there. If I need a ribbon I raid this spot first before buying new things. We also save our gift bags. Watch the after Christmas catalogues for special wrapping paper storage bags – you can make the most of the sales and buy your wrap for next year (now that’s organised!).

3. Simple works too – Your wrapping doesn’t need to be elaborate. Simple brown paper, stamps (Kikki K have lots of cute ones), or even brown paper bags can look really effective. If you choose a theme, keep it simple and with like colours. While mine doesn’t all match this year the different wrapping lets me know who the presents are for!

4. Hit Pinterest – If you’re after some wrapping inspiration, have a look at sites like Pinterest. There are lots of gorgeous ideas, many with simple touches using doilies, twine and twigs.

5. Consider the environment – While I have gone the usual route with paper this year, my friend Norlin at Baubles, Bubbles and Bags has some fantastic ideas about wrapping with a difference. I also saw some lovely ideas in a magazine last year making themed presents with the wrapping as a feature –  plant pots (and gardening bits and pieces), popcorn buckets (complete with movie tickets and snacks) and tea towels (with cooking goodies hidden inside). Step outside the square, and you might find some great ideas.

How do you wrap your Christmas presents? Have you decided on a theme this year, or do you keep it simple?

Thank you for your support of Style Unearthed this year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Style Unearthed will be back after Christmas.

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Old kitchen

This picture was the first one we saw of our current kitchen. The walls were green, the owners had a huge fridge (with the plumbed water and ice maker I covet!), and bar stools that my two monkeys would want to climb. When we moved in we painted the walls Antique White USA. This made the most of the high cathedral ceilings and added to the light and airy feeling in the house. Other than that, things haven’t changed. We’ve lived here for nearly two and a half years now, and we know what we like and would like to change about the kitchen. Structurally, the kitchen is sound, but it could do with an update. The cabinets and doors are still in very good condition, however the handles and  some hinges will need to be replaced. We hope that by lightening up the cabinets, and making a feature of the bench tops it will breathe some new life into the kitchen and bide some time until a full renovation one day. Welcome to our kitchen makeover on a budget.

So – how does one renovate a kitchen without replacing cabinetry and bench tops? We’re about to experiment and find out!  I saw this tutorial on Young House Love a while ago, so we will use that as our painting bible during the process. The cabinets will need sanding, so all of the doors will be removed. I am hoping that it won’t be as disruptive as the kitchen being torn apart, so we won’t need to remove any crockery or serving ware from the cupboards.


The bench tops were going to be the trickiest part until I saw Rust-oleum Bench Top Transformations in a home and garden magazine. The majority of reviews I’ve seen have been positive, and the price point is very reasonable. A friend who works at a home magazine said it came highly recommended, so you can’t argue with that expertise! It looks quite simple to use, which is essential for two non-renovators! I have my fingers crossed that it will be simple enough, and look as good as it does on their video. We will be following the DVD instructions to the letter!

The most important decision (in my mind, anyway!) is the colour choice. I am always drawn to a modern French country look, so I have been looking at cream or off white cabinetry and charcoal bench tops. As usual, Pinterest has been very helpful. Sorry for the size of some of these – I can’t make them any bigger.

Kitchen One

Image Source

Kitchen Two

Image Source

Kitchen Three
So, while everyone else is sunning themselves on the beach over the Christmas holidays we will be attempting to give our kitchen a lift, and I can’t wait! I will look forward to sharing progress photos and then a before and after once it is finished. Please wish us luck!
Have you ever embarked on a kitchen renovation? How was it? Which colours did you choose?

How Do You Stay In Touch With Style Unearthed?



About six months ago, Google Reader disappeared and the way that people read blogs started to change. At the time, lots of blogs posed the question that I am now asking in the title. Style Unearthed was still virtually brand new when the Reader closed, so at the time I didn’t think it was important to point people in the right direction. A few months on, I am interested to know how readers interact with Style Unearthed. Do you subscribe? Do you see posts on Facebook? By asking this, it will let me target areas that you guys will actually see (thanks, new Facebook algorithm!) and make sure I am posting on those platforms.


You can subscribe to Style Unearthed in the little email box to your right. This will mean that every time a post is uploaded, it will be emailed to you immediately. I can’t see your email address, and you will never get anything from me other than my posts.


Style Unearthed’s Facebook page can be found here. It is a great way to chat to blog readers and likers, and get to know you all. If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer. My page has had a little make over lately, thanks to Sydney web design business If You Build It. They kindly offered to make me a new cover image and re-jig my logo. You can see the cover image above – very now with the chevron!


Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with updates, posts and photos. I love being able to get to know people through this platform, and see information from blogs and companies I love. You can find the Style Unearthed feed here.


Instagram is so much fun. You can now upload pictures and videos, and follow along with millions of other people. Photo challenges like Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day and Styling You’s  #everydaystyle hashtag project let you discover lots of other like-minding people and have an insight into their day to day lives. You can find me there as @styleunearthed, or view the pictures on the main page of Style Unearthed.


Bloglovin will let you follow a number of your favourite blogs, and they will email you bite size tasters each day so you can keep up to date or save them for later. Sign up with Facebook or your email and they will keep things organised so you don’t have to.

Do you have a favourite way to interact with blogs? Are you a reader and not a commenter? Please come and say hi!

Trying a Trend – Printed Pants


Pants – Peter Morrissey for Big W | Top – Portmans (similar here) | Shoes – Diana Ferrari (similar here)| Sunglasses – Tory Burch

It has taken me a while to try out the patterned pant trend that has been everywhere for the past few months. I picked this pair up last week when Big W had a buy 2, get a third for free sale. They were only $25, and they’re incredibly comfortable. I wore them on the weekend with a black singlet top and flat sandals for a casual look, but swapped them for low wedges and the Portmans top in the photo above for work. I was a bit afraid they would look too much like pyjama pants, but it seemed to work!

The wonderful thing about printed pants is that they can be worn casually or dressed up. I plan to try them with a pair of wedges, and also a blazer for a dressier look. Accessories will add to the outfit (as usual). Lovisa has some great statement necklaces in bright colours  or monochrome to work with any outfit.

Printed pants are in most shops this summer, in a range of fabrics and prints. I have found four very different offerings which you can see below.


1. Witchery Viscose printed pant – $99.95 | 2. Target Free Fusion pant – $23.20 (on sale) | 3. Metalicus Horizon Drape Pant – $149.95 | 4. Sussan Filagree pant – $39.95 (on sale)

Style Unearthed’s printed pants tips

1. Try something within your comfort zone, but a little different. For me, the monochrome was within my comfort zone, but the soft fabric and cut were not. It has allowed me to ease myself in to the trend, but not feel uncomfortable.

2. Choose something that will work with your current wardrobe. Pick a colour that can work with clothes or accessories you already have, or that can work with several different colours. This will add to the versatility.

3. Don’t discount the trend for Summer. Lots of the pants I found are in light weight fabrics and are very wearable in warmer weather. Try them with a singlet or cotton top to stay cool.

Have you tried the printed pant trend yet? Would you wear them? What do you like to style them with?