Exercising in Summer

Active Wear Collage


1. Big W Circuit Print Tank – $9.94 | 2. Big W Circuit 3/4 Performance Tights – $14.98 | 3. Lorna Jane Floral Mania Excel Tank – $59.99 | 4. Running Bare Navajo Princess Tights – $79.99 | 5. Bonds Cover Up Capri – $44.95 | 6. Target T30 Performance Tank – $25.00 | 7. Onzie Long Legging – $69.00 | 8. Bonds Active Cap Sleeve Tee – $15.00 (on sale)

Exercise can go one of two ways in Summer – you either go hard and take advantage of the warmer weather, or try and stay in the air conditioning because it is too hot outside. The warmer weather calls for brighter clothes in every part of our wardrobes, including active wear. Clothes for exercise can sometimes err on the boring side – old t-shirts and track pants. Thankfully, brands have started being a bit more adventurous, and injecting the colour and prints that we see in other types of clothing. Bright clothes that suit the weather are an extra incentive to get moving and exercise more.

I have a hard time spending a lot of money over clothing I know is going to be sweated on, but thankfully both budget and expensive active wear brands are making clothes with bright colours so we can all try the trend. Good gym and running shoes on the other hand, are worth paying a bit more for. I absolutely love the floral Lorna Jane singlet, so I think I might keep an eye out for a sale. Spending a little more on your gym gear often does guarantee that it lasts longer, and looks better in the long run. I try to wash my gym pants in a laundry bag to reduce pilling and keep them looking new.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading away on holidays, your exercise routine doesn’t need to stop. Many hotels have gyms or exercise facilities that you can use free of charge. You could also take advantage of water sports like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming. Holiday spots are also fun to explore, and one of the best ways to do this is by foot or on a bike. Incidental exercise is a great side product of a holiday!

Style Unearthed’s Tips for Exercising in Summer 

1. Adapt your clothing to suit your exercise conditions

Try to choose a light weight fabric when selecting exercise clothes, or one that draws sweat away from the body keeping you cool. If you’re exercising in air conditioning, you will be comfortable enough in a t-shirt or long tights, but if you are outside be sure to wear clothes that won’t be too restrictive. For night time exercise, make sure you’re wearing bright or reflective clothing so you can be easily seen.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water while you’re exercising, and make sure you have proper nutrition on board. The heat can affect you, even if you’re not exerting yourself, so you need to be extra careful when exercising. I prefer to stay away from sports drinks, so water during exercise and a fruit or veggie juice afterwards is always good.

3. Take the opportunity to try something new

Use the warm weather as an excuse to try a new activity. Lots of discount websites have offers for exercise related experiences in the New Year, trying to take advantage of all of those resolutions! Check out local council websites for free activities or events during Summer.

What are you wearing this Summer for exercise? Will you be trying anything new?


8 thoughts on “Exercising in Summer

  1. We have started training for our half marathon in July (mind you we never really stopped) but the thing I love most is we have called our running group is called the Bright Shoe Shufflers. There is almost a competition to see who can have the most colourful shoes and running gear! Makes things a lot more fun I think!!

  2. I love brights when it comes to fashion – including my workout wear! I always stick to black tights but I love a cute bright tank and sports bra. I need to update my exercise gear and it will be a mix of Lorna Jane, Big W and Target judging by these fab picks!

  3. I bought a couple of great bright activewear tops from kmart for $8 each just after christmas. I’ve worn & washed one twice already, so far so good 🙂

  4. I’m such a lover of workout wear, I tend to wear mine not just to the gym but when I’m doing housework and grocery shopping too!

    I tend to mix the pieces that I JUST NEED from Lorna Jane and Nike with budget pieces from Big W and even Cotton On Body. It’s all about balance, right? 😉

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