How to Give Yourself a Spa Pedicure at Home



Today was one of ‘those’ days. I spent the morning cleaning the house with two cling-ons, made cupcakes, braved the heat to go to a doctors appointment, tackled the groceries and then was attacked by wasps. By the time the small ones’  bedtime rolled around I was well and truly ready for some me time. Normally that would consist of losing myself in a magazine or blogs, but tonight I decided to pay my hands and feet some long overdue attention and give myself a mani/pedi.

I have told you before that I’m not a day spa girl, and although I considered having a manicure today, I decided to save the money to see if I could find any bargains on the weekend (a girl has to have priorities!). Having to walk through the chemist to get to the doctors resulted in the purchase of some new nail polish, and I stocked up on some new polish remover and nail shapers at the supermarket. With my favourite trashy program on the iPad (Hollyoaks, for those playing at home), I locked myself in the bathroom to give my nails a makeover. Normally I would just quickly shape and paint my nails, but I decided after today I needed the special treatment! Presenting my guide – how to give yourself a spa pedicure at home.



I always start by removing the old polish from my nails, and trimming them with nail clippers. Make sure you do your toes and fingers at the same time. Many a time have I painted my finger nails and then remembered my toes. No one wants to wreck all their hard work by smudging their paint job. If you want to get extra serious you can worry about cuticle care, but as I said before, I’m in the low maintenance camp.



I ran a shallow bath, added some Pure Fiji oil, and Original Source raspberry and vanilla milk shower gel (if you haven’t found this stuff yet in your supermarket, seek it out. It smells so good, and it’s cruelty free). If you don’t have a bath then a bucket or basin will suffice. If you’ve got a fancy foot spa, then even better! I let my feet soak for a while to soften the skin, and then I exfoliate them with Pure Fiji sugar rub. Normally I would use a pumice stone, however the smallest member of my household appears to have hidden it somewhere. The sugar rub did a very good job, and made my feet smell great. You could really use anything you wanted in this part of your pedicure – mint is lovely and soothing on tired feet.



Now comes the fun part! File your nails into a certain shape if you wish, and then apply your polish. I first heard about Ulta3 nail polish on the Vogue magazine forums. Only $2 a bottle, loads of colours, and easy to apply – nail polish nirvana! I hot-footed it to my local chemist and have been in love ever since. OPI nail polishes are great, but I don’t feel like a can regularly justify $20 on a bottle of polish (even though their names are incredibly cute). Ulta3 is great quality, and I find it very easy to apply. It is such good value, and you can afford to buy in to new season trends throughout the year. I’m currently sporting both Hot Spring and Over the Rainbow on my toes, with Hot Spring on my fingers. It is a gorgeous magenta colour, and nice and shiny.



Moisturising your feet will prevent the skin cracking, and keep them nice and soft. I find that my feet are worse in Summer, when they’re exposed in sandals and bare feet. I tend to moisturise at night, so I do not slip over walking around the house. If my feet are incredibly dry, I slather on QV Intensive moisturiser, and then pop socks over the top. This cream is magic – it looks like petroleum jelly, but is water based and incredibly thick. It has been used on every member of our household at one time or another, and this huge jar is only half empty. At around $25 a jar, it’s fantastic value!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has been around for years, and this particular product is lovely to use. While I don’t find it as good as the QV, it is still nice to give your feet a bit of a boost.

When my feet are tired and sore, or I have blisters, I find the Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue is fantastic. I feel a bit like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with his Windex with Dilo cream – ‘Mum, I’m itchy/have a mozzie bite/have eczema/got stung by a wasp’… ‘Put some Dilo on it!’. It really is my go-to cream.

So, there you have it. My quick guide to a DIY pedicure, that feels like you’re at the spa without someone else touching your feet! Lock the bathroom door, watch your favourite show, and enjoy.

How to do you pamper yourself? What is your favourite nail polish colour? What’s your favourite trashy TV show?


9 thoughts on “How to Give Yourself a Spa Pedicure at Home

  1. Sounds fun Sarah, I love opi and Leighton Denny. I usually get leighton Denny from qvc when it’s on offer, it lasts really well and as my nails break easily last year i started to use OPI nail envy, it’s great, it’s like a miricle in a bottle for my nails, so every other week i leave the varnish of and use the nail envy. worth every penny for me. Again I either get when it’s on offer at qvc or buy from amazon where it is much cheaper 😉

  2. I would prefer someone doing my mani/pedi but that can become quite expensive and means I can’t use all my lovely nail polishes. I have to do my feet first too so when I muck it up and have to start again, I don’t mess up my hands! Though practice (and an easy to apply nail polish) certainly helps. Sukin have a great hand and nail cream too.

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