Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Old kitchen

This picture was the first one we saw of our current kitchen. The walls were green, the owners had a huge fridge (with the plumbed water and ice maker I covet!), and bar stools that my two monkeys would want to climb. When we moved in we painted the walls Antique White USA. This made the most of the high cathedral ceilings and added to the light and airy feeling in the house. Other than that, things haven’t changed. We’ve lived here for nearly two and a half years now, and we know what we like and would like to change about the kitchen. Structurally, the kitchen is sound, but it could do with an update. The cabinets and doors are still in very good condition, however the handles and  some hinges will need to be replaced. We hope that by lightening up the cabinets, and making a feature of the bench tops it will breathe some new life into the kitchen and bide some time until a full renovation one day. Welcome to our kitchen makeover on a budget.

So – how does one renovate a kitchen without replacing cabinetry and bench tops? We’re about to experiment and find out!  I saw this tutorial on Young House Love a while ago, so we will use that as our painting bible during the process. The cabinets will need sanding, so all of the doors will be removed. I am hoping that it won’t be as disruptive as the kitchen being torn apart, so we won’t need to remove any crockery or serving ware from the cupboards.


The bench tops were going to be the trickiest part until I saw Rust-oleum Bench Top Transformations in a home and garden magazine. The majority of reviews I’ve seen have been positive, and the price point is very reasonable. A friend who works at a home magazine said it came highly recommended, so you can’t argue with that expertise! It looks quite simple to use, which is essential for two non-renovators! I have my fingers crossed that it will be simple enough, and look as good as it does on their video. We will be following the DVD instructions to the letter!

The most important decision (in my mind, anyway!) is the colour choice. I am always drawn to a modern French country look, so I have been looking at cream or off white cabinetry and charcoal bench tops. As usual, Pinterest has been very helpful. Sorry for the size of some of these – I can’t make them any bigger.

Kitchen One

Image Source

Kitchen Two

Image Source

Kitchen Three
So, while everyone else is sunning themselves on the beach over the Christmas holidays we will be attempting to give our kitchen a lift, and I can’t wait! I will look forward to sharing progress photos and then a before and after once it is finished. Please wish us luck!
Have you ever embarked on a kitchen renovation? How was it? Which colours did you choose?

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

  1. Wow that looks very exciting. I would love to do that too so can you practice on your house and then come and do mine? he hee. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Good luck!!

  2. Wowser, all the best for the renovation! You guys are very brave and I admire you. We had a brand new kitchen put into our extension and if I ever wanted to change it…I think I’ll start saving now…! Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pics.

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