Summer and Autumn Wedding Outfits

Wedding outfits


1. Birthday Soiree Dress – $147.99 | 2. When the Night Comes – $99.99 | 3. Ornate Update – $102.99 |                                         4. A Dot to Love – $92.99 | 5. Allow Me to Introduce – $199.99 | 6. Fete for Royalty – $64.99

My gorgeous sister-in-law is getting married in March, so I thought I would take advantage of the post-Christmas sales and start looking for a dress. It’s a garden wedding and Autumn time in Australia can still be quite warm, so I have had my eye on cocktail length frocks. The dress code will be semi-formal, so these dresses will hopefully be appropriate as Summer and Autumn wedding outfits.

I started looking at the usual stores I love for special outfits – Leona Edmiston and Diana Ferrari – but then I remembered ModCloth. I have browsed on there before, and spent many a happy evening oohing and aahing over pretty dresses. With free regularly delivery to Australia, and so many beautiful options, I think I will be putting in an order soon. I will let you know how the service is. They have an iOS app now, which I am looking forward to playing with.

Style Unearthed’s tips for wedding dressing:

1. Keep it modest – A wedding isn’t the place to show off your many assets (as tempting as it may be). Try to remember the rule of show casing one asset, whether it be your chest, legs or back. This tip is especially important to remember if you are attending a wedding in a church – some may have particular conventions that you need to follow, such as covering up your shoulders. Invest in a wrap or bolero if you’re unsure, to keep all bases covered.

2. Stay comfortable – Weddings can be long events stretching way in to the evening. Make sure you invest in comfortable shoes that you can dance in (if you’re that way inclined), that you can sit down in your dress, and that it has enough give around the middle for you to enjoy your meal and not be uncomfortable.

3. It’s okay to step outside your comfort zone – As I said above, I looked to my favourite stores first to attempt to find an outfit. If you know things fit you well, this is a great idea. Don’t be afraid to think outside the square, and try on something that is not your regular style. You might be pleasantly surprised! If in doubt, ask one of the shop assistants to choose something for you. They’re normally very obliging, and will even suggest which accessories or shoes may be suitable.

4. Remember some rules – The general rules for wedding dressing are that you should not wear the same colour as the bridesmaids (so ask the bride if you feel comfortable!), and also not to wear white, cream or ivory. Some people believe you also shouldn’t wear black at weddings, but in recent years this has become acceptable. My bridesmaids wore black as the groomsmen were in kilts and we didn’t want the tartan to clash with the dresses.

5. It’s better to be overdressed – I discussed deciphering dress codes in this post, but if you’re not sure about what to wear, it is generally better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Unless it is a formal or black tie wedding, a cocktail dress and a nice pair of shoes will generally appease the dress code.

Do you have any weddings coming up next year? What are you planning to wear? Have you every purchased from ModCloth?


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