Healthy Breakfast Ideas


It is easy to get stuck in a rut at breakfast time – you’re rushing to get to work or get the kids out of the door and some Weetbix and toast seems like the easy option. We normally save ‘fancy’ breakfasts for Sundays after the busyness of school drop offs, work routines and swimming lessons. These school holidays we have decided to make the most of the beautiful Summer fruits, and I’ve been making fruit and yoghurt breakfast bowls for myself and the small ones. They are quick and simple to make, taste great, and best of all – they’re healthy!


The great thing about these breakfasts are that you can use whatever you have on hand. We’ve had combinations of banana, plum, fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, kiwi fruit, apples and nectarines. Just pick your favourite fruits, top with yoghurt (we use vanilla flavoured soy yoghurt) and enjoy! You could also add things like sultanas or nuts for a bit of a crunch.


One of our favourite new discoveries has been Fast and Fruity’s fruit pouches. There are several flavours to choose from (we love tropical and berry) and they’re a great addition on cereal or with a fruit salad. I found them with the other tinned and pureed fruit in the supermarket. They would be perfect in smoothies also, and can be kept in the fridge for up to five days after opening.


The other new favourite in our house are these little crunchy treats – they are so good! At less than $1.50 a packet, they’re an absolute bargain. They taste delicious on top of yoghurt, but let’s face it – they’d probably taste great on anything!  The coconut chips are crunchy, with a nice fresh flavour. They would also be great as a snack or on a dessert. Frozen yoghurt or sorbet would make the perfect summer treat, with these on top in the place of nuts or sugary toppings.

Style Unearthed’s Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Keep it healthy. As breakfast is the first meal of the day, it needs to be healthy to fuel your body. Choose cereals that are low in sugar (like Weetbix or oats), or substitute for a breakfast made from fruit and low fat yoghurt. Try to buy breads that contain whole grains. They’re not only the healthier option, but they have a low glycemic index (GI), and will keep you fuller for longer.

2. Keep it quick. Not many people have time to make extravagant breakfasts in the morning before the work and school rush. Keep your breakfasts fast. Blend up a green juice the night before and leave it to chill in the fridge (if you’re in to that!), or opt for something like scrambled eggs on a wholegrain muffin.

3. Keep it interesting. There is nothing worse than the same breakfast day after day. Try to mix it up a little bit throughout the week so that you don’t get bored. Take advantage of the seasonal fruit, or buy frozen berries to make yourself a healthy treat. You could also make a batch of Burcher muesli on the weekend to last you throughout the week.

What do you normally eat for breakfast? What is your favourite breakfast treat?


2 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. I’m not a cereal girl, I’m more of a toast kind of girl. I love avocado, tomato and feta on toast or scrambled eggs and wilted spinach on toast. On the weekends we like to make omelettes. And always served with a side of coffee!

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